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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 17:43    Post subject: Snow Reply with quote

As the cold flakes drifted down from the clouds, Locutus felt strange a warmth and comfort in the frigid air. He had almost forgotten the snowy plains of Kytoxa, where the Borg first landed in this universe from the ancient warp gate. Those moments seemed long and far away, perhaps stored in the memory of a previous Speaker or adjutant. In the months and years that passed, he had visited many such snowy planets - some peaceful and calm, others stained with the blood of conquest.

A telepatic signal jolted him from his musings. More news had arrived from the galactic forums. For a moment, he almost wanted to ignore the latest postings and meditate - the once clean forums were now plagued with mindless accusations and equally unintelligible retorts written on the level of grade school children. To him it seemed as if these inadequacies woefully reflected on the status of the universe itself. For a moment, he considered the possibility of becoming a moderator - managing a few trillion electrons flying through a galactic network seemed almost as amusing and dangerous as managing an empire itself. After all, who knew if the entire universe was not just some program on a computer network of a powerful and ancient race?

The signal chirped again, pleading for his attention. Thoughtlessly, he glanced through the forum messages again. Aside from the galactic news, the messages were of little interest to him now. He carelessly tossed them away, like the puffs and flakes blowing away in the wind.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 08:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

White everywhere. White above. White below. White all around him - white plain, under the white sky and the air between was also white... So white that his eyes were aching. So white that his soul was shrinking... feeling small and defenceless - a small dark dot, shallowly stuck in the endless bright fur of this small planet...

Well, it was time to go back to the hut. It seemed that all that whiteness was starting to play tricks with his mind.
He was here more than a month already - the longest period that he visited his home planet in the last decade. Well, not that it was planned - all started when he desided to follow the impulse and visit his place, the place where he originated. That time he needed a break, a little safe heaven for a week or two where he could have a rest, to insulate himself from all the Univerce, to meditate, think and enjoy the company of his old good friends... Now he had all of this. Several times. And several times more. And all because of the snow.

It started snowing soon after he set foot on the planet. He could manage only to fly to his home town, close to the middle of the eastern continent - then one of the circles of Hell fell over him. The snow didn't came alone. It was carried by the wind, cold and strong enough to stack every single empty place with snow. And of course, the machines which were not hidden inside a shelter became one of its first victims - their engines were clogged with dense frozen water mass - neither snow, nor ice; their fuel became denser - almost froze and their moving parts were effectively immobilized by the icy substance around them.
The storm was raging for days, then went away only to make place for the extreme temperature drop that petrified the surface. Then the snow storm came again, and again...

Well, that was it. The small human community on that rural planet couldn't take it anymore. They gave up their attempts to revive the mashinery, to clean the runways and to support working economy. Everything stalled. People switched on standby mode and simply waited. They remembered the past, when such storms were more common and the culture was adapted to them. So they started doing what they were doind in the past during such times - having fun and relaxing. Indoor gatherings and parties, playing games, making saunas together - all this with the closest neighbours only - they couldn't travel far away.
This was perfect for him as well - giving him plenty of time to enjoy the small things: playing hours at a time with his small nephew, visiting his old but not forgotten friends every day, talking with his elderly parents... Distracting him on purpose from the big, so-called "important" events from the now far-away Galactical life.

After the storms went away, a strange fog enveloped the continent. It was unusually dense, containing miniature mettalic nano-particles which were blocking the radars and almost all other sensors of the still living civilization. The fog was freezing when touching the super-chilled surface, creating beautifull formations - tiny scluptures from frosen droplets, stuck on everything possible - the tree branches became majestic puffy clouds, the houses - fantastic palaces... something that is worth it to be seen.

Finally, after around two weeks the fog settled and the weather cleared, giving him the whiteness, that is dazzling his mind now, in this almost clear day. Now, the communications are working again, the machines are de-frosted and almost ready to go and the runways are close to be cleared. Soon he can afford to go. Soon, he will enter the life that he left for seemingly so long time - like eternity's end. Soon, he will have to face the situation that the latest news brought to him - news unwanted, brutal, maybe a bit scary, maybe not as unexpected, but always meaning troubles.
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