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Aboard the bridge.......

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 16:23    Post subject: Aboard the bridge....... Reply with quote

The young Lieutenant spoke up from the Jumpdrive terminal onboard HMS Sapper, flagship of the Home Fleet "Analysis complete, Admiral. We will be ready to jump to the targets' location in two days, on the third we will arrive at our destination"

"And we will have surprise" Captain Foster added, with a smile.

"Surprise, Captain?" Admiral Tharen turned to face his subordinate. There was a pause as Fosters' smile broke and the elderly Captain straightened up in his seat, realised he had forgotten his place in front of the Empires' greatest Admiral. "No, we will never achieve full surprise on this enemy. The usurper has known for years that we will catch up with him. Indeed, ever since Wodque."

Fosters' mind raced back to the disaster at Wodque. Almost the entire navy was lost thanks to the betrayal of the usurper. "Yes, Admiral. Sorry sir". He replied, although his smile crept back. More of a smirk really, as Foster remembered the irony of being aboard the only major warship to escape Wodque, which was now leading the attack on the enemy who brought the First Empire to its knees.

"So," Tharen turned back to the tactical screen, "in four days we will finally have revenge, eh? I can only hope that the usurper will offer more resistance than his now defeated ally."

"I suspect he will, Admiral. Lest he wants the humiliation of capture" Foster ventured his opinion, warily.

"I agree, Captain. But I want our northern allies to tighten the net around him anyway, in case he attempts to escape."

"It will be done, Sir" Foster said, as he rose from his chair and stood to attention.

"Oh and Captain?" Tharen smiled as Foster turned to the comm unit "Make sure they keep their distance. The final battle is ours. Ours alone"
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 15:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

Admiral Tharen gazed out, through the observation port of the HMS Sapper, at the scores of enemy intercepters swarming around an all-too familiar Warplanet. "Impressive," he sighed "Most impressive."

"They are no match for us, Admiral." Foster countered, a sudden feeling of aprehension coming over him once the words had left his lips

"Oh, victory IS assured, Captain," Tharen turned to face him, "But despite the usurpers apparent suicide there is still much fight left in the enemy. Those intercepters out there will surely fight to the death. Like our forces did at Wodque"

Fosters mind once again returned to Wodque, where he had lost his left arm along with what remained of his morality. And he recalled the many days he spent, floating in the heavily damaged warship that he would soon command, swearing to God that he would one day avenge his losses.

Tharen recognised the look on Fosters face. "Remember Captain, keep your mind where and when it is needed. Here. Now. I learned long ago that machines of war are useless without the brains to drive them."

"I apologise, Sir" Foster shook away his thoughts, and concentrated on Tharen's burning eyes. "My mind will remain focussed on the task at hand"

"Glad to hear it, Captain." Tharen stood up "Ill do the same, in the Fleet Tactical Room. You have the Bridge." He added as the old Admiral marched off further aft.

With a sigh, Foster spoke to his navigations officer "Whats our ETA, commander?"

"19 minutes, Captain"

"Move to Red Alert" Foster ordered "Helm? Take the Sapper into attack formation." And deep down the old Captain knew it would be the last time he would speak those words on a Royal Warship. But whatever dread he had about his closing retirement would, he believed, be replaced by immense satisfaction after today.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 17:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

good luck
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