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AlertaLosPueblos Announcement

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 08:51    Post subject: AlertaLosPueblos Announcement Reply with quote

I, Kodro, Leader of AlertaLosPueblos, Former Knight of The Order of Templar, I declare :

I surrender unconditionally to Bucan, leader of the House Memorial. The Order of Templar is now dissolved and will be no more.

I formely ask to all great leaders of Galaxy to intercede in putting and end to this war, as Bucan has proven treacherous and greedy in all our negotiations.

I have to add that change of HP capturing rules in the middle of the war has been the key to we losing the war.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 06:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear kodro fallen knight of the tempel,

the key to loose this war was not any chance of rules. u simply sold out the loyaties of too many of your own folk. your short-sighted aktions provoke an civil war.

you see sometimes size does not matters because 4 small imperators bring your down. but before dancing on your grave i want to see you as a "single planet imperator".

may be this will teach you that even an "single planet imperator" can make a difference. i hope u will raise again and maybe we will meet under better circumstances and fought together as i allways prefer.

last but not least i want to to congratulate bucan and abdul, who have the guts to fought a war against a lot bigger house.

an old friend

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