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Warplanets in the vicinity...

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2004 20:26    Post subject: Warplanets in the vicinity... Reply with quote

..am I correct in assuming that, since there are no big +'s in my map that there are not any enemy warplanets nearby, or could they those smaller dots, that I am asuming are only planets?
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 01:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

You're right. The star systems have a small plus, the war planet a bigger one. They too have different fonts.

Just look for for an other color on you map (except white/gray Wink). That's the enemy. You don't have to search for war planets, other star systems can be conquered too. If you do so, the owner will show up. Guaranteed. Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 06:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

Red= other members in you house
Orange=Subordinates of you
white/grey=solar systems
the rest=other houses

You could differentiate solar systems from wps by clicking on the point. Then you'll get infos.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:23    Post subject: Reply with quote

k, thnx, i didn't want to waste time by setting my waypoint on a uninhabited planet, only to have someone get there first...Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 13:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

I repeatedly thought about this color stuff, and until now, it makes _no_ sense to me.

RED for other members
ORANGE for subordinates
and, e.g., GREEN for ENEMIES.

In _which_ other game RED is friend and GREEN is foe?

Well, there are probably worse things than this on the world, but I HAD to communicate myself. Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 14:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

In Star Wars, the evil people (Empire) have green lasers, and the rebels red Cool

Ok, i know, it isnt the same, but changing colors would confuse most players now..
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 04:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a class in cartography in the uni.
I saw one map covered in red once. A Sovjet map. It was the Sovjets movement through Poland and Germany at the very end of WW2. Twisted Evil And red was therefore the colour of choise for the good side. (Did I mention it beeing a Sovjet-made map...?)

As long as you present/explain the colours, then no problem.
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