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Ripples on the pond...

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 10:08    Post subject: Ripples on the pond... Reply with quote

The creak of the leather gauntlet was the only stimulus that Alexander's mind registered. The low buzz of his advisor's nervous whispering among themselves did not break into his thoughts at all. "He is retiring!", he thought. "Of his own free will no less? What intrigue in the back rooms of House Handuro their must have been. Stop! I must not waste anymore time on something I can not affect...the future is my concern!", he thought.


As awakened from a deep sleep, Alexander jumped at the sound of the stretching leather his mailed gauntlet made as he squeezed his hand into a fist and looked around him for the first time in the many long minutes since he received the report that Merthos had, indeed, retired. "Well, all hail Merthos!", he thought with no hint of sarcasm, "All hail Merthos, indeed!"

"Gentlemen!", he bellowed, "Your attention!". Silence spread through the War chamber of the great Warplanet as a fire through an oil slick.
"Let the scribes note that The_Company grew and prospered under the rule of House Handuro. Merthos was a good and just leader and a fine teacher. He will be missed by many and should be missed by many many more!" The advisors nodded in agreement and some yelled "Here! Here!" as was their custom. Alexander went on, "...BUT!...now is our time! House Handuro will splinter and I wage my first three wives (The oldest of the lot some noted with a smile.) that the process has already begun! With this in mind, I must do what is best for my people and subordinates...and that is to become independant of the shell known as House Handuro and start a new chapter in our great history, the greatest chapter so far!"

Stunned silence.

"Not only that my loyal friends but we must expand our borders NOW!", he shouted as he stood and slammed his gloved fist on the large polished wooden table. The silence was broken by the Naval advisors short cough and weak retort,"the Navy is ready, my Lord..."

"I know this is sudden, gentlemen", he continued,"...but I feel in my heart, NO MY SOUL, that if we do not strike now...fast and hard... we will be at a huge disadvantage once the universe settles after the news of Lord Merthos's stepping down. I dont mean to expand by military means only, indeed hardly at all. We must send communiques out to the four corners seeking friends and like minded Houses. Let us not forget that The_Company is about credits gentlemen and in the long term credits are better harvested from a peaceful field than one on fire and in turmoil." The advisors nodded and some of them even had color returning to their faces, Alexander noted.

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