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Through shadows to light
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 07:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Portishead and his staffs had to experienced, all the talkings, messaging, diplomatic movements were exhausting.
After a lot of work their a little bit further down the road. But not as far as they wanted.

"Did we received an answer of blanka?", Portishead asked the secretary of state.

"No, nothing from them. But we had have a conversation with Nikoy. The only problem so far is that our Geomapsystem broke down and we didnt know exactly where he is," she answered.

"We are #17 of the houselist. We tried to lead our people through advanced technology. And one of the most important systems for traffic, communication, travelling and logistic brokes down. We it doesnt work?"

"We are not sure ourselves. Maybe some espionage"

"Maybe the Designer underestimated the stupidity of users. Solve that problem!" Portishead shouted annoyed. "We are making too much mistakes. We are talking with everyone. Running around wild without any ideas. I asked for a report from the foreign office to figure that out. Where is it?"

"Unfortunatly i most confess that i dont know", the secretary said silently.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 09:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Dear Ladies and Sirs,

it is a great honour for me to talk to you tonight. As i recognised on the amount of people in this auditorium, the recent developments in foreign policy interests many people. To come directly to the point, the latest developments let us come to only one conclusion: War.
The armed forces putting a lot of effort in employing well educated, highly motivated people. The number of graduates starting a training as pilot have increased in the last two terms. The expenses for military infrastructure have reached their top with the finishing of the fourth full shipyard on Ryni last month. This leads us to the rampant number of ships built at the moment. Every shipyards has a delay of several months in production although four new shipyards have been built.
As the state rise its demand in weapons, clothing, food and consumerables the industries response to that in forming clusters, which represent a "war economy".
For the whole main fleet vacations are stopped and everyone has to be on duty. Parts of the main fleet, 6. Fleet, the fleet based in this town is already sent out. Destination unknow. Let us asked what possible enemy we can attack. Talkings with Claudio have reached a satisfying stage as it is said in the foreign office. Belle_Star resigns, Chrysander also. The rest of the old BlackStar rulers will be our friends, we have neither the power, nor the will to attack them. With Neozlick-Oesterreich, new links have been developed. Also with Order of Templar. The foreign office is dealing as they could to save our borders with treaties on most side."

Portishead leaves the tv room, followed by the voice, screaming for war, slashed for war, crying to use weapons, seeing fleets clashing into each other with devasting powers. But till that point we have a long way to go. The target is more or less clear. But how explaining that to others. Acting in the spirit of Carolin and Tobi will made things worse. And reality is a little bit more complicated then this professor mades it. Till now nobody knows till which point this journey will go. Advise boards are battleing, secretaries are intrigating, admirals pushing to make decisions about what to do.

"Do i want more or do i have enough?", Portishead said to his mirror face. A decision have to been made, but before others had to do and they are maybe waiting for us acting. We have to take a risk, big risk, low risk, i dont know Portishead said to himself.

"You cannot be everyones friend. Choose two of your neighbours and then finish what started."

"Yes, that will be the best. But before i do that, we both having something serious to do."

"What could that be?", Portisheads wife asked with a knowing smile.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 13:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

History is never a straight line, Portishead thought. And things seldomly go as they should. Troubles occur more and more, war gets closer, war fades away.
As guan_di resigns, it was decided to conquer as much planets as possible. At the beginning people were not that happy, but in reacting wise with low taxes and improved infrastructure people get used to the house Brothers_in_Arms. And it was good training for the involved fleet. They will need every training they get now to be prepared when a clash with a highly skilled and equal fleet will come. And when things could not be pushed more in the right direction, that will come sooner as we wish.

"Sir, we recieved the report about the war planet benchmarking, do you want to read it directly?"

"No, only read out loud the abstract."

"In the part of the galaxy we know and were we received information from, free ship battle is rare. The war planet is in focus of operations. The strenght of the war planet is directly related to the fleets operating from the war planet. This is so in any case, is it defending enemy ship or war planet attacks or in attacking in longer ranges with supplied ships or direct war planet attacks on planets or war planets.
The fleets stationed on different war planets we discussed shows that there is one standard fleet distribution containing large numbers of ships of the Leviathan-Class, the Goliath-Class, the Probe-Class and the Orbital Glider-Class.
In this report we will discuss this in greater dephtness and explain why the effort that has been invested till now in the fleets of the House Brothers in Arms are not sufficient and need further reinforcements."

"Thank you, you can go now. And send the Chief of Staff to me."

Exactly what we dont want to hear.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 06:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a beautiful day. Sun is shining, blue sky, the gras is green, spring is on his way. Portishead love to sit outside for breakfest, reading the newspaper, breakfast tea.

"Sir, do you think you have time to reach a short message?" a voice breaks the piece.

"What is it?, nothing could destroy my good mood."

"It seems that we have conquered not only a planet of Bronx, but his home planet."

"Oh my goodness. Meeting of the operation board as soon as possible.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Fact: Bronx closest planet is more then 3300 ly away from his home planet. And the biggest agglomoration of his planets is even farer away. We couldnt have known that this his home planet."

"Its a Class 2-Planet! Also a fact! Does that prove anything?"

"Why is that? Why has he settled his people so far away from his home planet? Is there any reason to do that? I mean, i have heard about young players that are flying around hundreds of light years to be closer to friends or idols. It must be, any other idea?

"What influence has that unforeseen occurence? It was from the beginning not clear who to attack first. And now we are directly in trouble. Who wanted to attack Agnars allies first? We better had sticked to our original plan. And that is what i decide: Bronx can go if he want, nothing more on that. I dont want to force people to stay in my house, even not in the case of war. We can do alone!" With a hand movement Portishead brought his staff quiet. "And from now on we keep to our original plan. No second fleet! We just put them away from our borders! End of discussion!
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 03:51    Post subject: Operation Rockshovel Reply with quote


"Space Marines ready!"

