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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2004 22:05    Post subject: 'supplies' Reply with quote

just wondering, as a newb, which supplies and components should I concentrate on first?
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 02:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the end you only need ships. Look in the lexicon for the needed components. And don't build the small ships. Start at least with H4.

There are three ways to start Kosmor. Of cause you can mix them (esp. 2.).

1. Slow in the start. Just colonize neutral star systems and set the tax as low as possible (0%). Then wait till you have a decent population and then start to build ships. This works well later in the game if you are located in a bigger house.

2. Trader. Look at the market and make money. Use this to build ships.

3. War lord. Twisted Evil Build as many ship as soon you can and conquer your neighborhood. You'll have to compensate the slow population increase (because of the high tax) with captured star systems. This way only works in the beginning if everybody around you is still new. Thus it's a good strategie for a tournament.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 05:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

At this moment averybody want to sell their stuff on the marked, so the prices are VERY low. You will be better off buying whatever you need there.

You will need a shipyard, though. You cannot buy ships, so you have to assemble them yourselfe.

Expences? *sigh*
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