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Treachery, faith and the great Bird of the galaxy

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 08:30    Post subject: Treachery, faith and the great Bird of the galaxy Reply with quote

With a cracking sound hits the Info Pad the opposite wall. Lady Neireh wasn't in a good mood. Indeed she was more in a very angry mood. Her eyes show her temper and she stares at the Officer from her Secret Service Intelligence Ministery, just like she could pierce through him. The man in that dark grey Uniform was standing straight and shows no emotion for the reaction of his boss. But he knew that he wasn't the reason for her anger, but he wouldn't do anything that might could change the focus of her anger to him.
First that news from Lindze in the offical channels today and then that intelligence report and last and best that romulan exklave making trouble... As if they hadn't enough to do.
"I hate politics...", she grumbled. "And these informations are proved ? Elements... you know what that will cause ? How will the other alliance members react when they find out about that ? The current Head of Templar is the one who betrayed Celdor and led him jump in an open knife. Truely knowing that he would have his reason for war. This is ridiculous... the small emperors do not even know why they are fighting. Send to the battlefield well aware that they couldn't stand a chance. All this because of a treacherous betrayal, misinformation and emperors with slighty diplomatic abilities... If these informations are true..."
The man slightly nodded with no emotion showing.
"Celdor had an agreement with walker to conquer three planets. As we knew Lord Walker got soon very sick, leaving almost no time to have an eye on his house business. The work was done by his Adjutants. And they don't knew about the agreement or don't want to accept it. So they attacked him, Celdor true was very angry about that and conquered a templar planet. This action caused the declaration of war from Templar. They knew how he would react and they led him fly attacking this planet. Doing what they want him to do. That seem to be well planned from Sandal. But now Sandal self is no more than a Puppet. He has no power in his own house.", was he reporting.
Neireh sighs slightly and stand up walking towards the big window in her office. The weather seems to be angry, too... large rain drops were pattering against the window and she saw the wind tearing on the trees.
"That war was long out of control. Things got slipping through our fingers and now.. for what do we stand now? We never get informations about the battlefield, about fleets movements and we were never asked for help. But we have enough to do with things at our own borders. The Elements are angry and can understand why. You can leave now."

The Officer saluted and left, but Neireh don't turned around, starring on the reflexion in the glas as he left.
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