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Piercing the Darkness

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 13:01    Post subject: Piercing the Darkness Reply with quote

Battle deck of the warplanet Chimera

Enters, Exalted Champion of Thrawn

Thrawn: Why do they follow us here, why can't they just leave us in peace, after templar, i want only to hide, and lick my wounds, and hide in the dark, growing, reforming, yet they force war upon us, why?

Champion: I do not know my lord, yet everydaywe grow, are victory is at hand, victroy is imminent.

Thrawn stoops, a tear to his eye

What is it commander, are you hurt?

No no, no need to worry, I'm fine, just whn i think of those people on my planets in my care, and think of how i have failed them, sniff, I am fine one to one, yet openly participating in a bloody war, and thinking of all those orphans, it takes a stronger man than me... Ah, it canot be helped, we must end this, end it now!

Sir, yes sir

Send orders to fern to mobilise, we are going to be desisive, we will punish OM for their actions, then we will move against the traitor Kekore, we will show those who cross the empire!

A flash shines across the eye's of Thrawn

It's time for this old war dog, to raise his blaster once more...
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 13:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

Transmission from warlord Thrawn: " attack, show the traitorous kekore no mercy"
Fern stoops for a moment.
A tear is in is eye.
"whats the matter sir"
"remember that diplomatic trip i took to Vexre?"
"not well"
"oh, the scenes lieutenant. People could hardly feed their children, he drives his empires war machine like a relentless dog, caring about nothing."
"after that trip you broke contact with Kekore....is that why?2
"so th etears..you dont want to return?"
"oh, on the contary....i have yearned for so long for this day..."
"what do we do sir?you sai yourself the empire of kekore is militarily driven"
"so ?"
"we fight !this is the time to capitalize!
we will banish him from our lands. Mobilize our forces, we ride with thrawn!"
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 13:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Empire thank the lord fern, we are currnetly engaged in a battle with OM, they will be slaugtered, and their survivors tortured, then we shall ride to war.

I onced based my trust in kekore, now he must fall, his lack of respect to his people means the empire cannot just sit and watch, we must help the innocents
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