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The capitulation of Black-Skull

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 06:48    Post subject: The capitulation of Black-Skull Reply with quote

RPGOFF : I hope your can understand what i write. It are difficult for me, because i am a german Player RPGON

On the ship 'HMS-Surviver', the last ship of the old fleet.

"Es ist alles verloren - Sie haben uns überrannt"
(english Underline : It is all lost - they have overcome us defence.)

Black-Skull sunk with a groan on a armchair. Black stains of soot deface his uniform. He speak to a woman in a little monitor,
which answer (for the reader inaudible) throught a hidden earplugs in the ear of Black-Skull.

"Wir haben tapfer und ehrenhaft gekämpft, Megatrons und meine Schiffe, aber es waren einfach zu viele Gegner. "

(english Underline: We have faught very bold and honourable, the ships of Megatron and of mine, but it was to many enemies.)

"Wir konnten seine 81 Zerstörer, 43 Goliaths und 41 kleiner Schiffe zerstören. Ich glaube, dass Nikoy dabei auch einige Eliteschiffe verloren hat. "

(english Underline: We could destroy 81 destroyer, 43 Goliaths and 41 smaller ships. I believe, Nikoy have lost some elite ships too.)

"Sicher hätten wir vielleicht auch mehr Schiffe vernichten können, wenn wir Nikoys Goliats angriffen hätten, aber ich war mir im Vorfeld der Schlacht nicht sicher wie sich ArcaneShadow verhält. Seine 15 Leviathane hätten im Fall eines Eingreifens fast alle Schüsse aufgefangen. "

(english Underline: Sure, we could have destroy perhaps more ships, if we had attack Nikoys Goliaths, but i didn't know how ArcaneShadow behaves himself. His 15 leviathans had in the fall of a possible attack caught the most of his shoots.)

"Nein, ein Rückzug kam für mich nicht in Frage. Ein Black-Skull ist nie vor einer Schlacht weggerannt und ich tue es auch nicht, wenn ich weiß, dass ich verlieren werde. Es ist eine Frage der Ehre. "

(english Underline: No, a retreat of us ships, was for me never a option.
A Black-Skull did never flee in face of a battle, and i did NOT do it yesterday, with the know that i can't win this battle. Its a question of honor.)

"Im Prinzip habe Megatron und ich gewonnen. Zukünftig werden mich andere Personen als jemand behandeln, dem man vertrauen kann. Der zu Freunden hält, auch wenn die Dinge schlecht laufen. "

(english Underline: In principle have Megatron and I won. In future will other persons handle me as a person, which are trust. As a man, which
don't betrayal his imperator if the things are running bad.)

"Verloren hat nur ArcaneShadow. Er hat uns feige und unehrenhaft verraten, hat seine 63.000 KK Fleet per Revolution abgezogen, am selben Tag an dem Nikoy zu unserer Position sprang. Er hat meine Planeten gekauft, hat mein Brot gegessen und hat im Vorfeld noch von Vertrauen und Ehrlichkeit gesprochen. Niemals wieder wird man Ihm vertrauen. "

(english Underline : Only ArcaneShadow have lost in this Battle. He have
cowardly and dishonorable betrayal me, have retreat his fleet on day throught a revolution on the some day as Nikoy jump to us actual position.
He have bought my planets, have eaten my bread and have in the run-up of the battle spoken from trust and honesty. Never again will a free man trust him.)

"Ich glaube, Er wird unter dieser Schande leiden und eines Tages einsam und verlassen Selbstmord begehen, wahrscheinlich nicht ohne gewisse Leute als Ehrlose,feige Schlächter zu bezeichnen, so wie solche Gestalten es gerne tun. "

(english Underline : I believe, He will suffer under this shame and any day he will kill himself - lonely and abandoned, but possible not without to call any people as dishonorable, cowardly butcher - so how such guys like it to do.)

"Nein, ich suche keine Rache, weder gegen ArcaneShadow, noch gegen Nikoy. Der Krieg ist für mich vorbei. "

(english Underline: No i don't search revenge, neither against ArcaneShadow, still against Nikoy. The War are for me over.)

