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From the Webway Portals

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 21:10    Post subject: From the Webway Portals Reply with quote

Sunlight glints from the tower surfaces of the great craft ship, and shines down through the crystal windows to illuminate a singular garden within the bowels of the ship. Within this garden, birds of every color of the rainbow, flit from tree to tree, while small lizards sun themselves on rocks near a waterfall, Flutterbys and Motheras gently move amongst the flowers who's fragrance is carried throughout the ship by the atmosphereic condintioners. Within the garden a single person sits in meditation, long of hair, lithe of form, yet with the air of command and royalty that one is naturally born with. the grass bends and waves due to the anti-grav units of a small servo droid, who hovers to a stop a repectable distance away from this figure and softly chimes an anouncement of itself.

"Yes" says the figure without moving.

the droid projects a holo image, Who immediately bows deep and with great reverance before speaking.

"Great Seer, I most humbly apologize for this intrusion, but a matter of some urgency has occured that may require your attention"

"Please enlighten me as to the nature of this matter, young one."

"A Galactic Herald from the center of the galaxy has arrived with the following news:

Member of the House noodle (house KONG) conquered a solar system
from Commander Sjet (house Ulthwe_Wing_of_Agnari-Troja) "

"Ah, so our fate has at last been decided upon, announce to all citizens that we are now at High Quarters, prepare our fleets, and send word back with the Galactic Herald that we will now drop from our house name the secondary title of Wing House."

"Yes, Great One, my officers have heard your announcement and are already taking care of matters, but before I go may I ask, Great Seer?"

"I already know what it is you will ask Young One, and I will enlighten you, so that you may learn from this, Lord Noodle of House Kong, is Ally to Lady Marion of House Noezlick-Österreich, who is in turn Ally to Lord Robinhood of House Troja." says The Seer.

"Lady Marion showed herself on our borders two days ago, and recieved a message from one of my Harlequins that we defend this area from intrusion, sadly I fear that Lady Marion took affront with this and has killed the young Harlequin for we have recieved no response back from her, and yet we have, as Lord Noodle attacks the very same system that lay within the path of Lady Marion, and by doing so, as an ally to House Troja, has broken the Nuetrality peace accord that we had with thier great house."

The young man in the holo projection nods his understanding as the Seer continues with her words, "In return we must now take arms against Lord Noodle, and in doing so this means that we must also do the same with Lady Marion who will be forced to defend her ally. By taking arms against Lady Marion, we must also take arms against House Troja, for Troja will be forced to defend their allies in the form of Lady Marion and Lord Noodle."

The Seer pauses, and slowly shakes her head. "This is a sad day indeed that has been forced upon us but our Honor and Integrity still stand as it was not we who fired first nor spoke in a hostile manner. Our warrior spirit will now shine forth and every last one of our Aspect Warriors will carry the fight to wherever the Webway portals reach. Fear not Young One, for we are not as alone as it may appear, for with House Troja and thier allies attacking us, as they have, it forces us to react and in reacting we become Allied with House Agnari and one day soon I will meet with their great lord and offer our services such as they may be. Do you understand now Young One?"

"I do Great One, let all who come before us fear the name of House Ulthwe and the Great Seer Sjet, and for those who do not fear, we shall deliver swift death." says the young man

"Well spoken to a degree, young one, but it is not fear that we must spread, instead it is respect, and our enemies will learn to respect us."

The young man once again nods his understanding as the servo droid shuts down the holo image and takes its place near the entrance to the garden, while the Seer once again begins to meditate. This time though the energies she directs are geared towards War and her thoughts are of the great god Khaela-Mensha Khaine, and the blood that will be shed in his name.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 05:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

The queen of the light sat on theirs tron and read them direct. what she had to see there! the ruler Sjet seals to himself there what zsammen neither noddle we probably on that curses before steve and agnar plani must take! but this is everything only finish speaking weill one too cowardly is easy to say I want get war
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 14:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Webway Portal begins to arc lightning across the room, and slowly a deep thrum emerges from it's depths, as the the noise reaches a crescendo deep enough to be felt even through the deck plates of the mighty ship, a lone figure steps forth and immediately collapses to the floor. Ruined but not broken, the Young Harlequin struggles forward towards the door, leaving a trail of smeared blood behind him, until technicians reach him and gently pick him up placing him on an anti-grav platform and hurrying away to the infimery.

