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Pronouncing the state of war: ketten vs. AcidStar

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 06:14    Post subject: Pronouncing the state of war: ketten vs. AcidStar Reply with quote

Dear imperators of the Kosmor galaxy!

From this day on there be a new kind of war in the universe; it will be not like wars earlier, it is something never seen before!

In concealment me and my federates have been working night after night. Now there the point has come to release our specific target: stihl!

He's the one and only target we got, he started war on me yesterday and he fully merit his judgment of doom.

I'm asking every imperator of the Kosmor galaxy to join my forces with one condition left: your will to bring destruction to stihl!

Any kind of help we'll be rewarded by money, ressources, planets, or help!

Contact can made on the official lines!

headsman claudio
house of AcidStar
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 04:38    Post subject: freeing the solar system Antarfiro Reply with quote

press office of the forces of AcidStar:

Today we were able to liberate the inhabitants of Antarfiro. Over a million people welcomed their new and old imperator Claudio!

Under the one-day oppression of stihl they had suffered hard. Hundreds were killed and all industries and recreation areas have been seriously damaged!

We hope to unshackle as soon as possible and as many as possible oppressed territories.

We want also to thank everyone, who mingled with us providing and offering help!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 09:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

press office of the forces of AcidStar:

Two more planets were liberated from the cruel rule of the imperator stihl! The commanders of the two ships - heavy cruiser class - were shocked what they had to see!

Hundreds and thousands of the inhabitants had to die while the few days, stihl has got the rule! He also destroyed all industrial, recreational, medical, and other buildings to harm the population!

The forces brought large equipment with to help the starving inhabitants. At first medical service was provided.

The experiences strenghtened the morale of the ship crews to free more planets and to boost their efforts to strike back at imperator stihl and his companions.

In memory of that had to die and of our sons that want to bring the war to imperator stihl himself!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 16:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

press offices of the forces of AcidStar:

A few days ago the house AcidStar suffered a sincere setback. On the day 269/3501 a large amount of the forces led by the imperator Cassiopeia attacked our home country in a perfidiously way.

The last political outreach before this attack was friendly, but in the dawn of 269/3501 the battle group of Cassiopeia was near our home country sighted.

On 271/3501 the final attack started:

GN wrote:
Commander Cassiopeia (house Penthesilea) integrates imperator
Claudio (former house AcidStar) into his empire
(destroyed combat power: 1899).

But this perfidious attack couldn't last without revenge. Also there were several hints, that there is a link between Stihl and Cassiopeia.

We walk the talk!

On 273/3501 the connection between Stihl and Cassiopeia became absolutely clear! On this day Stihl integrated Cassiopeia to enable her a second attack on my territory.

But the partners made some mistakes, so their plan failed!

The forces of AcidStar could strike back on Cassiopeia and Stihl on day 274/3501.

Now, we are on our way again. We lost a battle, but we're winning the war!

Most of the planets lost to Stihl, Cassiopeia, CaronLin, Tobi, and Geier, and their brutal companions are now freed by our and joint forces.

But, yes, we go further and will attack now their homelands - they hit us without warning - but we warn them, but they'll receive no mercy, just pain!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 19:52    Post subject: Reply with quote

Claudio wrote:

What a lovely word. I had to look i up. Root: Perfidy

For those who have oxford english subscription: http://dictionary.oed.com/cgi/entry/50175336?single=1&query_type=word&queryword=perfidy&first=1&max_to_show=10

For those that dont:


The deceitful violation of faith or promise; base breach of faith or betrayal of the trust reposed in one; treachery; often, the profession of faith or friendship in order to deceive or betray.

1592 HARVEY Four Lett. Wks. (Grosart) I. 200 The Athenians were noted for lauish amplifieng..the Carthaginians for deceitfull perfidie. 1607 E. HOBY in Ellis Orig. Lett. Ser. I. III. 86 Many other things he reporteth of the perfidy of the French nation. a1776 HUME On Morals (1777) App. iv., These great virtues were balanced by great vices; inhuman cruelty; perfidy more than punic: no truth, no faith, no regard to oaths, promises or religion. 1782 PRIESTLEY Corrupt. Chr. II. IX. 186 It was..a..deliberate act of perfidy. 1885 S. COX Expositions xxv. 331 The name of Judas has become a byword of covetousness and perfidy.


How very Kosmor...
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2005 13:54    Post subject: Me and Mine also join Reply with quote


Many are those who have suffered under the boot heal of Stihl and his boot licking cronies, Benjamin is one of these, we all know the backstabbing actions of this group, the crushing of the many new imperators with repeat invasions and cruel taxes. But now we strike back, while moderate in size the shear volume of hate that is being unleashed is giving them all pause.

Either separately or collectively we must strive to reduce this overweight monstrosity that hides within the shadow of a great house, using itís name to perpetrate injustices and evil deeds.

Hence forth the house of Windskillers pledges to join this fight to the end of the evil swarm (which is being fast diminished) until they lie broken and weeping upon the alter of justice, to this end if any wish information to be passed on regarding the war to others who are also fighting I will be willing to act as a conduit.

Keep the faith and hold to the light that the darkness be revealed.

Lord Bowman of the House Windskillers
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