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In the shadows we are puppets
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 01:39    Post subject: In the shadows we are puppets Reply with quote

Out from the shadows of other leaders, a small, yet soon to be formidable house. We are not alone here in this vast yet seemingly small universe of Kosmor we all call our home...With the possibilities of attackers coming from anywhere, it is all but easy to survive in this seemingly hostile place.
All one can do is try to defend one's self, one's house, and one's ally's from enemy attackers so that one day our house will be recognised not as another small neusence of a house, but as a formidable oponent, and a great ally. As we now have a NAP with Order_Of_Templar, we are well on our way to making it known that in this universe we are here for the longhall...We well know that nothing lasts forever. Great houses will rise and others will fall as has been seen time and time again...We can only hope to, for now, co-exist with other houses, and expand as much as possible, while make as few enemy's, and as many ally's as possible. The only thing that we can promise, is to keep our integaty. Selfless service to our selves and to our ally's. To have courage in the time of need. Amongst all, to have honor no matter if victorious or in time of defeat...Because in the end, we are all brothers....
For now, the shadowpuppets shall expand in the shadows of the universe, and when we are called, shall help our ally's as best we can for thats all anyone can do and ask for....And we welcome anyone who wants to help us emerge from the shadows and into the light of the Kosmor universe.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 02:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

News from the Empire:

The current Hierachy of the Empire request the negociations of an alliance wih the shadowpuppets and their leader shadowmaster, however shadowmaster, your reconisance is out of date, sadly the Eorlingas, who we served in for a time, no lnger exist, they have been taken by the Templar Empire

An ammbassador from the Empire's courts
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 12:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

My lord shadowmaster.
Our intell has recieved word that Admiral_Thrawn had declare himself independant, and he is now the leader of the Empire_of_Thrawn...

Well, i see that admiral_thrawn has finally accomplished what he has been wanting to do.

What are we going to do if the temporary NAT between Fern and Empire_of_Thrawn is broken? Lord thrawn has already sworn that the Empire will go to war with Fern! As you well know that we are allied with both of them..

This i am well aware of, and it has kept me awake many nights trying to decide what we will do...

What will we do my lord?

I dont want our house to be labelled as untrustworthy, and a house who easily brakes alliences, so for now we will wait and see how things turn out..

What if either of them request our assystance my lord? Will we help?

We will have to regretfully have to decline any physical intervention, and inform them that we can only offer assylum to whom ever asks for it....We will soon have our hands full with DSK, and we can ill afford a conflict between two houses which we are allied with...Any new information on the matter i want to be informed of imediatly, do you understand?

Yes my lord, i will keep you informed on any new information myself...

Good. Then if that is all you are dissmissed...

One other thing sir!


Regarding the house Undervers. Have you recieved any new information from Lord Mannan sir?

At this time, myself and Lord Mannan are still negotiating s NAP an possibly an alliance....

And what of your personal friend Lord Atrios? Is he going to allow him to be intagrated into our house?

I have been given permission to intagrate Atorios into our house, but we are still working out some of the details of the agreement....

Thankyou my lord...

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 13:23    Post subject: Reply with quote

Transmission from Admiral Thrawn sir
No ...recording
Well play it anyway...good news?
Afraid not sir.......Hear it your self
Ah Fern, im afraid soon you will be my sub.
While we were going to swap subs, i have employed the help of you sub, my sub , of course me and....bloodlust of shadowpuppets.See you in hell...
What the devil!We have a NAT with shadowpuppets...and Kekores betrayal!
Get me a line to both of them...this will not stand !
(OOc:@merthos, i knoiw im not allowed to make up what others say, but in rl he really did say that, along those lines!)
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 13:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

The bridge commander was worried.Fern had been in his soundproof chamber for an hour now.He had heard some very nasty words that he wouldnt say.Hmmm, wonder whats the cause ,we are allied with shadowpuppets....
"Alright.Shadowmaster is notpart of this treachery,Thrawn has manipulated this.We can discount him from the list ."
Hmm., thinks the commander.Dont know why he was swearing....oh wait a minute, Shadowmaster is allied with Thrawn he cant help...so it comes down to three against one
"However, I have no response from Kekore, and our secret channel to linky boy is fruitless.We cannot discount them."
"but sir, if they do not openly declare war....."
"exactly, and it get s better .While Kekore is a part of Fern., he cannot turn on us."
"So really it is two on two...and our military forces are far superior to Thrawns, and Kekores are better than linkyboys"
"Smart thinking , commander we could gain a couple of subs here , if we are care ful..."
"Fool..just because we have the uper hand doesnt mean the battle is yet won!eVEN IF kEKORE AND LINKYboy arent thrawns tools, which they may well be, the battle is not yet won...and should bloodlust defy shadowmaster , we could face four on one"
"Yes sir."
"Accepted, now attend to your duties .We have a battle to fight..............."
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 14:32    Post subject: Reply with quote

Transmition from the Chimera,

Leuitenant: Sir, we have reports from the central message system, sir, read this, our enemies are lying about us,

Ad_Thrawn scans the document slowly before smashing it to the floor

Ad_Tharwn: Leitenant, transmit this message on an open channel, this is Ad_Thrawn, while we welcome the part that the shadopuppets will play in this, I must object to this blaent lying on the behaslf of fern, whyfore did you do this, what I said was, "Your troops are massivly outnumbered, and your fleets will die, I then went on to say that I am happy to resolve this peacfully and would rather have no battle and not destroy your fleets.

