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A Distant Raid

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 06:14    Post subject: A Distant Raid Reply with quote

The energy fom the combined jumpdrive engines had been huge... More than the technicians had expected. This was blamed on the lensing effect of the nearby Star. The reason had been explaned but the effects were clear to the commander of the Elemental Fleet on his command bridge

The asteroid like rocks now bouncing off the shields of his fleet had once been the outlying defensive positions of the Base of the entire Templar Order. Upon recieving his orders from the recently formed Dark_Night government he had done as he had always done, given orders, prepared ships and men and gone over every part in detail... and yet as his smaller fleet wings weaved between the chunks and what had once been defended by loyal men he couldnt help but think he'd failed... even if it was something none could have predicted.

The men like their leader had been frozen in time, so their deaths were assured long before the sudden mass increase of his fleet appearing in an instant tore their positions apart. But still his action had killed them, where as they still had several days of existance left before the end. Their fates ultimnatly sealed by the attempt to master Quantum Entanglement by Paul and so many others in the Galaxy... To be in two places at once and affect the outcome of fleets many light years apart. A foolish goal for those of the old gaurd who knew the outcome already. The planets core once activated to attempt this action had frozen the Templar leader and all that had surrounded it while slowly beginning to collapse in on its self releasing engergy that would eventually destroy the War planet and everything in the area except the Master Gate would remain long after all else, thats why the fleet was here.

So as the commander looked out he could already see the energy building in the core of the War Planet ahead, his view sometimes covered by the passing of the huge fleet now empty of life in orbit. Those who had escaped the time effects were without orders and without hope of escape from orbit... their mass was just too large to escape. So they had fled.... He wished them well.....

There was still time, the commander knew it, the Master Gate was still gaining charge from the core reaction and it would be sometime yet before it activated and spread its wormhole to all the systems Paul had occupied... once it did this the Gravity would spread through the doorway and rip the surface off any planet it dialed, rendering it once again neutral and lifeless.

His ships never seemed old to him, some had been the first out of the shipyards when the knowledge of capital ship building became known to his people. They were indeed old but many were battle hardened and better yet solar hardened... for years of solar radiation had altered the hull armour into a tougher shell. Yet age wouldnt matter with this amount of force..... With a series of commands the Capital ships locked positions and began to bombard the surface, in many ways the destruction of the orbiting platforms had been a blessing, many more would live from his fleet as a result. The men were frozen but the automatic systems were still live and tracking his fleet... they needed to be destoyed.

His command ship rocked and for a second he feared a hit on his own hull... then he saw the lasers "painting" the targets as his torpedos tore through space to their targets... he'd forgotten what a full broadside did to his own hull in limited atmosphere.

In no time it was over, the race now began. A race against being caught in the same effects their former housemates now suffered.

The H10's released their drop ships and the marines were on their way, leading the drop as always were the SAS, an ancient order legendary in their bravery. Soon they landed, and soon they swarmed to their targets.... all was going to plan, but their time was short.


"Sir our time is almost up...."
"How has it gone" the commander asked,
"We got more than we expected this run... and there is always the next"
"Then return... "

The target had been gate co-ordinates, fully 25% of Pauls known worlds had been erased from the dialing archives, they were now safe... for now, the commander thought to himself, his men had performed beyond hope against hope. Messages streamed in from the new worlds his house now protected, they had believed their fate was assured, but they had not counted on the former Templar Knight Steve knowing the co-ordinates of both Pauls Wp at all times and the location of near enough every Templar owned world. The commander had achieved this alone, beyond the support and guns of his home War Planet, he'd be decorated for this he was sure.... The coming War Planet had the most advanced ships of the fleet, including the Ancient Fleet... and the Aurora flagship, which was waiting for an Admiral.....
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 20:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

With a hiss, he heard the environment change with connection to the combat-class ship, Djinn. The Djinn, and its crew, were from a desert world. As the hiss died, the many tiny drones immeadiatly stormed into action, buzzing around in their many directions. Darting here and there, almost at random (like insects, he thought, hungrilly). The drones heated his local environment, and sprayed mositure to massivly increase local humidity.

Somehow, it still felt dry...

As the captain guided him to the bidge, he thought of the latest strife to befall his neighbours. The Galactic Consulate had removed PaulAtreides from his office, played with the continuum. Multitudes of lives lost, at the whim of those timless dictators!!

He had always thought that the Templar were efficient, and ruthless and noble in equal measure, but he never thought that they were something that might interest a consul. Still, perhaps those ageless spirits knew something about the future, for all he knew... We mortals must move on, he thought, as he concenrated on releasing as much moisture as he could from his delicate pores.

Messages were already comming in from warp-space as he enters the bridge. Droids screamed about, while humans rushed between the ship's consoles, frenetic. All three groups seemed to interface in various senory and direct ways. The biological crew impressed him most, as they plugged into the ship and droids. Only combat veterans cound stand so many switches of reality in such quick succession.

He watches the battle on the main hollo-desk on the bridge. Reports are comming in from both sides, which gave the desk an unpecidented stream of data, but one can still ocasionally see where parts have come from each side. The automated system of Paul gives an uninspired view, a legacy of the Galactic Consulate's magesty, automatic, dead. Other tactical displays are obviosuly from the more living and noble squires, as they show insight and passion in their reports.

The battle is only short, and definately decisive. Inevetable. All he can think of, though, is leaving this infernal ship. "Damn the troops' morale", he grumbles to himself. He cant stand it any longer. He quickly cancels the customary inspection tour, and orders a formal message of congratulation and comiseration be set to NobleSteve, and to all the liberated worlds.

He will send Steve a more personal reply from the comfort of his own pond...
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