"Tja. Was soll ich weiter sagen, Marion. Ich bin besiegt. Den Gesetzen des Krieges folgend muss ich kapitulieren. Ich scheide damit aus dem Krieg aus, und muß bei meiner Ehre schwören nicht ein zweites mal in diesem Krieg als Kriegsgegner von Nikoy aufzutreten. "

(english Underline : Well, What i can still say. I am defeaded. The law of war following i must capitulate. I leave so this war, and must swear not to become a second time a actor in this war as opponent of Nikoy. That are also a question of Honor.)

Silence permeated the room. The woman in the little monitor found comforting words. A last greeting. The connection was closed.

Black-Skull opens a second connection. A face of a farmer was visible in the little monitor. He had a suntanned face of a hard working farmer, bear a mexican straw-hut, a blue overall, smoke a big 'Fidel Castro' cigar
and did have the look of a 'Oncle Sam' out the story 'Old Mc Donald have a Farm'. His face shows now a very big smile, so could Black-Skull see the upper line of his white teeths - the smile of a winner.

"Hello Nikoy".

The face in the little monitor answer, for the reader of this story inaudible,
throught the hidden earplugs in the ear of Black-Skull,

"I contact you with the concerns to send my congratulations to this victory and to give you my degen as sign for my capitualation. Do you have destroy my fleet and have defead me. My house have honorable faught, with much courage and without a traces of fear. We could flee, but we didn't flee - faught and died how honorable heros.

I ask you to accept my capitualation.

I will left your empire - upright and without shame - and will don't become a actor in your war against Neozlick again.

Of cource generally, i can't promise that us ways don't cross the way of the others. The future should be are free. We can't know how we meet us than again, as enemies or as friends, but i think we will remember us how we faught here in the near of the planet Pajzax (1659, -1510) on day 63/3504 a great battle, which are known from now - the 'Battle of Pajzax'.

In this sense, i close the connection and
send my greetings to you."

Black-Skull closed the connection.

Now began a new time, a time of Money much Money.
Black-Skull showed a new target - become a

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:07    Post subject: Reply with quote


Die Schiffe die an der seite von Black-Skull kämpfen durften wird man immer in dem Reich von Megatron ehren, sie haben tapfer ihr Reich verteidigt auch wenn es am Ende nicht mehr viel gebracht hat aber sie waren wirkliche Helden.

Ein dank geht auch an Black-Skull das ich mit ihm kämpfen durfte ist eine ehre für mich.

Hochachtungsvoll Megatron



The ships at the site of Black Skull fight could always will be in the range of Megatron honor they have bravely defended their empire even if in the end it no longer has much but they were real heroes.

A thanks also goes to the Black Skull, I was allowed to fight with him is an honor for me.

Full respect of Megatron
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 17:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jay shook his head. They may have gone down fighting, but they were not defending there empires.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 18:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

He was staring at the nothingness for quite a while... a minute, two or more...

"Sir, Sir... Excuse me Sir!" - The young communication officer raised his voice - "Shell you order me to send a reply, Master?"

"Ah, sorry lad - I was thinking... do you think I have to stop smoking my cigars in front of the camera? It makes bad impression you know..."


"Never mind. OK, let’s be short - send the following:"


Some time ago our borders have been breached by alliance of space-faring emperors.
They ignored our warnings; they attacked our planets and integrated our members... Our hard-working members, our hard terraformed planets...
Well, we couldn't just stay and watch it - we might be Bankers and Space farmers now, but we didn't forget how the real Templar can fight! We called a new Crusade! One of a kind, one that has not been called since millennia! We gathered our forces and crushed our enemies. As we promised.

Right now the Mercenary Black-Skull shell be released to go home and let him remember to keep his promise too.

The defeated enemies shell give back what they took and shell agree to obey to conditions, ensuring that they won't come back again as intruders!

Each one of them will be personally contacted in near future before the mutual agreement is made.

"Here you can write the END, lad."

"Yes, Sir!"

"And then go to send warning message to the planet Pajzax! The enemy conquest interrupted the psychical emitter power lines and now this nasty Tornhorns are on the loose AGAIN!"
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