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Operation blue falcon

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:48    Post subject: Operation blue falcon Reply with quote

Neireh stand on a platform before a huge panorama Window showing the cold space out there with the glittering of thousand stars. Awaiting the message from Apophis Warplanet who now calls himself apocalypse. Hopefully the doom of their enemys. All crews were a bit nervous and excited. She rembered the weeks of planning, discussing and uncounted subcom conferences on secret channels. First where the official statement that the house of Marion, michimike and arabia will work together and against Agnari. Their arrogant words that they want to end that war and Agnaris doom will come.
Neirehs military advisors count that as possible thread. Austrian Alliance was not far away and Reacor was known as friends of Agnari. Then Gondor changed to Austrian Alliance. They shouldn't had mercy with him as they defeated him. Soon they begann to search for some other neighbour who will aid Reacor, strong enough to build a reasonable fleet together to better defend their territorys. Was it coincidence that at that time the leader from Noldor-Duat contacted her ? Soon they come to an agreement. From now on with the joined forces of Noldor and Reacor they would have some nice fleet. Noldor-Reacor would take a more active role in this war. Now that the war was on their borders. It was difficult to secure that no informations will slip through, but they managed it.
Then came the day blanka jumped directly in Reacor. What a shock for the first moment. That was not planned... then michimike followed him directly. But they turned that problem into their own advantage. First their strateges thought on how they could lead michi in a trap, but now he gave them the best opportunity ever himself. And the best he didn't know that. Neireh knows that from messages Apophis got from Michimike asking for map informations and fly through. Calling blanka a pirate. A pirate! What a weak alleged reason. What michimike thinks of respecting other territorys we saw next day. He was not waiting an answer and a permission to enter. In his arrogant way he just violated our space, jumped direct to blanka with the intention for agressive actions inside our own borders. We can't tolerate this!
A short cirping sound pulls her back into reallity of the moment and she answered the communication call. Suddenly she nearly jumped to lightspeed to come to the bridge.

The officers saluted as she entered the main bridge of her warplanet. It was not easy for her to watch a fight of her fleet from a distance, but Apophis convinced her that this was the better way. They all know that her thoughts were by her men and women on the pride reacorian fleet. The crews were eager to fight for their home and their friends.
"Status of his Warplanet?", she asked.
"He jumped perfectly in range for the Leviathans. The attacks on Luijin and Bucan were a sucess. Michimike will be doomed. Apophis send us a message that michimike beg for mercy for his fleet."
The last words caused a silence on the bridge for the moment and then a slight laugther come from Neirehs lips. "He is beggin for mercy? He will get the same mercy he is giving the imperators he was ripping. Tell him he should order the crews to go down to the planet. He has one hour. Then the fleet will be destroyed."
What does he think how dumb we are? If we would ever turn our back on him he would stab us from behind. The Monitor was showing a tactical map with the warplanets and fleets. Michimike has no glimpse where he was. Thinks he was somewhere in nowhere. There was only reacor around, but his radar range was not far enough to see that.
"Send out the attack orders for our ships and inform our allys. Send them our best whishes. May the elements be with them and achieve honour in battle for our empire.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 13:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

The warplanet entered hyperspace. In a few moments APOcalypse would see if they will celebrate the greatest victory in their history or lose all.
A few minutes of doubts, if they are doing the right. A few minutes of pure strain and agony.
揝ir, we will enter normal space in 5432.1卬ow.
APOcalypse watched the screen. Two warplanets appeared. michimike and blanka. Hundreds of ships were hunting blanka, but the most important was, the jump was perfect and michimike acted like they adopted in their simulations. His warplanet was as near as he was able to identify michmikes emblems. Thanks to Agnarian strategists.
揌ow many ships he is carrying, officer?
Does their plan worked - then michimike will loose about half of his fleet - if not, he will be superior.
揇o we have any informations of Agnar if his plan worked?
揝ir we get a transmission of the Agnarian headquarter. PAGARUS GOT IT!
Now APOcalypse was smiling. It took a load of his mind. He informed all commanders to give orders to their fleets.
揋ive order to all ships to attack. Just my Probes stay back. Set up a connection to Lady Neireh, Gil-galad, Agnar and all involved members. They should see our victory. For Noldor, for Reacor! For our friends!
Satisfied APOcalypse fall back into his throne.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

APOcalypse watched at the screen. It was one of the hardest fights ever. michimikes fleet earned the status of elite-troops. No sign that they will surrender. They fought till death and destroyed many - too many - of the own unexperienced fleet. Although michis fight was hopeless, not one ship of his fleet showed a sign of weakness. Hour after hour elapsed. The battle got more and more chaotic as it happened. It was pure coincidence that he watched one of the Goliaths of Lady Neireh flying in direction of blankas Warplanet, which was flying unprotected through the space. "It is just an action to defend him from michis attacks" APOcalypse thought and then it happened. The full fussilade of that Goliath hits blanka.
"Status of blankas Warplanet! Fast!"
"He is heavily damaged, Sir. We get signals. It is a SOS. They are calling for help."
"Send out our probes and salvors to help them...go go go!"
That was not planned he thinks. Damn. blanka was to near and get involved into the fight. It must end now!
"Full concentration at his H10. We have to break their will!"
It took six more hours till the last of michis ships were destroyed. Nobody survived this massacre. Ten thousands of death. Just a few wounded, mostly at the warplanets.

What a great victory at a sad day...
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

Noldor and Reacor won a great battle today. Operation blue falcon was succesful. The Royal Noldorian Fleet was able to defeat michimikes warplanet with the help of the reacorian fleet.

But every victory in war has always a sad side.
We commemorate those in honor, who died in battle.

We commemorate the crew of the

ship Istra
ship Kyril
ship Cortexa
ship Blondu
ship Astara
ship Mephi
ship India
ship Iraq
ship Netherlands
ship Belarus
ship Spain
ship Lebia
ship Brasilia
ship Canada
ship Norway
ship Ghana
ship Bangladesh
ship Apophis
ship Trinidad

In commemoration every new ship, which will be build, will be named after these ships.

The Royal Noldorian Ministry of Defence

in the name of
King of Noldor
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