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A History Lesson

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 10:20    Post subject: A History Lesson Reply with quote

The classroom was full with a mixture of species from allied worlds, but mostly with amphibians, squatting calmly, some in the wet, others on land, but all attentive. This teacher had that effect, even on him, who knew the stories well. It was the same teacher that had taught him, and he liked to come back occasionally. It made him feel like a young 'tad' again. He squat down at the back, and listened. This could be quite long, he knew, and he encouraged those with less patience to leave him, move to other places, and other sources of information if they wished.

As he focussed in on his old tutor's words, the teacher was giving a history lesson.

"So children: at this time some Imperators had been around for a good length of time in the galaxy already, but the House of Agnari was new to the universe, having not been among the star-faring races for long. Back in those days the galaxy was a different place, with different powers. Tobi was a scourge on the Galaxy, and the warlike DSK were attacking the noble Reacor. Noldor was part of a twin-house back then too, with the famous leader Merthos, lord of House Handuro. The Templars did not exist yet, and were part of a greater house, the House Kron. These were great and old houses, having been around since the beginning of the galaxy"

"Now, as I say children, into this strange new world was our newly formed house thrown. Last week i talked about how the current Agnar was quickly integrated when our race first reached the stars. How barely we had colonised a few planets when we were brought into our first House. This was the mighty House of Klapauzious, another of the old great houses now gone.

"This week children, we will look at the first days of the House of Agnari. Now, having worked hard for his super-ordinate in the house, our current Agnar had been granted permission to set up a southern wing-force to compliment House Klapauzious. Thus was born the House of Agnari, children".

"Later, Klapauzious underwent an internal re-oganisation. It was turmoil among them for a while, but eventually things settled down, and the House new-Klapauzious was formed (affectionately shortened to new-K among the followers). Agnari agreed to remain as a wing of new-K, under their new leadership".

"The house was small, consisting only of the Agnar, and two or three other brothers, Imperators from other worlds, and Agnars of their own families. All of the members were still young and new to the Galaxy, with few planets, and only around 20 warships altogether, but they were growing, slowly and peacefully. We had found a few small planet clusters from some of the tiny new Houses that come into existence. Some had been hit by that terrible disease children, the one that scours the universe". The teacher paused and asked the children, "Do we know the disease is called children?". Some of the infants looked scared, but most volunteered the answer, in a chorus of tiny voices...."The Wasting!". "Thats right children" continued the teacher, "The Wasting". Some of the clusters were from Imperators that had contracted "The Wasting" and we liberated these worlds form their inactive and immobile leaders before they were lost to civilisation altogether. We also found a few new members on our borders, although we of course lost a few too".

"Anyway" the teacher said as he re-joined the story, "Things went well in this way for some time, peacefully growing, and doing small missions for the mother-house. Until one day an Imperator called Michiemike turned up on the house borders. He landed hundreds and hundreds of capital warships just inside Agnari's border and gave us an ultimatum".

"Now children, the choice Michie gave to the house was that we could deliver 30 planets into his hands, sign over the lives of so many innocent peoples to his tyranny, or we could have war, and he would take everything! What a baptism of fire, children! How we learnt on that day the evils of the galaxy! Thirty planets was about a third of all the planets that the house owned at that time, and yet on our border was a fleet ten times larger than the entire small Agnari fleet! Surely we could not fight that force!?"

The children gasped at this point, feeling threatened by the terrors of the universe, but captured dby the teacher's words.

"Well, our race are warriors and agnars, children, we are collectively The Agnari. We could not survive without 30 planets, we might as well succumb to "The Wasting", and hope for a re-incarnation. We had to at least *try* to defend ourselves. Also, we did have our mother-house, new-K. The Agnar urgently wrote to new-K, begging for their aid, while the House of Agnari prepared for war as best we could. Luckily, Michie was scared enough of new-K that he withdrew all forces once he realised that they would defend our House, children, but this is an important lesson in history".

The children cheered as they heard the threat lifted in the story from their historic House.

"Sadly, the leader of new-K later contracted that horrible disease himself, children, and this meant the leader of new-K dissapeared from the universe altogether!" Shivers went around the classroom. "Some members of the collapsing new-K then came to join with their allies, Agnari, and the strength of the House grew. We recruited some more members too, and started to amass a good strength of our own. We were determined that we would be able to defend ourselves from then on. Eventually, we grew to be the largest house in the galaxy for a time, but that is another story children, and all stems from here, and our determination to be large and strong enough to face off threats such as those we had on this fateful day, and those that we face today, in this current war, with so many people wanting a bite of Agnari"

This was the end of the story, and the teacher now moved among the children, handing out more materials, and questions for the infants to work through. It was time to leave the teacher and his small charges. With a deep sigh, and a deeper sense of nostalgia, He bounded up to his erect height, and left the room at a walk, leaving the teacher and infants in this seat of learning, to return to His affairs of state...
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