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The story of Celdor

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 13:47    Post subject: The story of Celdor Reply with quote

The Early Years

A red wyrm once traveling in elven form met and fell in love with a beautiful elf named Cirdon Mays. The red wyrm, named Crastof in elven form, soon married Cirdon and they had a wonderful son named Celdor.
As he was of dragon and elf blood, he was destined to become a mage. At the age of 15, Celdor began to hone his skills and learned a spell known as Magic Missile. This spell was the beginning step in Celdor's
life as a mage with magic in his blood, also know as a Sorcerer.

As Celdor grew in age, he also grew in power. But, for a while, he was disabled when his home was attacked by drow in the city of Arison. His father then revealed his true form as a red wyrm... and
he used his powers to create a magical barrier around their home. Never being able to leave, Cirdon learned the arts of farming and for entertainment; she tried to learn the arts of magic like Celdor.
Because of her age, Cirdon was able to pick up the simple spells fairly quickly, after a while, Cirdon was able to cast spells such as Bigby's Imposing Hand and summon powerful elementals.

Celdor hasnīt written this himself, but he thinks its a very nice story

to be continiued....

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 13:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Attack

One day, while Celdor was training, a drow force no smaller than 40 drow attacked his home. Being help back by the barrier for only a short ten minutes, it gave Celdor's family enough time to prepare. As
soon as they were ready, Crastof withdrew his barrier and began to defend his home. Celdor, still being fairly weak, stood back firing his weak spells at the drow that were badly wounded. In less than 5
minutes, the battle was over... every drow that attacked lie dead. Although... his mother, Cirdon, also slay slain... stabbed in the back by a militia's sword. Immediately, Crastof put the barrier back
up... but it was weaker this time, and much less flamboyant. Crastof, being injured from battle, was not able to create as strong a shield for his son. From that day forth, Celdor began to hate the drow...
but being an intelligent elf, he knew that not all drow were evil. But he still is wary of drow he does not know.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 17:40    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Middle Years

Crastof... slowly dieing because he is constantly putting out his energy for the barrier... explained to Celdor that he needed to find a new city and become a powerful sorcerer to save his home. Celdor
agreed and began his "test." He trekked through the mountains, the plains, the grasslands, and even crossed a great ocean on a makeshift raft. During his course on the ocean, he found himself running head
on with a ship... looking at the side he saw "S.S. Arleah." "A ship... IT MUST LEAD TO A TOWN!" exclaimed Celdor. Using his magic to climb onto the ship, he met a man named Milo Webber that was the
captain. "Where's this ship heading sir?" asked Celdor. "Ah, its heading to the town of Arleah, and here's the kicker! Its FREE!" replied Milo. Celdor then sat on one of the bunks and waited. After
no time at all, they reached Arleah...
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2004 11:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to Arleah!

Upon entering Arleah city, Celdor met a great creature... not a wyrm... not a Balor... a badger. Yes, a badger. This badger told him that if he really wanted to, he should go talk to all of the shopkeepers in town to become familiar with the city. So, being the curious elf he is, Celdor did so. As this little "adventure" ended, he met with a man that owned a tavern and inn. This man told him of a rat problem... Celdor decided he was too good to be a simple exterminator, he blew the man off. As Celdor left the tavern, he met a man. This man wore a cloak with a hood and seemed to be a powerful spell caster. After introductions, Celdor learned the mans name as Jayden. For a long time, Jayden and Celdor were friends. Then Jayden seemed to be gone for long periods of time so Celdor sleeked other people to interact with. Meeting with a man who also seemed to be powerful, Vuldor seemed to quickly befriend Celdor. Soon enough, Celdor found out that Vuldor was the meaning of evil. Vuldor, along with a man named Izrafel and a woman named Rith, they caused havoc in the city. Slaying all those who stood in their way... or in their
sight, Celdor stood there in the middle of it just completely confused. Scared to death, Celdor asked Vuldor what was happening, he told Celdor to stay out of the way and it wouldn't matter. This was
the first step to Celdor becoming the puppet of Vuldor.
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