Later the door to the infirmary slides open and a young figure emerges into the light from the darkened hallway, hair the color of Spun Copper, eyes that reflect the light of the skies, she strides into the room with an air of confidence and humility combined. reaching the bedside of the young Harlequin, she gently holds him in place when he struggles to rise in her presence, and softly speaks with a voice that is reminiscent of gentle waterfall, "Lie still young one, or you will do yourself even more harm than has already been done to you, you offer your obiescance in your very thoughts and will and that is more than enough to serve, merely tell us what it is that has happened and what you have learned."

Slowly and with halting speech the young Harlequin tells of tortures most foul, and of beatings, all the while only a few questions were asked "How many ships?", "Where are they located?", "Are you truly nuetral or is this just a ploy?", "Where is the renegade noble known as steve?".

"I told them nothing Seer, except that I know of noone named Steve, but these Mon-Kees they do not listen, they preen and prance like they own the whole of the universe, and will not listen to what anyone says to them regardless of the truth of the situation. They look at a scene and they make their own truths from it, even if the truth they make is actually a lie, to them it is still truth, they are mad, and consumed with the foulness of Khaos(*), but eventually she let me go and gave me this message."

at this point the young Harlequin pauses and violently begins coughing, blackened blood and spittle run from the corner of his mouth. Sjet picks up a nearby cloth and wipes his face with it removing the blood and spittle before handing him a glass of water.

"Thank you seer, as i was saying, no sooner had i walked out of the chamber than she yelled for her guards and claimed that i had assaulted her, and escaped. I was chased thru the ship and shot at many times, until finally i gave them the slip long enough for me to open the webway and step thru, but my body betrayed me, and i stepped out elsewhere. I know not where i was but it was a place of many suns and nightmare creatures such as has not been seen for ages, these beings were similar to those told of in our most ancient of stories. I saw a great fleet being assembled, this fleet, it is one that no ruler in this sector of space has the power to overcome, it is as numerous as the ants in a firehill, and the warriors of these ships are even more numerous. I fear the end times are coming and a wave of Khaos(*) shall sweep over all before it in this galaxy."

"Rest now young one, and sleep if you can to speed your healing, you have done your duty well, and i must now go to meditate on this missive, for perhaps there has been a misunderstanding on both sides of this issue, and perhaps, just perhaps we repair things enough to maintain our nuetrality in this war between the Mon-Kees." and with that The great Seer Sjet turns and walks from the room, already her thoughts turning and pondering the ways of things and looking forwards to the future paths, looking for the one that would not result in war.

(*) if there is a player or house who carries this name, we apologize, for this is not a reference to them in any way, and should not be taken as such.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 09:53    Post subject: Lord Noddle Reply with quote

the small sleak craft of the shodw silently transmited the an urgent Message towards lord Sjet shace.

sitting in his small chair on the command deck of his vesel 'whishper' captain vain read out a message which they had received from Lord noodle.
" due to a large techniqual fault with my Warplanet my navigational drive malfunctioned forcing us to attack a planet from Sjet's empire. shortly after this a fault in communications has prevented me from contacting him in apology. plz forward this message to him. thank you"

"message sent sir" announces they communication officer.

"good, may the Queen of light speed it on its journey"
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 13:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

The light from the stars shines through the open portals that allow vision into the deeps of space, The Young Seer Sjet stands before such a one and ponders many things. All the while the bridge is a bustle of activity behind her. "Why are these here", she asks of herself, "what is it in our nature that forces us to create something transparent and then place it in a vessel that has no need for such an item, all so that we may view a multitude of lights in the dark that we may quite possibly never visit."