"6. Fleet ready!"

"5. Fleet ready!"

"4. Fleet ready!

"Warplanet ready!"

"Here are my orders: The warplanet equipped with the 5. and 6. Fleet will clean out our borders to fullfil our treaty with the house Neozlick-Oesterreich. During operation any non-armoured and non-aggressive edefice or person shall not be harmed. Aim is to free those planets and not to conquer them.
Fourth fleet will secure supply lines and will enhance the operational area.
Communication from now on only on secured space intelligence secured channels. Jump!"
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 13:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reality is a bitch. Not that things are complicated enough. Portishead lost the overview seconds after the state secretary started his report.
Order of Templar has given arcaneshadow bad names, for maybe a good reason. But arcaneshadow is a fellow of marion, our ally. So there thing, is now also our thing. But there is also kautzinger. He is on his side. What is half our side. Maybe even less. But only because we call it withstand in case of outer attack. And kautzinger...?

"Stop, stop. I couldnt keep my sight by all that names and nats, allies, marriages, friendships and hateships. There is one clear thing. If Marion asks us, if we protect her northern borders, we will do that. Why you dont say that."

"Portishead," the secretary said, "as i may have explained you before, has the treaty defined well defined possibilities and probabilities of what to do and when. We have to do so."

"Yes, i agree. But we also wanted to. Is that forbidden to say? Im sorry."
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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 12:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Portishead stand still on an outlook on the Zollverein. From horizon to horizon his fleet prepared to free the next solar system of Agnaris rule. After they conquered the homeplanet of this loghead, they all were stunned like chicken. Now we are laughing about it, but the first hours were terrifying, totally useless what we did and what we thought then.

But now, we freed nearly ten solar systems, different races, different people. Seldomly there was the time to had a deeper look at the planet. A short visit the capital, speech to the parlament or whatever was the gathering the Ministry for Colonisation decided to be the future ruling class. The old elites were put in prison. Or sometimes not, some were killed, some killed themselves.

Not time to wonder, go on go on, dont ask question, next planet, next capital, next gathering.

Portishead looked around. Between the gigantic Leviathans combining their might in the center of the fleet are even the Goliath like toys of a small kid. And there are all the smaller ships as the myriads of insects in the dawn at a little creek.

Some 250 ly away, southwest, is charles flying into the north. The only other ruler in the house. Mysterious he is. Inactiv, ship buidling. Some they he is under control of somebody else. The poisened fruit goddes, Tobi, Carolin and others have set into that world is still growing.

Portishead looked on the other side. What is in the east? What is there? Even when looking into space at the stars, you could believe that you see the war. And the war becomes Armageddon. Weltenbrand was an ancient word of an old race. Everything comes down. That is our way, Portishead thought. Playing now with the big boys. Using all the power and terror we can bring to others. To make the kosmos ours. For a little light in the darkness, a haven where friends are sitting in a bar, drinking. laughing.

So our way will continue. To the good and the bad. Portishead could still remember the first manouevre, what a feeling it was. And now its loke a drunk, i want to see it again, when the ships seem falling down from the sky, firing, blasting everything away in their way.

"Continue operation. Start the jump program!"
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Sir, Sir, we are under attack by Luke and Aurion, and APO, he..., Sir!"

"SILENCE!", Portishead shouted at the young messenger. That is it, Portishead thought. The counterattack. It took longer then expected, but finally.

"I will come as soon as possible. The Warplanet should set course to conquer Target 2 as soon as possible. Send message to SPOT that he has to come back from wherever he is. Send messages to Luke and Aurion that they should stop there attacks, they dont act on their one ideas, someone has blown them in their head. Target 1 is ignorable at the moment, Target 5a is more important, after Target 2 is caught, continue with that. And they shouldnt care about who sees us where, we dont have time for that. Did you get it?"

"Yes, Sir, i got everything. I repeat...".

"Good lad, as i said, i will come soon. Dont panic. Nothing is as bad as it look like, and now we have to show that we are not only a fat hen, but also fast and mighty. Go now!"

The young guy runs away. Portishead turns around to look at the stope again. He never saw something as big at that. Not only this stope was big, the whole mine was big. Economy of scale is the key today, Portishead thought. Bigger, smaller cost/units, smaller capex and so on and so on. Portishead always get frighten when he gets the Fleet Audit Report at the end of the month. So much money, the Treasury tried every month to change all the orders for ships. Only Goliaths, they said. And the Fleet Command always get furios on that.
Now the whole crap is at the other end of the galaxy. Bloody. But not too far, he thought with a smile.

"Mr de Ruiter, how deep is that stope? What is the daily production?"
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Ladys and Gentlemen,

let me ask you questions.

Our beloved House has reached an astonishing all time top. In the great war we were till now on the sunny side of things. Planet after planet we conquered, our ships were feared.
As we continue "securing our borders" we finally get on top of several to-do lists. So were are we?
APO is between us and Claudio. Luke and Aurion conquered planets of us in the east. Galadriel attacked us. And worst of all, charles. They definetly worked altogether as in a master plan. Their had been rumors that APO has several Lords and Ladys under his control. We dont know wether that is true or not, but they must have plan. Think of charles movements.

So i ask again, where are we? What will happen if we integrate APO. What will happen if Claudio does? SPOT wants to get his chance. What will charles do. He still believes that we attacked him and that he has to defend himself. Till now, he has conquered already three times more planets then he possessed before. But why should he stop? There is nothing up there till Grand North, and thats still a bit.

So were are we. Are we on our way to new height, only taking breath, going through a cleaning, more strenghting catastrophe. Or are we going down?"
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