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The Council of Ministers of the house MrBrown

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 08:49    Post subject: The Council of Ministers of the house MrBrown Reply with quote

Today on 95/3503 Admiral kautzinger called a conference of the Council of Ministers of the house MrBrown.

Minister of War Lord Stephan and Foreign Minister Marcel hurried to their hologram conference rooms to attend the meeting.

"My friends, sorry for the hurry! Marcel, I know, it is day one after your holidays but isn’t it always like that? At least you have that healthy color. Look at us!”

After a few more friendly words kautzinger resumes: “I would have wished for a smoother start, but in view of the urgency of the matter we have to discuss the recent political events. As we all have read in the forum Nikoy and his Order of Templar joined the war against the Confederacy. We are not member of the Confederacy, but we have to fulfill our alliance with Marion.”

“Yes, I know. Nikoy claims to start an isolated war against ArcaneShadow “only”, but can we trust that?”

“How shall that be? And is it true that this has been approved by the Senate?”

“Furthermore Portishead is our friend and ally and we have to fulfill our treaty of neighbourly friendship, help and support. Since Portishead is an ally of Marion too, he is already clearing up his boarders and conquering planets - just getting back what had been taken. I had a short talk with him, he is deeply concerned about the consequences of such a war in his area.”

The council looked at the map and discussed all possible strategies that both sides could choose and the impacts on the boarders of their own house. The talks held on for a while…

Talks resume after a short break. Finally Kautzinger called for the Secretary of House and handed over the carefully composed scribble of announcements, saying: “Send out these two announcements!”

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 08:55    Post subject: Announcement 1001 of the house MrBrown Reply with quote

Announcement 1001 of the house MrBrown:

The house MrBrown hereby announces their friendship with the houses Brothers_in_Arms and Neozlick-Oesterreich to the entire universe. They will bind each other with the duty of providing help and support as far as no other treaty is affected.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 08:59    Post subject: Announcement 1002 of the house MrBrown Reply with quote

Announcement 1002 of the house MrBrown:

We will remain a neutral party in the war between Agnar and the Confederacy. But we can not accept the war and its impact on our boarders! For now, or in the future!

Instead, we will act in the role of a voluntary negotiator and try to find a peaceful solution for the houses of Brothers in Arms, Order of Templar and Neozlick-Oesterreich.

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 09:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Well, my friends we’ll see. Please inform every member of our house to be careful in his or her actions. Give them the strict order to gather and provide any kind of information that could help us in that issue, no matter how nonrelevant it might be.

Ahh, it’s not over yet:

I just want to inform you about some minor case: I gave Chris the order to conquer some of sly’s planets. As we all know he took planets of our imperator GCP (and some other independent imperators) that we have to take back. I sent sly a friendly note but I haven’t got an answer yet. This guy makes me wonder…”

“One last note: I had some nice - just general - talks with Lady Neireh who agreed to hand back a planet for the one taken last week. I would like to continue with the talks. No clue, how the recent developments affect. I might send GCP down there as negotiator. I’ll keep you informed.”

Finally the conference is adjourned.
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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 06:06    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Ma'am? Here is your Information officer with the requested Information Files.", the secretary said.
"Let him in.", Neireh said while she was reading her messages and reports. She looked up as the man in that dark grey uniform entered her office and saluted in their normal militäry way.
"You bring the informations i asked for?"
"Yes, Ma'am.", answered the officer and handed her the pad.
Neireh overflew the informations. "Interesting, but could maybe get difficult. We always where sceptic about the Senat and the confederacy."
"For the moment they claim to stay independent in the conflict with Agnari.", the officer said.
"We had some conversations. Kautzinger seems to be a man you can talk to. We made an agreement that GCP will get another planet more south. Don't know where the Elements will lead us. Maybe to further negotiations, when they want to. I could send tikonda as Diplomat, i think.", Neireh said, sipping at her tea cup.
"We should be careful. Just to mention it, your orders where received and will be done. I inform you when there is something new."
Neireh slightly nod. "You can leave now."

After the officer left her office she went on reading her correspondence. Some reports from other colonys. She answered the few messages from their Lords and then slightly smiled as she saw the message from Agnar. Agnari was always a good friend to their house since a long time now. She had a long time to become accustomed that she talks to an amphibian, since the first look she got on her correspondence partner. Before this she always had to do with some other humanoid House leaders or some mechanic electonicc beeings like Androids in humanlike form. Sure some of the colonys had a native population in amphibians. But she had no business to do with them. Sometimes she got the feeling that Agnar regret that she was no amphibian.
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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 05:34    Post subject: intergalactic ticker Reply with quote

At this moment the house ticker sent out a message:

# 1:
Talks started with all parties # friendly atmosphere # no goal achieved yet # t.b.c.

# 2:
Integration phase 2 completed by 100/3503 # Black, Bowman, Chris, Draco, GCP, Keithyg, Petra, Thrudd, Voltigeur are now part of our mission # phase 3 date not determined yet

# 3:
friendship with the houses Kesh and Uno_Kesh to be renewed

The Admiral
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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 17:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

Arcane issued a silent prayer to the Nightmother, in all her blessing, as he read the admirals report, the first bit of his speach concerned him greatly, none of the other senate members had commented on Nikoys crusade against him. more so surprised at bellocks for his lack of sight in this afair, strange arcane was under the impression that he was the speaker for the senate?