Now if we are forced into a senario where battle is unavoidable, you base your reconisance on facts witch are 2 MONTHS old, you think that, by the time bttle commences I will have H6s how will your ships defend that, I can jump exactly to kekores WP and destroy your fleets there and then on the next turn be on your HP.

I however have up to date infos on all movements of fern through my spy, Kekore, Linkyboy is also fighting for me, as are the other two people I intergrated today, we therefore have, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 against one, one of who is a pro-user, I said nothing like what you think, but everyone in this war is fighting for me, your on your own and no-one will help, please put down your weapons, or I will be focred to fight you

I thank the shadowmaster for the way he has handeled the situation[/i]
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 15:06    Post subject: Reply with quote

1)Which side is linkyboy on?
2)As far as shadowmaster puts it, bloodlust is not you sub
3)Your subs tend to be less than 2 months old.
4)Fleets on Kekores warplanet are >/ your forces , considering you dont build with shields.
5)My warplanet is twice as strong as Kekores.
6)Seriously Thrawn, I had doubts about your wp going to my area unharmed, but 5 wps! 2 undefended, 1 weak, 1 enemy, and one that is your enemy!
Commander, mail this to that fool thrawn, try and get a holcam vid of their commanders face when he realizes what they're facing, alert Spy "bzzzzack", and for gods sake lets have shadowmasters view of bloodlusts situation.I wanna now how many subs im gettin......
Thrawn will be enough, he thought , as he strolled away..................................
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 13:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wish to know wether or not you want to have a NAT and if so for how long, asI can either stay back and build up troops, or move out
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 17:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

.....Transmittion to Lord Fern, from Lord Shadowmaster.....

So to ease your delema of weather bloodlust will defy my order not to attack you house for any reason, this he will not do...All that are shadowpuppets the the present time are extreamly loyal to our cause. As of now is is said on this date of 83/3501 no one from this house shall attack anyone in the house Fern...

My best regards to you in the upcoming times


......end transmittion....
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 15:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Major came to a halt on the command deck of his latest addition to his new fleet. As he looked out across the expance in front of him he knew the space behind was occupied by two more such vessels already under construction.... and the screen to his front was filled by the glow of the drives of the interceptor wings defending the task force base.

The Goliath on which he stood.... the second such vessel of the new Elemental fleet being amassed by the command of the Knights of the order he saw the target appear as the orders came in..... The WP of the house of the Empire.

The major smiled..."So the target is now clear.... The Empire must fall so that the Order may be maintained"

"sir?" one of the bridge crew looked to the Major waiting for orders

"Send communique to the grand house of the Shadows.... warn them of the nature of our target and the circumstances that got us to this point in time"

"aye Sir"

"And then set course for the WP...... use the maps made during our long time in control of that region of Space.....occupied by the Empire now but not for long"

a cheer went up over the ship.... that last message had been sent all over the ship

the fight was just beginning.....

Last edited by NobleSteve on Fri Apr 22, 2005 17:08; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 12:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aboard my my new flagship the Gallactica, i finally get a chance to relax in my quarters, and stare out in into the expanding boreders.....

MY lord! urgent message from Admiral_Thrawn sir...

What is it general?

My lord, admiral_thrawn is requesting assylum sir and that he he become part of our empire....

WHAT? What happening? Thrawn only resently became independant! Has Fern decided not to sign the treaty with the empire of thrawn? Did he some how bring in outside help that thrawn can not deal with?

No sir...Its not fern...reports are sketchy, but he is being attacked be The Order of Templar sir.....we recieved a message from Kodro stating that Admiral Thrawn is rouge form the order. And Admiral Thrawn also stated that Noblesteve is going to attack as well.....

Ok, send word to Bloodlust and Viviana so that they know what is going on, we may need to rondavou at coordinates i will transmit to them later...Also, send a message to Lord Walker and kodro...Find out what is going on...

Yes my lord!!! And what about Thrawns request for assylum and to join our empire? The Order of Templar may not aprove, and im sure that Kodro most definatly will not approve. Still dont know why he feels that way about us the way he does....

I dont know either general! Order of Tmplar may be upset, but we have to honor the treaty that we have with the Empire of Thrawn and grant his request for assylum and to join the Empire of the Shadowpuppets...I'm sure that Lord Walker will understand our position, for him being a man who preffers honor to deceat....

