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History of kosmor.com
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 15:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

so...about the history.

Maelstroem initially placed the members of the high council which got chosen from all applications, which you can find here - it's in German though.

Actually, i posted there back then that everyone who applied got chosen, i'm way to lazy to compare the lists with the posts now, i just have to trust myself in this.

I don't know how exactly Maelstroem decided where to place whom, and i do not have a map of all starting positions or something like that, though it could be possible to piece it together from what we know about the HPs of the members. Maybe Maelstroem made one, maybe not.

I had *some* maps of my initially location and stuff, but it mysteriously vanished with all maps i ever had. I hope i didn't delete it somehow.

Anyways, we (the council) didn't recieve anything special except one year of free pro membership. New players got placed as subordinates, but could get conquered, declare independent or revolt right away - in theory. As nobody had anything, it stayed a while like this.. exactly 5 days.

First revolt
I remember MC-Rap to be a nuisance, but i couldn't find that much in Mephas history.

Only a few weeks later, still during the first month, the first real fight happend.

This also marked the early end of the peace agreement the council had agreed on that was supposed to run until the end of the month, as we did have the benefit of being pro-user, and nobody knew in advance how many new players would join etc. As the people we should mentor and protect in case needed attacked us, it was lifted.

From there, it went all downhill so to say.

I got integrated by Tobi mid April. I saw him coming because of planets and people he conquered, and obviously he was in my sight, so i tried to gather the fleet since a while, but not everyone did what i wanted, so half of it got lost when Hurejong got integrated a few days earlier. Both fleets probably where a mix of up to 1 H8 and below. A day before that we already lost what looks like a H4 when Chris got integrated. shadak had some parts of the fleet, too. Not sure if i had it with me. Probably not.

I believe i had the superior fleet in total, but scattered around the whole house, and people did mistakes.

Tobi even got integrated by seldon, house Hiltia (Ayatollahs house), but it didn't really slow him down on his quest for world, or better, galaxy domination. He proceeded with conquering, and sooner or later most people ended up in Hommel. Most weren't that happy about it.

He had a major fight against Surst, but not that much really happend until he got conquered by Minkie. This basically marked the end of his reign, even though he scored a victory against Claudio a few days later. He proceeded to lose a lot of planets, conquered me at least twice even after that (not sure what i did to him. Maybe he foresaw his end by the hands of Kesh?) and only was defeated for real by Chrysander. This fight is still #10 if you sort by kknz, the time adjusted cp in Mephas tool. Even though there is a controversy how it really works and how much sense it does make, i think it still shows that it was really big back then, and shows how important Tobis rise and fall really was.

This roughly covers the first year of Kosmor from my perspective, though i surely missed a lot of important stuff.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 07:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

C'mon people, i'm surely not the only one here, and some of you should not really want to see me tell all the tales, you won't look good if i do Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 20:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well man, I am only waiting to see when we will come to my time. I can say something only about The Order and only from Sandal's reign... Smile
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