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War announcement: Order of Templar - DreiStigKeit

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 03:10    Post subject: War announcement: Order of Templar - DreiStigKeit Reply with quote

Hereby the Order of Templar declares war on the house DreiStigKeit, which acted on us as impudent as the name suggests

Before anyone calls us a Nat-breaker, Pimperkalle and me agreed on a 60-days-temporary Nat that never got signed, although those 60 days we agree on probably have already passed
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 07:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

i will wait for you... 1 on 1?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 10:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pimperkalle - seems like you have a rather elevated opinion of war...
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 11:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

The warmaster, Admiral_Thrawn, compliments pimperkale on his disability to get a NAT and asks him what he would like ensribed on his tomb stone, I can finnaly attack at last," to war and honour"
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 14:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

to war we go, side by side...

finally, a chance for the shadowpuppets to emerge from the shadows....order given, shadowpuppets shall be enroute to assyst in the downfall of the keits....at last the chance to prove ourselves, that we dont break our word...our ally is going to war, and so are we....best wishes to all the houses in the attack of the keits....may we all be victorios!!!


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 15:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

ah.. its easy to attack an oppenent who has already to fight some other houses and lost already some Fleet powers and Warlords... Reacor and Posbis did the most work and thanks to Eldorado, too.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 03:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

so we just the good old cavalry, but we had enough problems at our borders too with that house.

dsk integrated some of our wings and a lot of our member have to claim back there planets from dsk. untill last week we thought for all this we´ll find an peacefull solution.

but we got the answer, we had to make an better offer. we thought hard about that and came to the end that dsk is right in that point and so we did whats have to be done.

the shadowpuppets are trustworthy ally´s of us, witch are one of the small but brave houses, which started the war against dsk. strength and honour to that houses which took a lot of risks.

now dsk tries to splitt up to safe what can be saved. but we know who was victim and who´s not.

after all we can spend a whole life wating for some justice to be done unless we make our own.

Knight of the Templar
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 07:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear LinDze,

Not DSK splitt the house. I do so. There is a difference.

Best regards
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 09:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

((OOC: For the short version, look at the bottom. Wink ))

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

The high-pitched alarm signal sounder through the cryolab, much to early. The body inside the activated tank -which was the only tank in this section of the cryolab- had already been properly warmed up. The cryogenic liquids that held it had already been drained away and replaced by oxygen-rich air. The reanimation sequence had been succesfully executed, and the body was now just in a very deep sleep. After all lifesign data had been found satisfactory, and the body's condition was stable, the air seals were released. With a sharp hissing sound and a puff of air, the seals lowered, and the "casket", as it was often called, opened.

Two small, tubelike machined emerged from small openings inside the casket, steadily moving towards the neck of the body. About an inch away from the skin they slowed down, as if hesitant to touch the body, and then made contact. The body convulved, as if hit by electricity. Then, it awoke.

"Oooghhh... My head hurts." The body stirred, straightened itself, and then slowly made it's way out of the casket. "Something went wrong? I'm supposed to feel all fit and rested now. Why am I feeling like something that's repeatedly been run over by a freight train?". The body, which belonged to Imperator Darkfyre, member of the house DreiStigKeit, rubbed it's head. There were a lot of people in the room. More than usual, at least. After a normal awakening, there would only be a doctor to operate the cryopod and to check if everything was allright. This time, the lab was filled with people. Suddenly aware of his near-nakedness, Darkfyre grabbed the robe that was lying on a small table and put it on. "So, what's the emergency?"


The cryogenic process that had just been terminated had been a relatively new invention. It was not like any conventional cryo-sleep process, in that it's purpose was not to conserve human bodies for long journies through space. It revitalized both the body and the mind,and conserved it for a long time even after the actual cryo-sleep had ended. After spending about two weeks in cryo-sleep, the body would not age for many years. If the effect ended, the treatement could simply be repeated. In effect, it granted immortality to the lucky few who could afford it. Of course Darkfyre, as head of the Blackflame house and loyal member of house DreiStigKeit, was one of those lucky few.


"My lord, I beg your forgiveness, but we had no choice but to speed up the awakening process. I'm sure the negative effects of such a rude awakening will..." A man started to explain. It was Karl Rimmer, one of the head advisors. Darkfyre had never really liked him, because he had a tendency to alway bring bad news and have pessimistic ideas, but he was a skilled man and good at what he did, so he earned his position.

