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The Cylon

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 14:14    Post subject: The Cylon Reply with quote

Gardon Organa walked to the command post of the shipyard ''Omicrons Defece''. he was sad and happy at the same time. he would never ever see his cretors again. on the other side he was going to explore the secrets of the Outer Rim. In top secret Rupsie, his leader had build the first carrier class ship in the galaxy. her name was Liberty and he would be the Captian of it. this ship had all the equipment to be a treat to every major fleet in the galaxy. with 200 L30, 150 T30, 100 S30, 50 D20 and afcourse the Master Jump Drive. 2000ly every 5 day's. the cp from the ship was over 200.000! he know he had the power to rule the galaxy. the only problem was that the ship was verry radioactive. the only race that has a verry good defence against radioactivety was the Torion Race, defence? a Torion need it to survive. this race was gone for century's now. but the followers of Rupsie where able to find some DNA from the Torions. out of this DNA, he was born. he was the only Torion still a live in this galaxy.
he was all alone at the ship. the ship was full automatic. he was only there to give orders and keep the ship running.

when he came in the Briefing room. Rupsie was sitting there to give him all his orders needed to compleet the mission.

Rupsie: Hi Gorden, pleas sit down.
Gorden: Hi sire it's an Honour to meet you.
Rupsie: your orders are: To get as much information and high tech you can get from the Cylon Empire. they where the rulers of this galaxy a long time ago. we want you to recover the tech and all the information you can get from them. we know that there are secrets out there. we need it if we want to control this galaxy.
Gordon: yes sire.
Rupsie: any Qustions?
Gordon: Why get i a ship of this size?
Rupsie: there are rumers that the Cylon had build a Automatic fleet. this fleet has the power to wipe out everything in the universe. we think this fleet is seperated in small groups. stationed everywhere in the outer Rim. you need to defend yourself against these fleets. the drives are to retreat fast and to explore fast. the outer rim is ten times bigger then the galaxy we know today.
Gordon: thats all i want know.
Rupsie: oke then let's start.

Rupsie pushed a green Button. Gordon was transported to the commandcenter of the carrier. on a big screen the head of Rupsie appeard.

Rupsie: this is your new home. i hope you like it.
Gordon: i hope to sire. i will undock now.
Rupsie: Good.

The Liberty undocked from the shipyard.

Rupsie: i upload the coordinates of your first target in your neuronet.
Gordon: thanks.
Rupsie: Good voyage.
Gordon: thanks again.
Rupsie: Rupsie out.

Gordon to the computer
Gordon: set course for first target, maximum speed.
Computer: yes sir.
Gordon: good

the ship goes to hyperspeed and was gone in a second.

Rupsie tought i hope this is going to work.

to be continued.
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