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New-Age Ripping

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 16:15    Post subject: New-Age Ripping Reply with quote

Dear anyone wishing to listen

I write to you today to condemn the viscious ripping of Pagurus by Abdul and Bucan, whats wrong? Can you not get any planets the old fashioned way abdul, decide to take the left overs from another persons battle, Personally i think you dont have the bottle to lose your fleet alone without anyone else to back you up. In the past it has always been like this. Join another persons fight? Seem unstoppable but then they always come back. Hide behind another persons shadow, I know for a fact you will reply or a person supposedly representing you to stick there nose in. They will say that you continually fought on, on your own without anyone to back you up, which is complete lies. None have you have ever completely lost everything they owned through being beaten. So you have always had support. Simply when you joined in the NAT between the confederacy and senate. I believe you have used this as a ploy to slowly slip into your own ways and i believe you never had any intentions on giving up, and that you were in a NAT that no one would say a word. Well things are about to change and things will be said. You had better watch yourself abdul and bucan. A new age of kosmor will begin soon enough and you never know what will happen. To all those opposing ripping think about these words. Make up your own minds and dont give up hope of a place where war actually means war, and with war comes rules.

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