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Agnari Prime

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 18:14    Post subject: Agnari Prime Reply with quote

His mind and body was rejuvenated by the dark ebony liquid and its whispy-white steam. He had enjoyed the hypnotic waters, but it was time to leave the baths.

He surfaced and his gills closed sharply, with a ripple of little slapping sounds, as he pulled from his lungs again. The sudden rush of vapours into his empty lungs gave their usual dazzle of the senses and sharpness to the mind. He pushed with his powerful rear legs and moved across to the side of the bath, gracefully climbing the steps into the main chamber. There was much to do, as always.

Some attendants came forward, all of them divinely beautiful. There was even one from the prey-class, his treat for the end of the day, and a more tasty specimen he had not seen in weeks. It eagerly ran around him, playful.

Two of the attendants draped him in a full-length Surplice Robe, another passed him his data-cube, which he pressed into the implant in his abdomen, and settled into a comfotable form.


to work:

Firstly, organise the patrol on the dark-border, that side of the pond is murky.....
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 19:13    Post subject: Reply with quote


he first checked his personal curiosity; The Dark Border.

Still his subordinate's patrol had found not a single planet. He swam back through the data and checked the distance. 210 light years! The warplanet had moved 210 lightyears and not seen a single planet, either neutral, or owned! Amazing! He checked the sensor log, only a H9 on board, range of 110 light years, but still... He swallowed, and chuckled at the strangeness of the galaxy.

Swallowing again, he glided through the data to the main, and troublesome, business of the day. He called up records of the attack.

He watched, floating above the planet, as the innocent civilians died under the blasts of this scourge of an imperator. This seemed an unprovoked and callous attack.

He was angry and, phasing out slightly, he flicked his tounge at the tray of delicacies. Feeling slightly better for the morsel, he pushed on with the sim, as he floated through his communications. The rouge imperator responds to communications, but is unrepentant and aggressive. There was no responce at all from his house leader. It had been over five days now....

Moving again, his council members floated in front of him in the etherspace, along with the delegates from the housemembers, all races and creeds of them.

"This imperator broke our ageement", pulsed one of them angrily, "this means war"! "Does our agreement mean nothing to them, asked another. "Its incorrigable! They get angry and aggressive over our patrols near the border, they get so *jumpy*, yet they blatently attack us!!". "And its not the first time we have had trouble from their housemembers!" The councillors were all fighting to project their emotions, and getting so excited that he thought some of them might spawn!

His skin oozed the appropriate enzym for calm in his followers, and spoke calmly and reasuringly to all delegates. His councillors responded to his virtual pheromones imeadiately and dutiffully, gulping and gurgling as they wound-down, while the delegated showed their usual mixed-pond of attitudes.

"We have had no responce to our approach for reparations from his houseleader", he projected to the group. "We can only assume that they have broken this treaty with intent, and we must therefore assume that it is invalid henceforth, and prepare to defend ourselves"


Not a great day, he thought, as rose and bounded over to his mates.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 19:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

With reluctance, he pulled himself from the pleasures of the flesh, and of the mind. He left his partners, of both sexes, water and land, and stepped into the matrix of command.

He would stay, but he knew that his survival depended upon his discipline. His dominance could not be challenged. So many of his spawn waited for development to leadership, and he did not indent to end up in their feeding pond...


He pushed himself over to his councillors. He pulsed instructions to various bodies; taxes, constructions, military deployments, social and judicial requirements... all the usual trappings of the governing of many worlds.

His diplomatic council staggered at the news as the message came in, the councillor was new, and unused to such responsibility. The councillor recovered though, and was able to accept the message for intergalactic broadcast.

"My noble Lords and Ladies of the galaxy,

For some time now we have been a wing-house of the mighty and noble Klapauzious. Although we have had full autonomy in most decisions, we now feel it is time to formally separate that link and become fully independent. We remain a faithful friend and ally of new-K.

We have been helped a great deal by the leaders of Klapauzious, both old and new. We thank Triac, Trurl and 1of431 for their help and guidance. I repeat: we remain a faithful friend and ally of new-Klapauzious.

Under our old agreements, we were covered, and respected, the NATs of new-Klapauzious, with the great houses Templar, Noldor, Handuro, Reacor and Kesh. We also maintain our own NAT with Underverse.

We, of course, maintain a NAT with the mother-house new-Klapauzious. We also consider that that our NAT with Underverse remains.

However, with our newly independent status, we consider that the NATs inherited from new-K may no longer apply. We hereby formally invite all of the above houses (Reacor, Templar, Noldor, Handuro and Kesh) to confirm a NAT directly with House Agnari.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this broadcast".
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 09:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rupsie was sitting in his chair waiting for the daily message from agnar.
his servent reported that agnar was on the hologram matrix all by his self. Rupsie asked ''not even the guy i get normally every morning?'' . Rupsies servend was supprised to, but he said that agnar want to speak with him directly. Rupsie was scred the last time agnar want to speak with him persenol about polotics was about the war with Eldorado. Agnar was flassing up at the hologram screen. he had a big smile at his face. Rupsie new it was good news.

