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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 17:06    Post subject: inspirational Reply with quote

As I look on at the faces of my weary men and there disappointing gazes I get ready to give out the speech that could turn this all around. I grasp the microphone in my hand and begin my speech.

"We are here to fight one cause and one cause only that is for the templars and what we believe in. I do not believe in surrender and especially to those who have broken this order into little bits. I do not believe that we are beaten yet soIi ask of you to stand up and fight this tyrant with me and launch one more attack for the templars!"

A wave of excitement and agreement goes throughout the crowd of weary men

"We need to stand up to this man not cower down and surrender as it is not the true way so I ask you one more time will you stand up and be counted among the brave few to stand up to this evil. Will you? Again WILL YOU?!"

After the first will you there is a slight murmer but then all at once everyone shouts out.

"Sir, Yes Sir."

Pleased with myself I proceed to my living quarters and think about wether I have gotten through to them I truly hope it has because we need all the support we can get at the moment.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 21:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

May this quote from an ancient, mythic hero of an obscure people on an insignificant little world provide some inspiration in your noble quest.

"Hector, argue me no agreements. I cannot forgive you. As there are no trustworthy oaths between men and lions, nor wolves and lambs have spirit that can be brought to agreement but forever these hold feelings of hate for each other, so there can be no love between you and me, nor shall there be oaths between us, but one or the other must fall before then to glut with his blood Ares the god who fights under the shield's guard. Remember every valor of yours, for now the need comes hardest upon you to be a spearman and a bold warrior. There shall be no more escape for you, but Pallas Athene will kill you soon by my spear. You will pay in a lump for all these sorrows of my companions you killed in your spear's fury." - Achilles

I salute you, and wish you well.
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