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CNAT between Empire_of_Thrawn and the shadowpuppets

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:42    Post subject: CNAT between Empire_of_Thrawn and the shadowpuppets Reply with quote

CNAP documaent..

Uniform composit nat code (UCNC)


(1) A NAT of 2 or more houses which contains all wing houses of one and or both NAT-partner is called COMPOSIT NAT.

UCNC 2a:

The composite NAT is unlimited. It can be cancelled buy any house through the bare majority of votes with a period of 30 days.

This period starts 30 after the conclusion of the composit NAT.

UCNC 2b:

(1) If a house(s) or players of a house leaves the allience, through the decision of his or her leader, or the destruction of a mantioned house, only for this house, the composite NAT is transformed to a normal NAT. This NAT is limited to 30 days.

(2) If a players of a house become independent by the conquest of a house leader, the new leader of the house or houses have the option to refuse the NAT by the day of his or her independance. If he or she doesn't refuse, a limited NAT of 30 days for all members of the house will begin.


(1) Should a house form a new wing house through his independence, or become another house from outside of allo house members of named houses, it shall be afforder to the leader of this new wing-house the the option to join this treaty.

(2) If a house forms a new wing-house through inependence or a third house, it shall alson be afforded to the house leader, and so on as it is needed...


Each house member is duty bound to not attack solar saystems or war planets of the other house(s).


If a single house member breaks any rule the the contract(s), the will be a formal tribunal comprised of the two house leaders, the member in question and any witnesses to prove or disprove the case before the member is to be declared an outlaw, in which the marred party can then demand retribution.


If a war planet moves unauthorised towards the territory of any of the other houses, the owner has to be formaly warned, along with a copy sent to the house leader as well. If there is no noticable response within an affordable time period, the intrusion may be concidered hostile, and UCNC may be applied.


If a contractual partner is at war with another house, the other contractual partner(s) assres not to assyst the opponent of war in any way. With te exception, any of the houses at war, may request amnisty from any surrounding neighbor, in which members of the requesting house shallbe be granted amnisty, and shall be intagrated in to the requested house at a minimal loss to the requestors.


No members from either of the houses shall secretly or otherwise try to coorse any member from another house which has already signed the treaty, to declare themselves independant, revolt, or to join there house, nor to commit treason of anykind. If acures, UCNC 5 may be applied.


The contract is in affect at the time the house leaders of the involvinghouses signs the treaty and is placed in his or her house forum.

Agreeing signatures.....
Shadowmaster house Shadow_Realm
Admiral_Thrawn house Empire_of_Thrawn
Fern house Fern
Manann house Underverse

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 13:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree to this of course and thank shadowmaster for his recent dealing, he is indeed most honourful and good, I wish I could say the same about my old house and certain individuals in it like my old sup

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