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traitor of troja

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 19:12    Post subject: traitor of troja Reply with quote

smiling softly to him self arcaneshadow stared out the veiw port of his finest warship. the NIGHTBRINGERLORD, at Goliath type star destroyer.assembled around it, the rest of Queen Marions fleet. thousands of men and woman from across her empire stand here, these few newly taken planets celebrate her ruling as though she has always been there queen. quite depressing to watch.

his chamber door hissed open as his second in command walked in.

"sorry sir, we have an urgent message from an unknown sender"

"what? when did this arrive"

"approximately 2minutes ago sir"

reading through the data slate, a cold slab of ice landed in the bottom of arcaneshadows bowels.

this message deeply shocked arcaneshadow, if what this says is true then a close friend is nothing but a trator.

"relay this msg to the lord of troja RobinHood!!"

"yes sir!"

stunned into silence arcaneshadow sat on his oak desk shock gripping him. commander jamie, a trusted friend has betrayed him. not only him but all of troja. giving information to an enemy is treason, punishable only by death. and death he shall have. reaching into his desk and pulling out a voice receiver, reluctantly he spoke.

"this is commander arcaneshadow speaking, it seems we have found a traitor in our mists. from this point on i declare a personal war on commander jamie, of the house troja"
"relay all signals".............."confirmed"

keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 13:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

Giner pondered over this declaration of war to jamie also known as black_dragon, he was stuck on what to do as he has the warplanet of this fugitive in his sights. He decided a fugitive of a person in which he has a NAT with he would take him down before it got out of hand.
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