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Protection of Ragdoll

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:24    Post subject: Protection of Ragdoll Reply with quote

Lieutenant Colonel Brückner paced off the front of his first company of the royal guard of honour. He stopped eight steps in front of the last soldier and turned his body towards the immotile men. He raised his sword and with his strong voice he rocked the whole hall of landing:

"Ehre und Pflicht!"

The 8 lines of 400 men simultaneously started to exercise with their ancient rifles.

Lord of the House michimike accompanied Commander Ragdoll across the hall, along the soldiers, to the ship of disembarkation of the royal star cruiser of Kanaani.
A servant of Ragdoll signed off the ship, aiming the position, where the both imperators stopped. He handed the sign of the Confederacy over to Ragdoll, who delivered it to michimike with some words of farewell. Michimike affirmed it with the delivery of the medallion of Kanaani, which was removed from the plate of the conclusion of the Confederacy.
Both knew it was the best for Ragdoll to leave the Confederacy voluntarily.

But of course there was one condition michimike had to offer Ragdoll after the end of this alliance, as he knew the unhappy circumstances of his former partner:
Michimike promised him the declaration of protection over all planets, ships and the many inferior inhabitants, who were still part of the possession of Ragdoll. It was the best michimike could do for an old friend, who now needed this help more than ever, looking into the past, where Ragdoll once helped michimike at the right time to leave his state of enslavement. It was time for repayment in its positive meaning.

After the parade finished the ship started off with Ragdoll on board and left the hall.

... and what he promised michimike did early in the morning of the next day in his communication office. The declaration of protection on Ragdoll against all weaker attackers than michimike was announced and by the way a little please to the strong and honourable house of Agnari and its allies not to conduct further tries of economic destruction.
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