"captain!!" boomed arcane as he sat on his mobile stone platform, his huge shadow forum hiding the back of the seat but casting a shaodw all the same over everyone else. he truly was a shadow lord.

"Yes sir" replied the old grizzled captain of the NIGHTBRINGER_LORD

"send this to central now" handing the captain the message meant it was of up most importance. the captain knew this and moved without a word.

a few seconds later the small pode was ejected at high speed from the vessle and hit lightspeed a few seconds later.

"and get me Admiral kautzinger in a meeting as soon as possible" smiling the captain slid onto the floor and down the main shoot to the navigation room, his fins guiding him on his jorney away from the shadow lord. his ghostly features never visible but always there. ofering a pray to the Nightmother he entered the main room and landed swiftly.
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 05:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

„Well my friends, the situation has changed“ – with these words Admiral kautzinger opens the next conference of the Council of Ministers of the house MrBrown on 119/3503.

Millions of suns had been rising in the meantime, wonderful pictures of all kind of different galactic characteristics of life appear in his mind as kautzinger remembers all the places he visited, all the creatures he saw and all the talks he held – travelling through the wonderful galaxy from one end to the other. He sighs. After a few second he resumes his speech.

“Maybe we have a chance for peace between Marion and Nikoy, but I still would call it a high explosive atmosphere!” Kautzinger never thought that the incidence with ArcaneShadow really is a big issue, there was always more that caused the minor battles in the east of the house of MrBrown. "I hope we can announce it soon."

Minister Marcel brings up the next topic: “Let’s talk about tink, rolan, MePha! What is going on down there?”
Yeah, that’s the hot topic kautzinger, says to himself.

“It is no secret: we are still in war with goddess. We were able to defeat her a long time ago, but as she never apologized for their acting, never offered diplomatic talks, never did anything else then causing trouble, we are still in war with her and probaly will allways be... And now MePha who is located in our area has an alliance with her!”, Minister Stephan explains the explosiveness in it.

“That is a no-go!”

“That is a breach of our friendship – it never was a close one with MePha, but now it is broken”. In a sudden everybody in the room realizes the sad certainty, that friendship sometimes is not what it seems to be and that warlike operations are inescapable. “Nothing else to say…”

In that matter kautzinger add’s:
“Ahh, remember, we have a NAT with tink and we have to fulfil our duty as long as possible. But I think that tink who now calls himself “Deathstar of Nikoy” is in big trouble. And I do not want to get involved in that. I talked to Claudio, our good old friend: he may and will proceed.”

“But anyway, rolan will be integrated as I cannot accept his weird acting anymore. Can anybody tell me, why he takes my planets in that moment Claudio is fighting him?” and he can’t hide a smirk… “and if you talk about anyone else in the galaxy about this, don’t forget that I had a adopted an advancement with tink about rolan. Prss…”

“However, despite our position in the Marion-Nikoy war I suggest that we combine our forces with Claudio and his wings. We should agree on a combined proceeding and to suss things out together: my goal is to control that area down there, albeit under our combined military administrations.”

The ministers immediately start to plan the hostilities and arrange the troops.
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 07:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

good words, its true that we have a nat, but in the terms of the nat i did not ask you to turn against your greatest freind to help me, you do right and i respect your decision to count yourself out of this mess.


ps: i hearby declair rolan is not part of my house and i will take no responsibilty for is actions from now, do what you like to him, the fool has already caused me enuf trouble.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 16:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good old friends have to stay close in union.

That was always our motto, when we dealt with neighbours. Here we'll also proceed accordingly to it.

Tink is still a threat and cannot be denied as such, now he is even more accursing us in public. His entire fleet has to be shot down.

But, we never forget our friends, when they ask for our help. So, will do everything to help. Still, there is this unsolved matter with goddess, which must come to an end, once and for all.

Imperator claudio announces the we enter into to the war against goddess and MePha within few days.

secretary of public affairs
end of message
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 15:30    Post subject: Reply with quote

claudio, i have not threatend you at all ever, all i do is try to expose you to why you attack me, i have never and will never threaten your empire with words, all i say is you want my planets and you make exuse to take them. you would be angry too i think if somone with big fleet came and attacked you for no reason and dont say you wouldnt all try to prove is that you attacked me for no reason.
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