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War for fairness

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 15:55    Post subject: War for fairness Reply with quote

Dear imperators!

I saw my friend Bucan under attack of a much stronger power and they made a big alliance against him. Now he has destroyed this power, but their allies are still in war with him. I could not help him much but now it's time for war!

I heared a lot of really bad stories of Agnari. They disgusted their own members, who didn't do all what Agnar wanted, they banished and ripped them. That's not the manner I like.
So I ask all of you to end this terror and dispossess Agnar!

Same with the New_Order_of_Templar. They found scapegoats like LinDze and showed Bucan as a bad monster or terrorist, but in fact he is not.
This war is not his fault, it was the fault of the Order and they only showed him as a terrorist so he had no chance than to destroy all of them and everyone who tried to stop him.
Everyone who knows him, knows, that he is a really nice and fair guy, and a very respectable and smart imperator.

So now I will act for fairness and I will help him fight all those liars.

And I ask all of you of the same opinion to follow this example.
Let us restore a fair galaxy!
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 02:13    Post subject: Re: War for fairness Reply with quote

In all the time I have been with the house, I have not seen one instance of this. I ask michimike, give us one example!
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 02:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear my friend Michimike,

your words are true and they touch my soul ....
your involvement is highly appreciated....

So let us rock...

Kind regards
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 05:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

We have only ever tried to forge a team-based house. All members are free to run their affairs as the see fit within Agnari, with as few restrictions as possible from the house.

We only ever supported our friends and allies. The conflict was never as one-sided as you and Bucan would like to portray, as there was a whole world of conflict going on behind the scenes.

We always offered respect to Bucan and Abdul as warriors, they fought tremendously well. They at least fought while Michiemike hides behind pretending not to get involved, until he sees that the war is one sided and he can do some ripping, then he joins in....

We even tried to open diplomatic talks with Bucan and Abdul, to end the fighting, but they refused to talk. All we would ask for is that the smaller players be allowed to continue withour harrassment from these .de powerhouses.

We will defend ourselves, and you may find that we are not so easilly defeated. We are a good team, with a strong sense of identity. The house is bigger than me, and will live on!
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 06:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear lord agnari,

i know you are an hounorabel imperator and your word counts. but you are just another victim of the policy of the templar to gain more imperators and planets. the alliance was just formed to hunt down bucan and the house of new klap.
the war against bucan was coldblooded planed. the tempel provoke him again and again to start the war .

i know that because its was my plan. we needed him to start this war so that we could call our allies to arms as its written in the treaty.

i have to apologise to all the victims and of corse especially by you and your brave comrade-in-arms, because you was the only ally to answer the call and go for war.

i'm happy that i got my punishment for the treachery against the allys of the temple. and im sad that so many other have to pay for the fallen hounor and foolish greed of the temple.

maybe you dont believe me so just asked a good friend of both of us, if this is true. i guess you know who i mean.
so i wish you the best for the war. may fortuna be with you! it has been a privilege to work with you.

malcolm reynolds
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 07:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Bucan,

you know my loyalty is yours
letīs fight for the right

Dear rest of you (Agnari, Templer and all winghouses),

please donīt push, you all get a roundhousekick from us

a pleased Abdul
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 15:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear imperators!

The house Troja will join this fight due to the following reasons:
    We generally agree in helping the small against the stronger.

    Agnari has given asylum to many of our enemies, who plan to attack us even now.

This alliance was only strong on paper, and for sake it will be over soon.

Jack O'Neill
House Troja
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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 10:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

[Mod]It was me, who deleted messages. End of discussion. I have deleted all Non-RP posts in this thread.[/Mod]
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