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With jumpdrive into Black...

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 16:57    Post subject: With jumpdrive into Black... Reply with quote

Much black. Only a few small points of light. An uninhabited small Desert planet 30 LY away and a bigger Iceworld with the flag of the honourable house Noldor-Reacor 15 LY away in the other direction. This is where the medium sized Iceworld Cija is located.
Neutrality and civil wars dominated this solar system in the last years. Since yesterday something has changed. An imperator, called blanka, leader of the 5th largest house in the galaxy, sent 66 housmembers there to subjugate the planets population. His mighty warplanet is orbiting the system, protected by a mighty fleet!

But today a third light appeared on the sky. A black hole has opened. Until yesterday it would have been a miracle for the planets population. But today they are already familiar with this kind of light.
Only 10 LY away from Cija a second warplanet has appeared. Bigger. Stronger. And much more powerful.

It was blanka yesterday, who crossed 600 LY through the galaxy into unexplored territory. Not knowing where the jump will end.
And it was michimike today, who jumped, not knowing where the jump will end, into the black, managed by the most genius engineers of the galaxy, directly to the place, where blanka plunged into.
Now the hunter is directly in range of his prey and there are no planets arround, who could protect blanka from his doom.
The jump drive is not available just 1 day after the last jump, also the planet's population won't help the prey's warplanet to escape into home security. Now the only way to escape from a battle today is to move into open space and to get devoured by michimike's gigantic fleet at the latest tomorrow.

A doleful doom as the AustrianAlliance and Kesh once were allies. But the mind of the leader of Kesh changed. All honourful members left the house and blanka led the remaining parts through piracy against allies of michimike, like the exploitation of war-victim Gondor, into the arms of pirate hunter michimike.

Some may hope that blanka can rescue the life of most of the ship's crews. Others may hope to see a big battle and a lot of explosions to end the empire of Kesh in an honourful fight to death....

Nice regards to Keshs pirates also from Neozlick-Österreich.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 05:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

God threw his eye on little helpless blanka and all the innocent ship crews, blanka forced to support his warplanet, so he gave him a chance to save them as a last honourable act and moved tiny little planet Hejurane 1 LY in direction of Cija, so blanka was able to colonize it today - only 1 LY away stopped the engines of the hunters warplanet. Now all ships, who do not belong to blanka himself, left the warplanet and moved into the orbit of blankas new planet. When blanka will be conquered in the next two days, the empire of Kesh will be conducted to its doom, but the ships and all its crews will be spared by michimike in hope to work together with them some day, as his aim was never to destroy ships or to kill any innocents.

No big fight, no explosions, but an unforgettable ending of an old empire, which once ruled the galaxy as the biggest house ever.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 07:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

Today the forces have changed. It was not only god that helped the enemies, but a genious planning. A new enemy was born, michimike never could have calculated with. An enemy, who pretended to be neutral and who was respected by michimike. APOcalypse entered the fighting space of blanka and michimike with much more combat power and the doom of michimike is close.

What do we learn? Never jump into the dark!

Congratulations to Agnari, who obviousely planned this tactics, as you seem to be the only link between Pagurus and APOcalypse. I only wonder how you could get all those allies, as you will lose the war anyway. But you are right: such a genious planning and two new allies, who both are stronger than me, were necessary to catch me Smile
Good luck against the rest of the universe, Agnar. I'll be back some day, let's see how I'm treated by my new enemies.

I herewith resign my empire, the AustrianAlliance.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

He sat in the marble circular audience chamber, with ceremonial robes on, fronted by a great many councilors, leaders, military officials and otehr delegates, all in ceremonial robes in respect of the setting. The black waters of his meditation pool reflected slivery flashing patterns on the walls that grabbed his attention constantly. He had not really been listening to the delegates speak, and with no time for niceties, he dismissed them.

Lopingly bounding over to the pool with a slow flop, he breathed the vapours in deeply with his lungs. He disrobed and dived in, immediately switching his breathing to gills. With no more than a cursory meditation he quickly inserted the device and logged in.


The battle was fierce! The Imperator Michiemike, in his eagerness, had fallen foul of allied forces. Great news! Sadly, there were a few more casualties than expected, and there appears to have been a galactic anomaly. Reports in this part of the ether were scarce, and often third hand, but he watched as an info-stream, shaped like a large electric eel, swam by him symbols glowing along it's length http://www.kosmor.com/forum_int/viewtopic.php?t=9193 showing that even the enemy was confused here. An anomaly in the galaxy...

"Michie would get his bangs and flashes after all", he thought as he swan on through the data. He swam into the coral that was his past messages, and broke off the parts where enemies had declared that they had won the war already, that his allied forces were all doomed, and considered sending them back with a taunt of his own, but he had more important tasks.

There were now avatars of his allies swimming along with him, including a large Ray from Reacor that he didnt see at first, and a so called "Pirate" Puffa-Fish from Kesh (which made him laugh - little bubbles floating upwards), and an avatar from Noldor too. It was a joy to his heart that such allies were there. He was delighted that there were still such honourable houses left to stand up to the bullying of the confederates. It ammused him that Michie was suprised that there were such


He climbed out of the pool, and had some of the females and males of the species dry him, while he pondered.

The final report fish he saw, just before he left, had intrigued him. A sleek silver-tounged fish, trying to wriggle it's way out of the net it was in. This fish started by complimenting Him on His planning of the operation, and then quoted Michie saying that he had "resigned his empire".

He wondered what that was supposed to mean? Did it mean, "please dont hurt me until i can build up enough fleet to come back and hurt you", perhaps? If this was the case, He wondered at why the enemy would not accept this from others...

As the servants patted Him dry, and rubbed oils into His hide, He realised that He did not feel that He wanted the other sexes around tonight. He dismissed them and He called his personal servant. Tonight some serious discussion was required. Tradition excluded the males and females from such roles, and he would socialise exclusively with other primes of his species.
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