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Ship Crews/ETC.

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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 02:04    Post subject: Ship Crews/ETC. Reply with quote

Ok, there are many potiential variations, and a number of possible places for any of them, but generaly:

Have it so as, ships, require "Crews".

The Crews have to be attained from planets. The ammount of crew needed, would increase proportionaly to ship class. I would suggest, that they have to be trained, at facilities that would be build on the planet. This would be make to cost a moderate ammount, and take some time, because otherwise, a relative abundence of planets, would render this prospect devoid of much significant diffrence from the present. Also, I supose, one would make there be some diffrence in the a Crew of one race, than another. Infact, it could be interesting to prehaps need/benefit from various races composing a crew. Bear in mind of coure, that this would not pose problems for small players without many planets, as by virtue of that, they would not be building many large ships, and hence the diffrence would be lessened.

Anyhow, there would be a minimum crew number (and maximum) for a ship. In battles, crew would be killed, and such could be made, to prevent problems, as that at such a time as that the ship would die, that point in time, the whole crew would have died. Further, this would be interesting, as a damaged fleet would be vunrable, as its Crews would have been dimished.

Crews, could die in the following ways:

Battles (damage)
Battles (ship dies)
Time spent not orbiting a planet (this would add an interesting element, as ships would have to periodicly revisit planets to attain more persons).

In the event that a Crew had been partialy killed, this would cause the ships battle preformance to be diminished.

Then, just as some side options, you could toy with the ideas of having Crews experience (from balttles, or time in 'the field") limit there death rate (would would make newly build ships weaker), or being able to take some experienced crew from a ship and put them on a planet to enhance the planets "Training Academy (I guess you'd call it) abilities, having certain races better with other ships, etc.

Then, another similar idea, could be a nessesity for ships to periodicly pick up supplies (fuel, food, whatever), from planets.

Also, to ease fears of massive loses due to such, it could be made as that ships that lost too many crew, or whatever, on a wp, would just dock on the wp, and though be inhibited from action, be able to be restocked, so they wouldent just be eliminated.

Next, another somewhat related idea I had:

It could be made so as ships (or if the prior was implemented, Crews), would have a gauge for fighting ability. Anyhow, regardles of the prior, there fighting abiltiy would be potientialy diminished by the factor "Corruption". Having considered it a bit, this seems to best acomplish the desired balancing/'realisticish' effect. How it would be, would be as that the level of Corruption (combat ability inhibiting) would grow, with the size of a players fleet. This would not be in terms of number of ships (that would be redundent), whereas size would = ƒ(SUMx), (x have value for a class of ship, and value inreases for larger ships).

Other possilbe similar options would have Corruption be a function of planet size, which, though in accordance with Corruption = Empire size, isnt awalys accurate, and the prior would moreso take effect on Warmongering people (large fleets), which in reality, would have most corruption (usuly, one benefit, is that it dosent as much peanalize war happy people, till they have gotten large, at which point it then helps stop "Multi-Massive-Screwing". Yes!

Anyhow, this (all of the above), would be in the intrests of:

•Make Game More Realistic
•Make It More Interesting, And Add More Strategy Elements
•Add Appropriate Effects Of Corruption, Etc, For Large Users, Which Would Help "The Little People". EEEEK!Cool!Uuuuh!
•Help Prevent Un-Desired "MMS" (Multi-Massive-Screwing, To Coin The Phrase). Yes!

Comments/Etc? Question

Zai Jian Winkewinke

Last edited by Xilento on Sun May 07, 2006 21:18; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 21:17    Post subject: Reply with quote

p.s.- comments are welcome- lol. Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 23:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

Could you imagine the administrative nightmare of having to manage, for example, the crews for 200 ships? I believe this would be feasible only if the fleets in Kosmor were much, much smaller. I fear the added complexity level would not necessarily result in a corresponding positive gameplay experience.
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 09:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't have enough time to manage my empire the way it is. Making it any more complicated would lose Kosmor members. We are dropping to around 300 already. Keep it simple.
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 10:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have to agree with previous comments on this one. Much greater complexity, with marginal added value.

It did, however, bring to mind the possibility of battle damage. The loss of weapons or shields in battle could be interesting, except for the fact that there's usually only one ship that comes out of a battle with damage. To make it interesting, you'd need the ability to target other than weakest or strongest, and you'd need to have a reason to do so. (Lordling's "On the Roles of Ships" thread addresses reasons)

Unfortunately, that would probably be rather difficult to implement and balance. That's how things tend to work.
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 21:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

i agree, that would make it to hard to keep track of that, and would not make the game more interesting. but instead would make it less interesting.
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