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Set boundary feature and Set diplomatic status feature

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 09:01    Post subject: Set boundary feature and Set diplomatic status feature Reply with quote

Set boundary feature

I had an idea whilst talking over with friends about setting house boundaries or demarcation lines around particular areas.

I feel it would be great feature to bring in to Kosmor, 1 or 2, to allow players to monitor areas by setting demarcation lines around hopuse territories or special areas of activity so that should an incursion occur by any player, the player who has set the boundary will be alerted.

I guess you could use Solar Systems as the 'posts', and ring fence an area by creating a demarcation line from Solar System to Solar System, perhaps by introducing a new building to construct or technology to the Solar System options. This line could either be made visible for all players to see, or invisible. Either way it would really help players secure, manage and define their territories much more. Limitation could be that an area could only be ring fenced only if it contains Solar Systems belonging to that house.

The object of the demarcation lines would not be to limit or prevent thierd party travel, but to alert the house that a foreign player has entered it, rather than to have to scrutinise vast maps every day. In thr event the line was bearched or a plater passed through it, the house who set the boundary would be alerted with the co-ords of the point of entry. If this were reality and Kosmor really was life like, this would certainly be a feature that would be available!

Set diplomatic status feature

I think this feature would be good idea also as it woulsd really enhance the way player engage and interact with each other. At the moment I feel this game focusses much more on the mechanic or building ships, taking Solar Systems and mining/producing materials. If we had the option to set diplomatic stsuts to Ally, Neautral or Enemy, I think it would bring a whole new dimension to the game and these would be available for each house to see.

The think I do not like about this game is the fact that the commincation and information available to houses regatding other houses and their diplomatic status's are no clear enough, and if you get oplayers who are not very active, trying to establish a relationship of any kind is difficult.

Just a few ideas!

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

The demarcation lines are probably a good idea, but the diplomatic status only if it's only to display it, not enforced by the game.

So that you still have to communicate, so that you can still conquer players hiding in other houses, so that you still can make mistakes and crash into a friendly wp (maybe even as result of a good move of the enemy).

Also it would either prevent you from reacting fast, or alert someone quite early if you have to change diplomatic status.

It would actually a set back to diplomacy if it would be handled by the game.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

Although the ideas are good it will be probably difficult to implement with so many houses sharing territory and with so many players flying around without respecting foreign space. Also the details around those ideas must be really well-done, otherwise it may become a setback as Aurion fears. (This means a lot of work for Maeli of course...)
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