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Sandal's Victory

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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 04:31    Post subject: Sandal's Victory Reply with quote

Paul Atreides walked from the war room on a lower level of his flagship, the Leviathan-class Atreides Supremacy, to the bridge. From the viewports he saw the arrival of more than 8 squadrons of Interceptors. A Grand Moff of the Outer Rim territories had sent reinforcement of more than a hundred small-but-valuable escorts to the house fleet. He saw them come in, flying in tight parade formation for their Emperor's review, and was glad that they were in time for his announcement. Paul swept his gaze from left to right, taking in the sight of the awesome firepower represented by gigantic Star Dreadnoughts too numerous to be counted individually. He thought of them now as squadrons and battle groups rather than individual vessels. In between them were interspersed smaller Star Destroyers in their assigned positions, and dwarfing them were the many behemoths of war, mighty Leviathans, which he considered barely mobile battlestations and not true ships. Throughout the fleet it was known that promotion came faster to officers serving on swift Goliath-class Dreadnoughts, which saw much more action than the larger Leviathans. The Dreadnought crews also boasted that they did the real work in the Navy, traveling to wherever there was opportunity for battle, and visited more foreign ports than any other ship. Paul shared the belief that Dreadnought crews were better, but he did not think it due to some inherent virtue; rather he thought that the assignment attracted brave men since it was the most dangerous due to the frequency with which they saw battle, and that the constant fighting kept the crews experienced and happy.

Paul Atreides drank in the sight of the House Fleet flying by in formation, and then broke his gaze away from the captivating sight. Turning, he gave an order to the Communications Officer on watch tonight on the bridge. “Prepare a transmission to all ships.” This was an unusual order. It was rare for information to be relevant for the entire fleet, and if it was, it was normal for captains to inform their own ships of such news. For the Emperor of the House to address the entire fleet personally was most unusual, even during a fleet review such as this.

“Forces of the Templar Order, tonight I announce news of great import. You will be the first to hear of it, but the rumor of it will shake the great houses of half the galaxy. The aggressor Bucan, leader of the house Memorial, launched an attack against Sandal, a noble prince of our house. This attack did not succeed, and there were no survivors of the house Memorial. The entire Armada of the invader was destroyed in a climactic battle! The field of wreckage is so extensive that the battle zone is now an artificial asteroid field made of twisted and burned hulls that once teemed with life and bristled with weaponry. Sandal did not achieve this grand victory without cost. A portion of the wrecked ships floating around Sandal’s Warplanet belonged to him. The only other Templar losses belonged to our ally, the Templar Knight Briac, who was Sandal’s only assistance in this victory. The total cost of this engagement can be seen from the numbers being published throughout the galaxy:

An attack on the warplanet of
Major Sandal (house New_Order_of_Templar) has failed
(destroyed combat power: 343424).

"The bravery demonstrated by the men on Sandal’s ships who expected to lose this fight, and would have if Briac’s forces had not intervened, is in keeping with the highest tradition of Templar honor. Honor that legacy! Ensure the survival of the House they fought for by continuing that tradition. Look around you at this vast fleet, knowing that there does not exist another force so large as this for thousands of lightyears, and think that this day, more men died than are numbered among you. Let this knowledge humble you, and let the heroism of your fellows inspire you to defend the same noble house that our victorious comrades protected with true Templar zeal.”

Paul signaled to the Communications Officer to end the transmission. Then he spoke a final order to the bridge officers as he departed. “Notify the House high command that their military delegates are requested to assemble for a conference of war. They will be needed to discuss the changing galactic situation. Our attacker has lost his fleet, but he is undefeated and retains powerful allies who attack our borders even now. Configure the hologram projectors in the war room to accommodate the entire Templar strategic council.”
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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 06:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

On behalf of all of us in House Agnari, i would like to congratualte Lord Sandal and Lord Briac on their victory.

May i also take this opportunity to offer our condolences for the destroyed personnel and ships, we share in you pain at the loss.
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PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 06:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

The House Asgard congratulates both sides of this gargantuan battle.

Only a few times in our history will anyone manage grow fleets of this size. And even more seldom will we see these fleets in action simuiltaneously. This is a battle that will enter the annals of Kosmor, and be told of to new imperators long time from now.

Minister of Diplomacy,
House Asgard
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