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Formal Announcement from Lord Sjet

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 15:54    Post subject: Formal Announcement from Lord Sjet Reply with quote

"The Hierarchy of Underverse has broken down, and there is a communications blackout in effect as well, Seer"

"So in other words my transmissions requesting information have either never made it to Manaan or he has refused to respond"

"That is correct, Seer, are there any other orders?"

"Yes, forthwith announce our independancy and send in my comminications operative so that i may send missives to both Troja, Agnari, and the rest of the galaxy."

"As you will Seer.

and with that the young Warlock bows, turns and leaves. Shortly after his departure a brightly attired figure enters and bows deeply, while announcing himself,
"Harlequinn Jge'dah reporting as directed, Seer"

"Are the webway portals open for you and yours to carry missives, Harlequinn?"

"Yes, Seer, the webways are open but danger lurks on the horizon as always"

"Very well, please dispatch these missives to Troja and Agnari and this one is to be sent to the Galactic Council."

"As you will, Seer, so shall it be done."

The young Harlequinn leaves with the packets, and within days they are delivered. Both Robin and Agnar find mysterious packets on their office desks with no clue as to the messengers themselves, but upon inspection the source is well known.

"Greetings to you from House Ulthwe, we send this missive informing you of several developments within our sphere of control, the first being as you know, the attack upon Underverse by the house of Troja, we seek no claims or reparations from Troja for this incident, as according to informants it was Manaan himself who allowed the attack to take place and gave his permission. This is Not an honorable action and it leads us to question the integrity of our house leader, further the lack of information coming from our house leader refuting these allegations has also been lacking and therefore we of House Ulthwe have no choice but to consider these allegations to be truthfull and will no longer associate ourselves with a House that acts without honor or integrity and have declared ourselves independant. As both Troja and Agnar are and were allies under a peace accord with Underverse, we cannot justify the joining of one side or the other, and so as of this day we not only formally announce our independance but we also announce a change in the naming of our house, to the following House Ulthwe_Wing_of_Agnari-Troja. In this way we show ourselves independant of Underverse, while retaining our status as nuetral according to the peace accord. We will assist either house upon request with express knowledge that we will not assist in the war between the two houses themselves. It should also be understood that until some time in the future we are not affiliated with either house in a formal sense, and that one reason for this name change is the hope that eventually both houses will give up their hostilities against the other and join forces with this house acting as the go-between. Good day to you all and may Khaela-Mensha Khaine watch over you."

Lord Sjet
House Ulthwe
Wing House of Agnari-Troja
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 19:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

As Commander Robb digested the latest intelligence from the far flung front of the War, the fracturing of the Underverse weighing heavily on his mind, he determined that the only way to contribute to the situation was to remove all trace of his friends from the enemies radar.

Take the warplanet where it cannot be seen - from there we will think further on this
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