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My rantings on Kosmor

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Author Message

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 18:20    Post subject: My rantings on Kosmor Reply with quote

I would like to pose some questions to all of you, you may or may not answer but if you do, do not post one line things give some volume to them.

Why is everyone so dependent on NAT's and NAP's. I have heard so many people complaining about being attacked by others and people breaking these or what not. And trying to build more and more. I know of many houses that do nothing but keep peace and never fight.....hmm missing the point of a wargame me thinks.

Why do people complain about being attacked. It sucked that I got attacked and RIPed until my butt hurt but that is the name of the game. You play dumbly you will be beaten down till you are nothing but a bloody pulp.

This is a game of patietance and strategy mainly the former.

Why does a game that is comprised of german speakers which number only less than 10% of the worlds linguistic population have more members than a game that the potential users number about 60% of the worlds linguistic population.

Until about now this game has become boring. Wars make things interesting, the breaking of nat's or friendly borders make this game interesting.

For some reason people beleive adding more members to your house is a good thing, HA adding planets make you more powerful. the more people in a house the more spoils have to be disturbited or the more inner house competation. The spliting of houses into wing houses is also niave unless both have a really good cp and both can be trusted.

It is best to organize new players under a few strong people and allow them to grow and maybe revolt or become a wing house.

I was with Kron and right before it crumbled the entire southern people began spliting in wing houses that were suppose to still be part of Kron. Most of these wing houses were comprimised of Non-Pro's and were destroyed by a single player, pimperkille.

The best idea I have seen was too split the house into sectors each sector haveing a head and the leader of the house had his ships and some ships of the more powerful underlings with him and this wp was for defensive purposes while the sector leaders were incharge of attacks in their area. of course all of these people were still part of the house and shared ships. Because having jumping lanes are always good to have. More is to this but I rather not give opposing houses too much insight into my ideology.

So the moral of this story is to try to make this game interesting by fighting one another. Two of the most famous of the ancient cultures were the greeks and Sumerians who by the way did nothing but fight with thier neighbors constantly.

So basically I beleive that Bucan and Abdul although they are ruthless they have the right idea for this game if I was not fighting against them I would be honored to follow them. For they have fought with the true spirit of this game in mind. Using deciet, ship jumping lanes, wp jump drive to great affect, and taking no prisoners, to thier fullest these two have made this game much more interesting to me.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 19:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

Greets- Ok, one item at a time...

Dependence on NAT's and NAP's: It seems that the reason they are often so appealing, simply is because they appear (and usuly do) to offer safty- and hence survival- and hence potiential power. As to breaking them, etc- that seems normal, and has according effects (just like real life Wink). All this seems to be in logical order, and appears to be an accurate simulation of "human interaction". Personaly, I dont think its missing the point of a wargame. Though, it would be more interesting if confilts were more coordinated, and on a larger scale, rather then then often 'stumbling chaos' (which is still though, to be time by time, expected), caused by the inhibition of major long term conflicts, in essence, and ultimitly, treaties, peace, etc., are to the comprehensive, merely tools, often used to better able them to wage war and gain power. It would be nice though, to see more alliances and what not though. But, none the less, the relative ammount of time that 'the universe' spends in a stage seems (almost inevitably), in preportion to actuality (history for example Wink).

Complaning About Being Attacked: Simply, it seems impoper to just come to the forum and whine about getting riped, or whatever else. This acomplishes nothing, and as stated, is typicaly the fate of the weak, and hence is proper. The exception houever, though more and more rather than this, the prior seems to appear, would be statigicly attepting to build aid, rally support, etc., by 'exposint various attrosities'. Pretty much = Do what will have an effect, -and your ability to manipulate those effects in your favor will determine your worth, but- dont come whining to evreyone about your weakness- Utilize Comprehension, Coordination, And Manipulation!

So Many Germans Amidst Us: It seems like its just a combnation of that they migrated here from .de, that over time, it should build, the fact that Kosmor, despite its worth, is a game that has a hard time 'hooking people', just because it takes a lot of patience at the begining, and must often fail to grab those people who do things like google "Strat Games", and want to instantly find a game that they instantly will be great at (which seems to often b a large ammount of Americans, who seem to be the portion of the net, thats out of proportion in Kosmor). Once a play is here for a while, the fun of it becomes moreso evident, but you need people that are willing to wait, whilst not doing a great deal for a while. And of course, doing this throught there stay here, owing the the non-time consuming nature of Kosmor (arguably it's greateste strenth and weakness).