"Commander!" Sjet's voice rings out with enough force to cut through the noise on the bridge but not loud enough to startle any of the Adepts from their work.

"Yes, My Lady?" asks the commander as he steps up onto the dais and takes position near her side.

"What news is there of the mission that Imperator HotBlack has taken?"

"One moment my lady", says the commander as he opens a small datapad on his left forearm and inputs a command. the small unit beeps once, the commander pauses, and then states, "HotBlack has reached an apparent flux or maybe it is a warp thread but he reports that his instruments show a bend in the subspace surface of the area he is in, as we know Warp threads, Antimatter strings, and even Black Gravitons can play havok with a ships systems, he also reports that they will turn aside and continue on a new path that allows them to parrallel the anamoly, while continueing forward in his missionary work."

"I see, that is very good news to hear, have the calculations for our own warp jump been completed yet?", Sjet asks as she turns from the windows to look upon the commander.

"No my lady, we still need another 12 hours before we can successfully plot our course and be assured of arriving in realspace intact."

"Make sure that.....", here Sjet pauses for as she spoke a Galactic Herald entered the bridge, and at once started for hers and the commanders position on the main dais of the bridge, looking back at the commander she continues," that our fleet is ready to disembark and take up Alpha positions as soon as we disembark into Realspace."

As you will, so shall it be." says the commander who then steps back to allow the Galactic Herald privacy with the Seer Sjet, but not so far back as to be unable to intercede should such intercession be neccessary.

Around the perimeter of the bridge, a dozen pairs of eyes, have tracked and watched every movement of everyone that comes within 50 meters of the Seer, through crystal visors that reflect no light, they scrutinize every movement, every gesture, every expression, waiting for the moment when the skill of the Shidhe is neccessary to grant eternal peace to one who threatens the Great Seer.

Sjet reads the missive delivered by the Galactic Herald, then asks, "Do they understand that we will take back that which was taken from us and no more? Do they understand that we will brook no intereference in liberating a Maiden World from their grasp, mistake or no mistake? If they do not it is up to you to make sure that they understand, and it is neccessary for you to understand this also, we will take back that which was ours, and no more, we will forgive this trespass, and take no further offense from it, but they must understand that our borders are closed to all independant houses save for Agnari, Troja, their wing houses, and those independants who already reside here. No other Houses may conquer in this area nor pass through this area, as long as this war continues, regardless of allied status or not, in this way we protect both Agnari and Troja interests in this sector from those who would exploit this war, and maintain our nuetrality in doing this. you MUST make sure that the Mon-Kees understand this, or there will once again arise a misunderstanding on both sides of the issue. Take my words to them and let them know these things, let them know also that we will arrive in that sector within 12 hours to reclaim ours. Thank you for bringing this to me, and depart with the blessings of the Gods upon you."

And with that the Galactic Herald leaves to resume his mission to carry word to whereever it may need to go, to whomever it needs to reach, whereever they are in the galaxy. The ways of the Webway Portals are mysterious indeed to outsiders, but the Galactic Heralds cross thresholds and boundaries that go beyond even the power of the Web, and their status as such is upheld with great reverance by all. On this Herald, Sjet has lain all her hopes, for if this Herald fails in his duty then only one other path will lead her people from the threat of war and back to the relative peace of nuetrality that is wished for by all.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 17:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

One of the outer listening posts caught it first... encrypted as expected....

Some time past while it was translated but then one line stood out that was forwarded to the house leader NobleSteve...

"The Renegade Noble known as Steve"... the troops were right to forward such a statement... their leader did love a good laugh every now and then... but still it signaled Lady Marions desire to know the house fleets location and strength..... Concern for herself? Or were her intensions more hostile? The men knew it was not their job to ask such questions..... but since they had just completed their job by sending the message why not ponder some more.

