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Shadows move the silent way

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 05:38    Post subject: Shadows move the silent way Reply with quote

The Photophobian Warplanet had jumped right into the home area of house silence. Ayur had not expected to reach this area that soon. He had been thinking of further hundreds of light years to travel.

After Darkflame had attacked Ayur some time ago and even an officer of the Templar refused to concede the official connection between the former ruler Black_Skull and the Templar alliance, there was no further reason to hesitate.

It's kind of ironic, thought Ayur. Now the shadow haunts the silence.

We want to announce, that we are going to take revenge for Darkflame's attacks on three of our planets on star dates 343/2505 to 345/3505. We declare that we will not stop our attacks until we have found the home planet of Darkflame, house silence. Which - by the way - should not be too far from our present position.

And now let's wait for some noise breaking the silence...
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 00:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

What makes you think it's going to be so easy? That's a honest question for you.

By where you jumped, I doubt you know where my Home planet is, or you would have calculated for a precise jump. Given that, your haste only shows that you have very little intelligence of where you're at in my system. Well, I spared you in the past, you give me no reason to do so again. For your sake, I hope you make at least a few decent moves.

You should have mailed me, who knows, I might have gave you my coordinates for my home planet. Cool

Let it be your only warning. I am not the Templar. I will not spare you, your fleet, or the inhabitants of your planets.
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