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House population

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 02:23    Post subject: House population Reply with quote

I have never seen this before: House number 9 has EXACTLY 238 million population today. No decimal. Well done, Gil-galad, the elven king! Either your cencus bureau is lazy and made an estimate, or you have achieved perfect population control.

Rank Housename Player Population
1. Templar_Order Empire Builder PaulAtreides 842,261 millions
2. BlackStar Fleet Administrator Chrysander 764,91 millions
3. Agnari Admiral Agnar 543,969 millions
4. Kesh Lord of the House blanka 450,054 millions
5. Underverse Fleet Administrator Manann 342,305 millions
6. Troja Admiral RobinHood 308,228 millions
7. New_Order_of_Templar Lord of the House Sandal 273,701 millions
8. AustrianAlliance Lord of the House michimike 262,941 millions
9. Noldor Admiral Gil-galad 238 millions
10. Kanaani Councilor of the House Ragdoll 236,417 millions
11. Reacor Lord of the House Neireh 218,887 millions
12. Asgard Lord of the House Tyr 178,265 millions
13. Ixnaghor Councilor of the House Xaron_Ghnkar 156,233 millions
14. The_Brotherhood Lord of the House Gshock 117,745 millions
15. Zamonien Major Surst 114,562 millions
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