Silently but swiftly the listening post drifted on.... for this was no fixed position... but a cloaked ship in its own right
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 15:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Lady Sjet steps into the communications room, the flurry of activity that was occuring suddenly came to a complete standstill, as all present respectfully bowed save for one. The Galactic Herald stood amongst these people and calmly watched as Lady Sjet approached him, then handing her a missive from the Senate and a second missive from a nearby imperator, he gives a small bow from the neck only. With a wave of a hand the room once again bursts into a flurry of activity as channels are monitered, and orders passed back and forth between planets and ships throughout her realm. Opening the missive Lady Sjet reads the following:

"I, Bellocks, Speaker for The Senate announce the taking back of Jay's planets from Bucan by The Order of Templar. This operation has been approved and sanctioned by The Senate. Any resistance of force to interfere in this operation will be responded to with such. May this be done quickly and safely. That is all."

Opening the second missive Lady Sjet scans it's words quickly then turns to her Fleet Commander, "Make all haste for the nearest suitable planet of ours, from there the fleet is to abandon the CraftWorld until further notice."

The orders given and sent the Commander the turns to Lady Sjet with a questioning look. Seeing this Lady Sjet responds, "Lord Bellocks has declared war against Bucan who has attacked his holdings, Lady Marion has offered aid against Bucan should Lord Bellocks request it, but we have also been asked to provide aid as well, for Bucan has attacked the lesser members of House Agnari. Several times in the past he has attacked the holdings of E1567, and this time he has attacked the weakest of Agnari in the form of Lord Flocker who was unable to defend himself in any way. We have stated many times that we will not take part in the war between Troja and Agnari, and will not raise arms against the allies of either side unless our borders are violated, this is what nearly caused a disatrous outcome with Lady Marion and Lord Noodle, fortunately that was resolved and they now understand our position, but we have also stated that if either side asks for help against an independant house we will come to their aid. Lord Agnar has done just that, for while his attention is focused on the war, The house of Bucan has taken advantage of it, and so in 3 days we will integrate into house Agnari, who will loan us what he can to strengthen our own fleet, and from there we will make heading towards Bucan and stop his pirating to the best of our ability."

Turning to the Galactic Herald, Lady Sjet says to the man, "Make sure that House Troja, All Troja wing Houses, Lady Marion, and Lord Noodle, and any other Troja allies know that we are still sacrosanct, and remain nuetral in their war, this integration is only a temporary solution to futher enable us to make good on the word of House Ulthwe, and that as soon as the need is no longer there, we will once again become an independant house, can you do that?" The Galactic Herald says nothing but merely nods his assent.

"Good, and carry word to the Senate and to all other Imperators who have the need to know, tell them that Lady Sjet of House Ulthwe respectfully requests that Lord Bucan of House Zlick-Couzar cease and desist all attacks against House Agnari's lesser members and leaves the area to return to his own sphere of influence immediately, any failure on his part to meet this request will be seen as a refusal, and will be met with force. the planets of Lord Flocker that were conquered must be returned to Lord Flocker, and Lord Flocker will be free to go his own way. we make no requests for E1567 except for the following, he to is an Agnari member and therefore all attacks against E1567's holdings must also come to an immediate halt. Again, refusal to comply will be considered as the same as spoken denial and will be met with force of arms. Take word of this and may Khaela-Mensha Khaine watch over you."

At that the Galactic Herald turns and leaves the room, Lady Sjet and the Fleet Commander step through a different doorway and onto the bridge of the Great CraftWorld, and the communications room is still a flurry of activity as if nothing untoward has occured, but within the thoughts of all are the ponderings of great events, and within the mind of Lady Sjet is the image of a pond surface, her words a drop of water that has sent forth ripples of cause and effect, and she searches for the path that will offer the quickest results, with the least amount of loss.[/i]
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