"Put a sock in it, Rimmer!" Darkfyre sighed "I don't need to hear excuses, I want to hear reasons. If things were so important that you couldn't wait a few days for the treatement to end, I'm not going to waste any time here listening to your nonsense. So, once again: What's the emergency?" The man didn't seem shocked at all by his lord's rudeness. He knew how it felt like to prematurely wake up from the treatement, and he also knew Darkfyre had the best interest of his house in mind. "War, my lord. The house DreiStigKeit is at war."

"So what? We've always been at war. Hell, we've been skirmishing with Reacor for ages now." Darkfyre scratched his head and stretched his legs a bit. "War is no reason to wake me up."

"I'm afraid it's a bit more serious as you seem to think, sir. Look at these recent events." Rimmer said, handing Darkfyre a sheet of paper "It's not just Reacor we're dealing with. Several large houses, like the Order of Templar and Posbis have joined the conflict. DreiStigKeit's forces are spread out too much, and some members have already left the house. It won't be long before other houses turn against our weakened house. We should prepare for the future now, my lord, lest we are swept away. If DreiStigKeit should fall..."

"Leaving the house?" Darkfyre had raised his voice in anger "Like cowardly rats, who are the first to abandon a sinking ship? Never! The way I see it, DSK is still alive. Don't you remember our past? We swore loyalty to DSK! Am I the only one who intends to keep his word? Until the dreadful day DSK is truly brought to it's knees and ceases to exist, or we are forcefully ripped away from it, I intend to honour our bond to the house of Pimperkalle! Let the vultures descend and try to get their share from us, for they will have to fight for it! I will fight oppose them as long as there is a reason to do so. None will say that the lord of the Black Flame has turned his coat on his house!"

"But... my lord! I strongly suggest that you at least listen to what your military staff has to say about this! We are but a tiny force in this conflict!"

"I have made my decision, and I will not change it. As long as DSK exists as an independant house, we will be by its side." Darkfyre turned around and started heading for the door. When he had reached it, and the automatic mechanism had alreay opened the door for him, he turned back to face Rimmer again. "However, I'm no fool. Start making preparations for the worst, start pulling some strings to find out our options. Whatever happens, it pays to be prepared. And, first, bring me the navigation maps, the current Marketplace rates, and prepare the bridge. Now that I'm awake, I might as well get some work done."

((OOC: Heh. Kind of a long RP story, but I felt like it. The "Cryo-sleep" is more of a way to explain for me not to be online for the last ~2 weeks than anything else. I might be doing more of these RP-style posts in the future. I find them amusing. Besides, I've got a lot of background info about my house and they way it works in my head, so it may be fun to write that down in RP style. Cool

As I have said in the RP: I will stay with DSK, even though many houses declare war on it. If DSK is defeated (which I hope won't happen), I will be looking at other options. But death before dishonour, and I intend to stay loyal to the house.))

Edited for typos. I am teh king of typos! Embarassed
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 13:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

prais goes out to LindZe, knight of templar, and also to all of the templar knights...the bravery of the shadow puppets will soon be known to all...
good luck

the shadowpuppets

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 13:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was quiet on board the Commando Bridge, actually the hole Warplanet was less oder more quiet during the night period. Of course you don`t have "Days" or "Nights" on a Ship sailing between the Stars... But you would have some time periods an Board. The time how life on Board goes on is here set after the Night and Day period of the Capital City of the Homeplanet, the Heart of Reacor.
Lady Neireh stood at the Window in her working room and seems to fix some distant point out there. Something deep between the glittering Stars who could be so cold from time to time... the Universe rarely forgives an mistake. Many space travlers discovered this truth and many of them died shortly after...
With a sigh she turned around and is going to get herself annother Cup of Coffee. Not the first in this times. But even if she would try to get some sleep, she was sure she wouldn`t get one Eye closed.
She took a sip and the warmth of the drink seems to run in each fiber of her body. Then she read the last messages again... so much has happend the last days. It was a sure a hit for the hole house when they realized that tikonda will be conquered. They do what they could do to save what could be saved. She reassured tikonda, who was one of her most loyal Admirals and promissed him to be revenged. Shortly after she get some News that this would earlier then she thought and told tikonda at the some hour from the good news. After their talk he has the old fire and resolution in his Eyes. After all they weren`t loosing much, but get more informations from the inside of their enemy. Tikonda found his way to encrypt the messages and use a frequency who was not much used.
She knew she could be proud of their Lords and always rely on them. Reacor wasn`t a big house, but there is more needed then having much Lords and Knights under the same House Name.
She reads the last messages from today and smiled somehow dangerously when take the next sip of Coffee. The signal from her door take her out of her thoughts.
"Come in!", she answered and ask herself who would disturb her at this time. She nooded to the young man who cames in and greet her respektfully. He seemed to be worried and excieted.
"Rekhai, i apollogize for disturbing you at the this time, but i think you should have a look on that.", he gave her a little Pad with some Sensorinfos.
"We get this informations and calculated the course he probably would fly. I have made an holosimulation for stellar cartography room with all the information we have and several possibilitys. We are in danger.", he explained.
Neireh gives him a short laughter. "Do you remember a time when we weren`t in danger? Reacor was always in danger somehow.", she said and had a intensive look of the impression on the Face of the young Lt.
"What`s your name Lieutenant ?"
The young man instantly stand at attention.
"Teres il`Merek t`Nakhal, Rekhai!"
Lady Neireh smiled slightly. "Ok then.. let`s see what we have got. Show me the simulation.", she said and made a gesture to go forward leaving the room.