Rupsie how are you doing my old frend?
Agnar just like normall with all the ups and downs of this house.
Rupsie good.
Agnar i want to speak with you about New-k
Rupsie sure go on.
Agnar we are fully independend now
Rupsie what??? how did you done that.
Agnar a little bit of diplomatic and a lot of luck
Rupsie and 1of431? what was his responds?
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

So Agnari is a full house now, not just a wing of N-K.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

On behalf of the Tempel,

i have the honor to declare that the NAT with the nobel House Agnari is still vaild untill we have an new one, which respect the new role of the independant House of Agnari.

Lin Dze
Knight of the Tempel
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 04:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Neireh entered her office in the morning, Toval her Adjutant seems to be excited about something. So excited that he almost jumps to her.
"Have you read the latest news ? Agnari is no longer a wing of New-Klapauzius!" In this whole excitement he just forget himself and the protocol he normaly straight follows. He suddenly realized that and stopped, trying to get his feelings and thoughts under control. Neireh looked at him, raised slightly an eyebrow and smiled at him with amusement.
"Interesting, indeed.", she answered in calm, unsurprised voice. Toval gives he a questioning look. Ok, why does i still wonder me that she already seem to knew more then me ?, he thought by himself. "But...?", he started. Neireh slightly raised her hand to cut him off. "Don't break up your head about intergalatical politics. That is my job and the task of the diplomats.", she said. Toval stiffed his posture and stand attention. "The daily reports are on your desk in your office. The latest news as well. The defence minister asked for a appointment to speak with you.. in person.", Toval said. It was unusual that the ministers asked for a personal talk. But he gave up wondering. It had no sense, if she wants him to know the reasons she would tell him. He saluted in the usual romulan way and got back to his work. Here in this strange universe where they stranded in the sea of stars, where they were once strangers in an hostile, foreign galaxy, the survivors try to hold on their culture, on protocolls and behaviours. But it changes and evolves to something new. Adjusting in the new environment. They made it so far to manage their survival. Even to build up a little empire. Reacor survived some battles and other troubles and made themselfes a name.
Neireh read the messages and reports and finally set up a answer for Agnari.

>>>>>start transmission>>>>>
Reacor send his greetings and best wishes to their honourable neighbours. We confirm that we hold on a NAT with the now independant house Agnari. May the elements with you.

Respectfully, Lady Neireh of Reacor
>>>>>end transmission>>>>>

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 14:39    Post subject: The news... Reply with quote

"Emperor BattleKing!" my Royal secretary said sharply over the intercom.
"Hm... Yes" I answer. Sitting in my chair and going over the last intelligence reports that I had recived 5 min. ago. "The Boss wants to see you assap!" This was old news since we have been so bloody busy lately with sunshine etc...

"BattleKing" Agnar said to me on me entering the room of the high court. "You are one of my most trusted Generals" he continued. "Today I have a great news for you, we are from this moment free from NK" he said fast. "We are what?" I answer back. "We are free!" He snaped.

"Free, free... we are free?!" I said mumbbeling... My mind couldn't get it. Was this another funny joke from his side, still thinking of the intel report with all the disturbing news inside. "Yes, yes... We are totaly free and we will have a celebration through out the whole Empire of Agnari from this moment!" He said back.

NK, NK, NK who is NK, ohhh... New-Klapauzious, we have our independence... Wow we are free!!! I jumped up and kisses Agnar on the check's and screamed; "We are free, we are free, we are free... Hipp, hipp, hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra... we are free, Agnar we are free, jippi, we are free I went on!!!" "But how is that possible?" I asked him after I calmed down a bit "BattleKing you know me I am blessed from above!" He said in a nice tone back.

I left the high court and couldn't get it out of my mind: Holiday and not just any holiday a national holiday! My mind went back to the high courts, thank you Agnar, I forgot to thank him in my joy. But he knows me, I am greatful for the smallest of things.

Finally one day off duty, that is really a blessing from above!!!

Last edited by BattleKing on Mon Nov 14, 2005 12:15; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 04:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

"The next point on the agenda is the NAT with Agnari.", Misses Mintef said. "You remember, they are now independent from N-K and want to continue the NAT with us."
"Yes, I talked to Gil and he said that he's fine with it. Did you receive any objections from one of our house members, Marshall?"
"No, Sir.", Gernoff said, "Those who replied were in favor with the contract."
"Fine, fine. I hope the contract is clarified with Agnari?"
"Yes. We took the contract with N-K as the basis. There were some questions but we added an additional point to the contract and now Agnari and our legal department did approve it. Please have a look; the changes to the contract with N-K are highlighted."
"That's a good addition. Makes everything clearer. Misses Mintef, with that done you can now send the announcement via the interstellar network."
"Yes, Sir... And the next point is ..."