Yes sir. So do i sir! Ill attend to this matter personaly sir....

Good...I'm holding you responsible.....Now let me be so that i may get some thing in order...

Yes sir!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 13:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you master puppeter, finnaly I find a trustworthy person on this game, I would explain to you, but I honestly don't understand it myself, one day I'm a hero expanding the boarders the next 'm a traitor, kinda difficult for me as I have some materials on my HP I can't afford to lose
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 12:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

...Once again i find myself restless with angziety. Athough dificulties are to be expected, thery are not always welcome. Our empire finaly has a foot hold in this vast universe, with the signing of treatys between house fern, order_of_templar and the empire_of_thrawn, lights is finaly begining to shine on our small and still young empire.
With all that has happened in the past months, it is almost a wonder that we have yet to stretch ourselves to thin. We need to keep expanding.....

My lord!

-What is it general? I'm busy.

Forgive me sir but this message has just come in...A message from Lord Manann sir!

-Give it here.Finaly some great news!!

What is it if i may ask my lord?

-Lord Manann has agreed to sign the treaty with us, although he says that he can not extend the treaty to the empire of fern at the moment, do to the fact that he does'n know that much of his empire...A wise and understandable discission, though in the future maybe that will change.

Great news sir. We wont let the Underverse empire down sir!

-No, we wont...And with the soon intagration of Admiral_Thrawn, we now more than ever have to be carefull. This has iritated some of the Templar knights, and made them more uneasy tward us...There are some of them that have nothing but discontent twards our empire and would like nothing els but to see us apart of the templar empire...We need to start scouting out new territory so that we we can move out empire away from the borders of templar and other houses. That way the members of templar will be more at ease..

Yes sir, i will begin preperation imediatly. We may know of some unoccupied areas which we may be able to begin to occupy, and begin building a permanent home for our empire...

-Yes, gather as much intel as possible, so that when this does happen we are ready and the system which we will move to has plenty unclaimed territory that we may inhabit....

Roger that sir....I'll begin immediatly...

...This is going to be no easy feat, moving a whole empire thousands of light years across the galaxy into for us, uncharted territory. It can be done though. Will take alot of time, but this may be what needs to be done...huu...(Note to self) Once thrawn and whom ever else is going to join our empire is intagtated, i need to call a meeting of all the commanders so that these thigs may be discussed....so much to do with no time in which to do it....Man i look old....Am i really as old as i look? Good that our life spans can be infinate thanx to new cryo technolagy...Its been years since ive been in cryo sleep....Soon will be a long needed rest......
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 14:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

*the door chimes awaking me from my sleep, why is someone bothering me so late!*

-Come in! Why are you bothering me so late sergent?

Late sir? It's 0900 sir..

-OH. Sorry, what do you have for me then?

The daily reports sir...

-Leave it on the desk then leave.

Yes sir.

*i cant beleive that i slept that long. im getting old, one or two hours a night are getting to me i guess. not as young as i used to be.....same old reports, everyone preparing to move an empire. it was nice of lord fern to allow us to move our empire neer his...*

(the door chimes)

-Come in!.....What is is admiral?

Sir i just recieved this reports sir. im sorry that it took so long, but it was filed wrongly and didnt go through my office.

-What is it?

Its a reply from Lord Fern sir...He sends word that he will merge his empire with ours when we arrive within his borders!

-So he has decided to join us then..Thats great news...That will make it easier for our relocation of our empire..Inform the other commanders, and lord Thrawn as well, we need to keep everyone up to speed on the latest information as we get it..

Have already done that sir. I sent word just before i came to you sir..

(the door chimes and opens imediatly)

-What the.....

Sir! im sorry to barge in like this sir but this is important!

-What is so important that you would have te guall to just walk in without waiting for permission to enter?

Lord Fern has been attack and integrated by Lord RobinHood of the house Troja!

-What!! Give me that! Of course it doesnt say why! Have we any word from Fern?

Negative sir, we've sent for word from Fern sir, but we havn't received any word yet sir...

-Admiral, get what information that you can imediatly, and send word to everyone that we may be going to war! I will send a message to this RobinHood demanding an answer as to why he has attacked an empire that we have a treaty with, and someone that has confirmed that they will merge with our empire!! I want some answers within 24 hours!!!

Yes sir!!!

*why would this lord robinhood attack fern without any cause? we need to find out why! i do not want to go to war if we dont have to, but to honor our treaty, if this cant be resolve then to war will be waged...hopefully we will be the ones whom emerge victorious!*
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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2005 13:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good, this is excellent news, I fail to see my name being accredited with the conversion of fern, but oh well, there are lotsof babyalliances around there, like the ShadowHunters, we canswallow them all.. And please don't call anyone else Admiral, I am the only Admiral around here
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