They entered the stellar cartography room and the Lieutenant made some settings and the room becomes dark. The next second the hole Universe seemed to explode and a spectacular starry sky arched over them.
Neireh was everytime impressed of this simulation. You could really feel like taking a bath between the stars of the Universe. The hole Universe wrapped arround you and you are nothing more then a little spot. She knew that she could only watch a little piece of space and that there was far more the couldn`t see, but this little piece of Universe was enough already to be impressed of the Simulation.

A little coloured dot appeared and the view zoomed more in. The colour and the notations at the side mark it as position of their own Warplanet and the momentarly space region they were flying through. She noticed also the apearing dots and the infos who marked other warplanets and fleets. So long nothing new.
"So where is the problem ?", she asked.
"The problem is here..", he answered. The view changed again one zoom factor out. "You see the position of Pimperkalles Warplanet? Out of the observation of his course we were able to plot his target."

A thin line now aims from Pimperkalles Warplanet to their own Warplanet. Lady Neireh studied the course a moment with a more earnest and slightly worried impression on her face. "hmmm.. looks like the Leader of Dreistigkeit now is going to take Things in his own hands.", she said.
"Distance ?", she asked.
The answer of the young man was going to ease her. That was far enough. Elements ! One second she thought really they would ne great danger.
"We should change course opposite to him. Seems that he is trying to chase us, but he should stand up earlier then.", she said and looked firmly on a spot were the Warplanets of Darkfyre and an other Member of Dreistigkeit were marked.
"Maybe Pimperkalle is speculating that we can`t ressist the opportunity to conquer Darkfyre. Now that we have him at last so close. But i won`t take this risk only to satisfy my Emotions. He would underestimate us. As the most do. I rely on you that you make all orders necessary in order to change our course. No special target system. Only getting more space between us. Now i`m going to get me some sleep.", she said and the Lieutenant nodded respectfully as she turned and leave the room.

But before she go definitively to bed, she send a message to their Information Service Department and to their allys to share newest informations and plannings. The last news of the official public information system she read was the declaration of war between the Order of Templar and Dreistigkeit. Not really a surprise for her. She was glad that Reacor has a good relationship to that house.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 13:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

A fresh wind blew from the northern ocean of the homeplanet where the Khellian dynasty ruled for years now and probably many more years to come. Regent Tarmek sat in front of his palace a rather small but still amazing building with a subtle and detailed architecture. He took a breath of fresh air while he was waiting for one of his generals with the latest news from the war. General Tarsien a member of a house which has been loyal to the Khellian since the beginning of their reign came up the winded steps to the terrace where the Regent sat. He was far to experienced to be nervous neither the war nor a meeting with the regent was reason enough for him. He nooded slightly as he reached Tarmek who still seemed to be focused elsewhere. "Well the war seems to be getting more complicated than we thought at first. How is the moral of our troops general?" he adressed Tarsien without looking at him. "The moral is high but many are seeking for revenge now that the war Dreistigkeit started caused such devastation. We need to be cautious not to led the situation escalate. Still i don´t think we need to be concerned right now. Production is at a 5 years high and we´re still improving. As far as i understood the economic council there will be no problem with production anywhere in the near future" Tarmek nooded "This comes at no surprise we were prepared for this war but whats more interesting how the coordination with the rest of the house going? How far has the regrouping of the fleet developed?" "No problem their either we´re in time and nearly finished" Tarmek rose his hand signifying that he might leave now. Tarsien nooded and slowly left the terrace. "Send a note to Lady Neireh. Tell her we´ll meet soon." A servant in the background nooded and headed for the building.
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