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Dispatch to the artist formerly known as Skrubber.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 06:45    Post subject: Dispatch to the artist formerly known as Skrubber. Reply with quote

Jack O'Neill just entered his office when his sergeant salutated and said:
"General, our secret service is reporting that enemies are right now settling on our borders. You know them, old "friends" from the time when we were new here."

Jack knew that this would happen. A long time ago he has spoken clear, even rude and harsh words to them. He warned them to stay in this area, and he recommended their movement as a peace solution. But he knew they would not listen to him. Their thirst for revenge was to strong.
He studied the maps for about two minutes, then he called in his first officer, Colonel Mitchell.
"Mitchell, I have a mission for you...."

2 hours later, a holographic message from Col. Mitchell was televised in the public channels:

Dear imperator Grey_Wind!
Dear imperator Nymeria!
The Terran Empire as part of Troja has the responsibility to assure stability in this area. Your settlement on our borders endangers this stability.
We don't want to ruin you by conquering you again and again. But nothing else will be possible if you don't disappear from this side of the galaxy. We are strongly interested in your absence, not in your planets.
Fortunately, we are in a position that let us chose our neighbours.
We strongly advise you to move either far north, or far west. And far means at least 2000 lightyears.

We think that these words are clear enough.

For the case you don't accept this solution, we will take any necessary actions to keep you harmless. This includes help from our allies which you already know, and also from our allies you don't know yet.

Col. Mitchel, Terran Army leader, Trojan Star Force
by order of JackONeill, Information Office - House Troja

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 10:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jack leant in his chair and thought about the situation.
"No answer is also an answer." came to his mind. "Do they really think that being quiet is the right reaction?"
Then he sighed deeply and pushed a button on his voice recorder.

Hereby I declare the two commanders Nymeria and Grey_Wind to outlaws. Because of not responding on diplomatic channels, and because of building ships too close to Trojan borders, they are seen as a direct threat to our house. Their behaviour is clearly subversive and will not be tolerated.

O'Neill stopped and took a big moutful of water. What else could he say? Should he tolerate a bunch of fornicators flying around his empire? Of course not. This is a harsh world, and it's a rough universe out there, where only the strong survive.
He spoke again into the voice recorder.

We will begin to conquer your planets, and of course your warplanets if your still dare flying around. Our gigantic combatpower will erase your ships like wiping dead mosquitos from a windscreen, and we'll see if you will be building up from the bottom once again, and again. End Of File.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 13:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

A long, hard day came to an end, when the head of the Terran Empire had a last view over the strategic maps.
It seems that one of them has tried to answer, but he failed. What is the value of such an attempt? How much can you trust your informants?

Well, the words are spread, but a man can change his opinion.
If any of them would succeed in sending a message in the private channels, we could think about negotiating. We are no eyeless rogues, greedy for beating the weaker.
Would be better if they manage to send me some letter...

It was late, again. The command over all those millions demanded a high price, nevertheless he knew he would even pay a higher one. But tonight, there weren't much important things left. In fact, only one...

A bath! A kingdom for a bath! he thought. Pacing out of the impressive commando pyramid, he deactivated his ComDevice and walked towards his habitation unit, whistling an ancient song about a lonesome rider . . .
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 06:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

Silence. Bad silence.

Suddenly broken by another official message, broadcasted by the intergalactical space networks: Jack O'Neill in his military war suit, standing in front of "Interceptor 1". In the background a single ship brigade in classic parade formation, 5 Leviathan-class ships and 15 Goliaths forming a symmetric triangle with two wings, hardly distinguishable from the surrounding fog.

The time for diplomatic efforts ran out.
Terran Star Forces will prepare for active attacks.
O'Neill over and out.

Sometimes a man has to be cruel, thought Jack. There's no other option than war...
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