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Declaration of Intentions

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 13:05    Post subject: Declaration of Intentions Reply with quote

Please hold for an incoming transmission:
Source: Solar System Reordo
Sender: Commander Jackal239
Date: The day 34, of the galactic year 3501
Subject: Greetings

Hello fellow imperators of the Kosmor universe, I am commander Jackal239, currently residing in the house commander. I wish to make it known that I fully intend to declare myself independant within the next 30 days. I currently reside within the Reordo system, and wish to have sole ownership over any neutral planets within 100 light years surrounding my homeplanet, and wish that ownership to be under sole control of the house FoxTooth, once the formation of the house is complete.

I currently am weak, so I am openly declaring myself neutral in any current political struggles. I would like to extend the offer of peace to any and all houses who wish to accept this treaty.

In this treaty I would provide a safe haven for fleets (providing this does not violate my neutrality) and in return, would have the protection of larger houses until I can protect myself.

I hope this treaty can satisfy all who agree with it.

May the courage of the fox be our guide.

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