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the end of an Galatic Empire

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 08:06    Post subject: the end of an Galatic Empire Reply with quote

54 days left:

Mr. Stack stopped before the Big Glass container, inside there was a human drifting in strange chemicals that where keeping his body alive. Mr. Stack knew who was in there, his great leader Rupsie was in there, Rupsie body was death only his mind was still alive, with his mind he was able to controle and rule his empire but how long would his mind stay alive? Mr. Stack asked the computer, he already knew the awnser but he still asked the computer every day how much time his leader had left. like he hoped that on day the computer would tell him that his leader would be cured.

the Computer: 54 days sir.
Mr. Stack: oke, open the portal with Rupsies mind.
the Cupmute: Affirmitive, portal opened.

Mr stack looked at the big screen in front of him. a computer image from Lord Rupsie was standing in front of him.

Rupsie: hi Mr. Stack my loyal servant, how is my empire?
Mr. Stack: nice, we are independend now just like you asked me to do.
Rupsie: good, rally the fleets and start charging the Jump drive.
Mr. Stack: yes sir. i will be going now, cya tomorrow.
Rupsie: wait, i'm very lonely, i have just 54 days left before i die, i want to talk to you.
Mr. Stack stopped walking, he turned back towards his leader.
Mr. Stack: you want to talk to me? (his leader did never asked that question before)
Rupsie: yes, i have just 54 days left before i Die, you know that when i die the empire will collaps, all planets will go independend and they will return to there former state before they where captured by housemembers. there is just 1 think we can do for peace in the galaxy, make a Kamikaza Attack at Troja, helping Agnari and hopefully they will be able to assimilated as much of our planets so that not all work that we have done the last years will be for nothing.
Mr. Stack: ???, you want to start a Killing frenzy in Trojan terratory? for the glory of Agnari and the Rupsie empire?
Rupsie: exactly, tomorrow we will jump into Trojan space, starting to damage the trojan economic and hopefully do as much damage to get Agnari on the winning hand, hopefully we will be able to end this war for once and for all.

Mr. Stack was Frightend, he knew that that would result in the end of the empire, but he knew aswell that that was the only option they had left, helping Agnari. they would die anyway.

Mr. Stack: For Agnari!
Rupsie: For Agnari!

-will be continued-
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 07:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

The doors flew open, and he bounded across the room, his gills flapping angrily, though he was far from water.

"What is this?", he screamed! "Lord Rupsie is dying!?!?? His empire is collapsing!?!?" He wondered if Lord Rupsie's sons were manipulating the situation, desperate to get their hands on their father's empire.

"Send a delegation at once"! We need his help to defeat these enemies that are queuing up to take a bit from the House of Agnari, he thought to himself.

"Send our medical consultants, there is no reason for him to die just yet". "We can maintain his form, though in a lesser state than he is now. His mind can stay intact. His ships and his planets will remain to him, though history shows us that many of his finer buildings will be destroyed".

"His loyalty and his Kamakazi action, while greatly touching, are best saved for a time yet".
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rupsie: a message from lord Agnar?
Mr. Stack: Yes, it has great importance
Rupsie: upload it into my system
Mr. Stack: yes sir

a few minutes later

Rupsie: ow, it's a nice guy, a very good leader, he will surely win this war against troja and it's allies.
Mr. Stack: afcours he will, he did encredible things.
Rupsie: Yep, he did, i hope his medical staff can find a cure against this illness, there medical technolegy is far more advanced then ouwers.
Mr. Stack: what are we going to do now sir?
Rupsie: Gather the Western Fleets. they are of great importance becaus they are greatly experienced.
Mr. Stack: on it sir.

-will be continued-
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 23:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is my house great hope that Rupsie will live on and continue with us as those alligned with the Great house of Agnari!
If there is anything that us Spartans can do we will do it!

Long live Rupsie! Agnari! and all our allies!

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