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return to the light

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 18:44    Post subject: return to the light Reply with quote

In the deep material of space an dark shadow was advancing. How can only a so few see it Arcaneshadow wondered? Floating in his mind arcane could see the tide swelling, soon it would hit. Destruction danced across it like an excited child. Rippling through the texture with ease. Its direction was clear but its intention was not. Arcaneshadows forum look weak and pathetic compared to the mass that approached. Tempted as the pull of shadows seemed to him he new he had no choice but to follow his promise and turn back to the light, his body shrinking back from the intensity of it.

The blue liquid around him began to seep away as the meditation tank recycled an allowed Arcane to leave its protective shelter. The cool air of his command ship pushed its way through him as he descended the large tank. Not quite floating but not walking either. The two captains of his best ships stood waiting him as he approached they both saluted the Nightmother and her chosen son.

Amused at the appearances of his officers he flowed past them, with a word they flowed him to his private chambers. Hard as it was to follow a shadow that glints off the walls and ceiling they seemed to follow well. They were never a step behind him as he raced to his room.

The cold damp air of his chambers made the two creatures shiver as Arcane Shadow took his seat in his seat of skulls. The captain of the NIGHTBRINGERLORD stepped forward and took one of the glasses set into the wall to his left. Though the chamber was fitted with the best lighting the room seemed dark will Arcane’s form was in it.

The second captain waited politely as his gills sucked in the damp air, he was the newest addition to his fleet, the captain of the new HELLHOUND, the mighty vessels a sight even for those with many to there names. He was here for a more urgent matter. He too could see the dark cloud but was more worried than he should be, were darkness comes the only way to rid it is light.

“captains” boomed Arcane’s voice. “I see we have two choices, one we follow the dark cloud that’s sweeping the near galaxy, or two we honour are promises and rejoin the light. As captains I seek your advice, I know my choice is made, but what of yours.” The hellish voice of Arcane’s unsettled the two captains.

“one of are close friends has taken a critical blow” mimed the first captain. “It would be a shame to cut them dry like some of the harsher elements of this galaxy, but are we willing to risk all we have built for them” the flare in Arcane’s eyes made him stop in his tracks

“all we have is because of them, without them we would have been divided and weak, we rejoin I say. Divided we are weak, but together we are stronger” turning to look at Arcane the second commanded pleaded “we have both seen the tide that approaches, the light is smaller that it, but with us its not. We can help it’s the least we can do for those who helped us” the cold silence of the officers words settled.

“as I thought, we rejoin not because we need to survive but for the promises we made and the Honour we keep. Captain we need to regroup with the main fleet, its time we return home.” Arcane replied

The second tide will be smaller but that’s isn’t a problem.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 19:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

The dark cloud infront of arcane seemed to flicker constantly asthough it was unsure of its direction, it simple spread itself out as far as it could reach. One thing that arcane knew all to well was the further something spreads out the thinner it becomes. The break in the cloud would soon appear. Reaching out his hand arcane plunged a fist into the blackness and his head was instantly filled with visions of death, all his closest 'friends' lay before him. Many planets lay burning wrecks, demons prowling there surface. searching for life which whitch to feed there growing hunger for flesh. Screams echoed on the vast chasm of time, millions of screams filling the heart with dread and dispair. Pulling his hand out arcaneshadow let a smile creep across his face.

The blue liquid swirled around him as his tank began to recycle itself. Something was new, a new presence pressed into his mind, one he had not seen or felt for too long. fLicking across the room arcaneshadow fluttered infront of the view screen as the mighty warplanet of warhamma came into focus. Hundreds of ships trailed in the jump trail. these brave souls went to meet the queen of light, and a few will meet the NightMother. Suddenly a spark flashed in arcanes mind. Behind him? snapping his head round arcane gazed seemingly into the ships interior. In the lower galactic arm a special person was falling for his own trick.

good job i have no heart though arcane as he ripped his scyth from the Gtand in the wall.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 17:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

As the last planet defence gun was destroyed arcaneshadow moved through his ship in silence, the shadows of darkness always right behind him and slightly in front. counting to himself he found the next two planets in his plan. not long before he reached his goal. The NightMother had spoke of a great power when he reached this goal and sithis be damned if he was not going to try.

his mind focused on one individual who was so close he could just leap across the cold dark vacum of space and see him. his none reactive sub lay in a freezer pod after a shadow drive had blown out his warplanets command deck. only the quick thinking of the captain saved the young ones life. now the poor fools empire was in ruin.

"captain!!!" cried arcane to the water breathing captain.
"yes my lord" came his swift reply.
"send a message to are closest friend, we have someone who needs taken care of"
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