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Rogues in the heart of the Order_of_Templar

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 13:52    Post subject: Rogues in the heart of the Order_of_Templar Reply with quote

Honour to the Dwarfpirats!

They fight an rebellion against PaulAtredies and some of his gofers. For the third time in a row they defended an attack of the combined powers of three emperors. For the third time in a row many boldy men, who just followed orders, had to die in the Destroyers and Goliaths of PaulAtredies.

Surly the Dwarfpirats can´t win the next fight with their small Interceptors, but they won´t give up and they will uphold the rebellion against the suppressor PaulAtredies. May the Order_of_the_Templar notice the tactical abilities of the Great Paul and initiate the logical consequences.

Dwarf of Dwarfpirats
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 13:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

The invasion army of PaulAtredies entered the orbit of the dwarfish homeplanet. Astonishingly the planet´s defending systems didn´t fire on the nearing ships, but those had to navigate cautiously through the wreckage of the destroyed Destroyers and Goliaths, which were destructed by the dwarfish interceptors a few days ago.

Some hours later the invaders realized, that the planet was deserted. The Dwarfpirats had evacuated their homeplanet to a unknown star system. Fear creeped inside the soldiers. Where would the Dwarfpirats attack next? Nobody could know...
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 05:17    Post subject: Reply with quote

Honour to the Dwarfpirats!

The day of revenge is getting closer. The Dwarfpirats have reentered Templar´s space to attack Paul and some of his willingless subs named Arcon, Krusty and Helm for their betrayal.

The Dwarfpirats explicitly declare only war on PaulAtredies and all those subs of him, who are supporting him. Honour to the Dwarfpirats and honour to the Order of the Templar, which has been infiltrated by filthy people like PaulAtredies. May this attack on Paul help the noble house of Templar to cleanse itself of the scum of Paul.

Dwarf of Dwarfpirats
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 10:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Commander, the operator of the Long Range Radar on duty is reporting a contact. But he can not determine for sure what it is. Sir!”
“”Can not determine”! Connect me, Officer! … ... … … Can I hear your report, Mr. Starflare”
“Err, khm, aa… good day sir.
We have a contact sir! Definitively! But… I don’t know what kind of object is sir! The signal is so… weird! Very strange!”

“OK, calm down now! Tell me the facts!”
“It is exactly between our most north-western planet and the closest neighboring planet. I saw it ten minutes ago, but I was trying to determine what is it before reporting, sir! It looks like a big asteroid or planetoid. Appeared out of nowhere and now is at halt and it has a long trail of turbulent space-time behind, pointing to the north-east, sir.”
“Well, where is the catch? Till now it looks like a normal Warplanet after jump for me!”
“Exactly, sir. But this thought-to-be Warplanet is strange itself! It is very small, smaller than normal Warplanets, but obscures the view to our neighbor almost completely. It is surrounded by… some kind of… cloud, sir.”
“Mr. Starflare, you know better than me that Warplanets have too weak gravity to support atmosphere or to attract space dust!”
“Of course I know this, sir! It is not any of those! The cloud is made out of bigger objects – like average sized meteorites, but not exactly… their composition is not natural – metal, silicon, organics… and their density is far too small for solid objects – seems they are hollow, sir. Also, their orbits are very regular and… I detect an energy source in each of them.”
“Yes – this description fits perfectly, sir – probably those are some kind of machines.”
“I still do not understand your surprise Mr. Starflare – so, this is a small Warplanet after jump with small ships on orbit!”
“Oo, no sir! The objects are too small for normal ships. I mean, they are even bigger than probes or gliders, but smaller than interceptors – more like space fighters…But only in size! Their energy emissions are almost twice as high as the emissions of space fighters – more like interceptors…!”
“Ships with size “more like fighters” with energy source “more like interceptors”… Yes, indeed - this is quite strange, Mr. Starflare. And who wants to build “a cloud” of space fighters if he can build interceptors…? Machine civilization? Or unknown life form? Check the files for existence of machine life or life forms with small body sizes in that sector!”
“It’s done sir! There is nothing in the files for that region! The only ones that fit this description from our neighbors are the race of the dwarfs, but they originate in completely different region, sir – far to the south-east.”
“Dwarfs… a war was raging on their lands not so long ago and they were defeated. Even their Homeplanet was abandoned and now it is a very sad place… and the Warplanet of the “King under the hill” was never found. Could it be he made it so far north?
Did you try to contact this strange object, Mr. Starflare?”
“Not yet, sir. I did record a message, but I was waiting for your word to send it. Oo! Just a second – incoming message sir! On public channels!”
“Hook me on, please!”
Honour to the Dwarfpirats!

The day of revenge is getting closer...

The Dwarfpirats explicitly declare only war on...

Dwarf of Dwarfpirats

“It is all clear now – they made it to the empty north and now they are coming back!
Thank you Mr. Starflare, your warning was speedy enough. Please, continue to do your job so good! Now this becomes military subject already!”

“Connection Officer, open a line with the Command Central of the House for this sector!”
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

My name is Caramon, king of the Northern Dwarf. I´m greeting all noble emperors of this universe, our friends and PaulAtredies!

The dwarfish population has been genocided by the unscrupulous dark lord called PaulAtredies. Most of our females have been killed, and to worsen things: All our beer supplies have been destroyed. As a consequence I see no future for my people. the Dwarfs are going to be erased from this world, but we will drag as many supporters of Paul along!

Honour to the Dwarf_Pirats! May their death be an inspiration for Paul´s subs to initiate an rebellion, which will break his proud and arrogant neck!
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 16:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ha ha ha, you old Pirate. It is good to see you again. The population of the worlds that formerly groaned under your oppressive tyranny rejoice under their new management and benefit greatly from their lower taxes and leisure parks. It is the sons and daughters of the world I rescued from deepest darkness that volunteer in hordes to man the battle stations of the Templar fleets. The people know where honor, nobility, and virtue lie, and it is with us, not with any of the foul and insignificant pirates of the northern wastelands.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 04:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the fourth time in a row the mighty dwarfish fighters defeatet an invasion fleet of PaulAtreides. For the fourth time small H4 destroyed an mighty H10 of HIM!

Surly, Paul possesses enough ships of that kind. He can easily replace the losses, but once again he showed a lack of compassion for the boldy man on his ships who had to die for him in a senseless battle. The battle was senseless, because every great emperor would have seen the outcoming. Now Helm is surpressed by the northern dwarfes and all beer supplies of him are in our hand.

Honour to the Northern Dwarfs who fight a noble rebellion against HIM, who doesn´t care about his subordinates!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the 5th time we repelled an attack with an H10. That´s quite getting a routine for us Dwarfs now. But it´s more easy than it seems, because PaulAtreides seems to underequip his big ships.
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