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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 19:45    Post subject: Invasion Reply with quote

Deep inside the large asteroid - deeper than the first level service corridors, battle lasers, radars and emergency compartments, down beneath the soldier quarters and crew apartments, below the huge engine halls, fuel containers and storage rooms, close to the heart of the planetoid a room was enveloped in flickering night. The twilight was soaked with millions of colors, blinking lights, short and long lines… Strange text labels were forming interesting puzzles, slowly moving trough the pitch black substance of the room’s interior, making their way between differently colored patches three-dimensional fog, formed out of tiny, small or bigger light dots.
The warrior in the shadows was almost unseen, facing the center of the bright Star Map. The bizarre armchair that he was sitting in made a sudden move and quietly approached the lower side of the light structure. Then slowly turn its move towards one conglomerate of star projections and smoothly stopped, levitating in the darkness between three regions: blue, purple and red.
In very close proximity to the purple region one of the text labels was pulsating with bright glow and slowly moving north. Behind it – there were neither red, nor blue or purple lights anymore – there was only a cone, painted with charcoal, crowned with light, light turned now with the same color as the bright text label. Other small labels were scattered around the black cone, all of them – dim and weakly glowing also with the same color…
Before that such important bright label other labels – red, purple and blue - were moving away very fast, ghastly glowing and dimming…

The invasion has begun – the enemy was penetrating deeper and deeper inside the former borders of the once great house. He was taking no prisoners – the loyal imperators were cruelly crushed, their ships – annihilated, their man will never see the blue, blue grass of home again… Others were trying to escape, setting their courses to the least probable next jump position of the invader, hoping that their efforts will not be in vain… But, few will be the lucky ones…

So, the time has come! The time, when our strengths have to be put on test, our weapons to face the enemy, our forces to drop from the heavens with the speed of light and enter the chaos of a battle, where only the unrested souls of thousands heroic creatures will soar above the battlefield, searching for revenge for their deaths! Deaths, caused by the greed for blood and pain of a mind, ruling an empire of darkness – mind cold and cruel, dreaming for destruction and aiming his eyes at the wealthy northern star clusters, now undefended.

The warrior moved his hand, covered with scars and simply pointed at the advancing text label. It instantly changed its shape and popped up – enlarged, clear and easy to read. Just one word was written on that label:
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