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The High Council

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 04:22    Post subject: The High Council Reply with quote

In behalf of the members of the High Council, i want to introduce this association to you a little closer.

The members of this association are renowned Imperators who can provide you with the great experience our houses collected over centuries. You, the new generation of Imperators, will first join one of our houses and learn all the things you'll have to know. When you are strong enough, it is your legal right to declare yourself independent, build up your own house and enlarge the honor of your house. The members of the High Council have agreed to peace treaties with a duration of 90 days. This means there will be no battle between any of our members until 95/3500. Then, we will examine the situation and discuss about our further way.
By the laws of the High Council, we are further obliged to avoid any type of battle caused by our side for the time mentioned above. This does not include any type of defense against invaders.
If one of these rules is violated, our chairman and president, Maelstroem, will decide about the destiny of the aggressor(s). We all hope this step will never be necessary.
I will advance this announcement if necessary, but I want to make sure this thread will not grow over. If there are any comments or things i will have to add, please mail me or use another forum/thread so this announcement will stay easy to survey.

Eric_T_Cartman, Member of the High Council, Sector D
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 18:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

remember this...

we dont need a protector, we can astablish our own empire without help and without a 90 day sleep time. New Houses who joining later in the game dont have this 90 days attack freeze, why should we accept it ? ... We want to rule the galaxie ! And we want to do this now.

greetz dar|<y

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