Boring At The Moment: I wouldent say so. We appear to an extent prehaps to be going through a less exciting stage, but never-the-less, these inevitably pass. It is natural, and in accordance again to human society. The one item, not entierlyl in accordance whouever, appears to be the seeming lack of powerful conquers. There arnt that many players who, whist being very powerful, and in a large and coordinated manner, actualy endevour to conquer great streaches of the universe... Kind of like today- we havent seen any Napoleons, Alexander The Greats, Gengis's, Ceasars, ... Hitlers, Urban IIs, Neros, etc. latly. -- Prehaps this is just becoming seldom (in Kosmor), because so many of the powerful players believe (and often, correctly- though a bit more glorious ambition would be fun Twisted Evil ), that such a thing is destined to fail (which ultimitly it is, but all things are, and- very importantly- conquest, whilst coordinated brillantly- does succeed-. One must houever, understand the nature of that old friend- Corruption). -- Anyhow, none the less, in time, it is only reasonable to conclude, that as cycles pass, and times move, that event after event will come, and that the only thing certain, is the there will be change, whilst certainty crumbles.

Many People in a House a Bad Idea: Not nessasaly. It would appear, that such is primarily (and quite often), a problem, whilst there is corruption, and the various imperitors, for whatever reason, are incontent because of treatment, having been conquered, because of some gruge- or on occasion because of a moreso pure lack of desire to submit (which is an inhibition whilst once does not understand the nature of aquiring power), or desires to seek there own advancement (with the prior also applying to this). One should seek to have there various imperitors content, loyal, and in a state of fellowship. This is extremely valuable, as this prevents corruption, which through defeat, internaly or externaly destroys one. The reason why this would seem often to imply few persons, would seem to be, as that is can appear difficult to attain such imperitors as mentioned in numerable quanities.

Wing Houses: In there present primary capacity, these seem often foolish. The advantage of a jump drive obviously would be valuable, but the disadvantages often seem to surpass this: *less coordinated- worse sight, worse comunicatin, etc *potiential revolution, *military coordination dificulties, and disadvantages (ships on other planets/wp's, etc.), and such. -- It would seem as though such would not be recomended as it currently is. Various subordinates can defend against players as wings, as those players cannot sustain large forces alone, whilst a large house can regionaly defend, and make coordinated lunges with the leader, of just with subordinates, despite the lack of a jump. -- Sure it is true that if in a house, it would mathamatily be a large advantage to have many players independent, but that would be if they all were being controlled by a computer. In light of that we are human, and our inabilities, or- lack or cooperation, and lack of coordination, such rarly seems to be beneficial. Besides, if one merely looks at Kosmor history, it is rare tht one seems wing houses (to my knowlege) ever really being worth much, or ultimitly being much help. -- It is understandable if say there are two, rarly more (more is pushing it a lot, the more you get- the level of discoordination, increases exponentialy, very exponientialy), houses that work together that can work- but then its often more likely that they are merly close allies and friends. But again- this infact seems a better idea. "Wings", just dont seem intelgent in our positions... (even actualy history shows this to an extent-) The fact is that imposing rule (yes that is what it is), over another causes problems, no matter what euthinism veils it, or in what manner.

Conclusion: Im going to skip this part. If I write it, it will just annoy me, and probably more people too Wink.


p.s. Hope that was sufficient volume Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 22:01    Post subject: Re: My rantings on Kosmor Reply with quote

Why is everyone so dependent on NAT's and NAP's.

NAT's serve a purpose, but I think they're overused. I'd like to see more alliances. That's where things get interesting.

Why does a game that is comprised of german speakers...

Too hard to get in the game once it has established empires. The structure encourages the ripping of newbies. Why have 50 subs, when you can just take the planets of 40, and have the WPs of 10 others at your service?

For some reason people beleive adding more members to your house is a good thing, HA adding planets make you more powerful.

Agreed, to a degree. (See above.)

So basically I beleive that Bucan and Abdul although they are ruthless they have the right idea for this game...

They have a right idea as long as their opponents don't gain the upper hand and decide they can't be trusted, which results in them being exterminated. I do think that the game can be played while honoring agreements and treating defeated foes fairly, but ruthlessness must be an option when called for.
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