As of today the houses Agnari and Handuro declare a Non-Agression-Treaty.
For a peaceful future.

Merthos, Lord of the house Handuro.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 13:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

He left the arena after the celebrations, feeling aroused, and tingling at the thrill of the fighting demonstration he had just witnessed.

The two combatants had performed well, and they were well matched. They had pierced and slashed each other many times with the archaic weapons, before finally one secured victory and his prize, bounding upwards to force his opponent to the hard arena floor, before neatly severing his opponent's throat.

Such display's were rarely so even, often ending too quickly for his liking. His new Master-of-Ceremonies knew the gladiatorial arts well, it seemed, and he resolved to reward the creature with a fine slave from the Kosmorexay System.

The games roared on behind him, as he reluctantly left the crowd to resume his imperial duties. He settled down in his favourite water-chamber, and pushed the familiar implant into his abdomen.


Representatives from many courts waited for his audience.

NATs and diplomatic agreements had been requested, and this was the order of the day. He directed his attention to the representative of Lord Merthos, of House Handuro. "Please inform your Lord Merthos that we humbly, and gladly, accept the NAT between our great houses" .

Next, he swam through the milling visions of councillors and representatives assembled in the ether-space, and called upon the avatars of the Reacor and Templar delegates. "Please, thank your leaders also, they honour us, as always" he beamed at them.

He quickly dismissed the delegates, as a swarm of info-news came swimming near. He spared a thought for Kesh, and wondered what happened to their representative, but there was no time... The info-swarm had some very sudden, and very grave news indeed from the old mother-house..........
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2005 18:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

blanka read the messages, he got from his old friend.
"Agnari and Kesh should agree into a NAT" he said to him and of course he was right.
blanka and Agnar have good relationships in every time so there were no barrier to do so.

"Dear Agnar", he wrote, "I'd like to agree with you into a NAT. Kesh will be happy to know that it has a good friend on their borders!
So let us drink a cup of tea and celebrate our new relationship!
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 08:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Lord Agnar,

Lord Triac is pleased and surprised to see that his former subordinate Agnar evolved to a big and respectable sovereign. He hopes that he will never forget that Lord Triac gave him the possibility to grow this size and would like to make a official NAT between Katharania and Agnari, because Agnari is now an independent house. He hopes for a good and friendly neighbourship and cooperation between them. Not only because of the near borders, more because of friendship and thankfulness.

Further Lord Triac hopes that his good Image in the galaxy don't take damage because of the actions from 1of431. He didn't receive any informations from him anymore and at last don't support his actions any longer. Lord Triac favores a peacefully politic and likes diplomatic negotiations which hopefully will go on.

Respectfully, Lord Triac of the house Katharania
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 08:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

The pain of shedding was always to be feared. This time it seemed tighter than always. The burning dryness as he peeled and scratched, twisted and squirmed, to be rid of the waste that was his skin.

Finally, it was done. His many servants, who waited with oils and creams, ready to tease his new skin into life, rushed forward to attend to him. He beltched, and the waste from inside came forth in a thick grey/green sludge.

He felt young again, freshly spawned. He was actually eager to meet his duties again, for the first time in a parsec.


He immeadiately sent an avatar through the ether, to greet that of Lord Triac. He could feel fresh enzymes oozing from his new skin back in the material plane. With confidence, he greeted his former master, and thanked him for his kind words. "Lord Triac, we formally, and very happilly agree to the NAT between the new incarnations of our respective houses. Let there be peace between the Houses Agnari and Katharania" he pulsed vigorously.

Phasing out for a moment, he looked at the dark steaming liquid that had been placed in front of him. Apparently, it was called "Tea", sent by Lord Blanka via the market guild, and he must drink it if he was to confirm the agreement between their houses. It looked like a cup of the ebony waters of the meditation pools.... He closed his gills, and drank deeply, suprised by the heat. I guess that this confirms the treaty between Agnari and Kesh too, he thought.

The councillors wanted these agreements, they will be pleased, he mused as he pushed his legs lazilly, to glide through the rest of the day's data...
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 18:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

An old warrior of the past, has heard of the Agnari house....remembers the days of old, but now has been long gone...

Truly, the house has gained lots of respect and growth....um.....one day i might find my back into the house...

Wudchuck turns back to his screens see many planets, but no reminders or references of where he used to be...

The warplanet scourages onward, hopefully finding the cold black space a faceless wonder as each planet and star pass by...

One day, this warplanet will rejoice....
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