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Through the darkness into light

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 08:51    Post subject: Through the darkness into light Reply with quote

hi folks,
as i moved my homeworld tonight, i was motivated to write a little story about it. i hope, i finds your friendly admission. gtx.

Mirona’s last day

Colony ship after colony ship lifted off from the vast field of Lemuriana’s central spaceport. These colony ships were huge spherical globes with a torus in the middle where the pulse engines were located. The antigravitation drives raised them into the blue, cloudless sky nearly without any sound. Each ship took 120.000 inhabitants of Lemur with it. They brought them to the new homeworld, located in a similar solar system several hundred light-years away. It seemed ages ago, that the lower house of the parliament of the empire, followed by a public referendum decided to evacuate the old homeworld and even the whole homeworld system. Since the Great War of 3503 began and the pressure of an invasion of the empire rose, Lemur had not been safe enough any longer. The nearly 15 billion inhabitants, who lived throughout the whole lemurian system on its terraformed worlds, its moon-colonies and the asteroid stations agreed to the governmental plan to resettle. And so, the evacuation began, two years ago. These days the operation came to her end.

275/3504, 16:30 LCT
A man and a woman stood on a balcony of the lemurian chancellery, many hundred meters upon the skyline of the city, looking over a huge part of Lemuriana and the spaceport field, where a few ships already started. The woman leaned over the balustrade and let her mind flow until she was interrupted: "It’s about time, chancellor!", the man on her side said. The woman glanced over the city silhouette and did not seem to hear the man’s words. "Madam?” he repeated.
The woman sighed: "I heard you, vice-chancellor, I heard you and I know. But it’s really hard to let all this behind us and to leave our old homeworld now. I don't like it." The vice-chancellor leaned forward on the balustrade and nodded. Then he pointed to a city quarter several kilometers away in the southeast: "There I have been grown-up, fifty years ago,” he told. ”I spent nearly my whole life in Lemuriana, beside the time of my service in the imperial navy – which seems ages ago. Until today, where I even don't leave this damned building for long time because of all the work, I know every street, every corner, every wall and every park in a radius of ten kilometers. I HATE to leave all this behind, but it is necessary. It's necessary for our people, for our empire, for our future. But most of all it is necessary to survive this war and to make possible, that our children grow up under a friendly sun and not under the threat of an invasion and of total extinction."
The two stood on the balcony for several minutes side by side, silent, just looking while the summer sun over Lemuriana approached sunset and spent them a warm breeze for the last time. When the sun reached the dark lines of the Great Western Mountains at the horizon the woman stood up.

"All right my friend", the chancellor took word and the tall woman turned around. "You said it. It’s about time." They both walked back into the chancellery and headed for the Relocation Command Center. It was not very busy there. Only a few dozen men and women buzzed around and organized nothing less than the last small parts of the former biggest operation of the empire - the complete resettling of the homeworld. Only Month ago, it had been several ten thousand people who worked together in all parts of the world, but after the operation came to its end now, these last few were more than enough to coordinate the departure of the recent inhabitants. Lemuriana was the last city on the world where people had been living the last days. There were just these few ten thousand out of former 45 million in the largest city on the world.

The chancellor took place at the central command board and raised a microphone holocell: "Ladies and gentlemen. Time has finally come. We all knew this moment would arrive from the day on when we decided to resettle. Now, it's necessary to stay hard and take a last look on Lemur, on Lemuriana, on all the things we will leave behind us. These are dark times, full of tears for all of us. This night we will leave our homeworld forever. I know that all of you did your best in the last years and so you do now. So, please give me a last status report for all closing sub-operations."
"Station One, Evacuation center has status green. We have 43.889 people left in Lemuriana and 2.320 on the orbital sites, mainly on the transmitter control stations. They are leaving right now and until 19:00 LCT the evacuation will have been finished." “Thank you,” the Chancellor replied.
"Station Two, Solar-hexagon transmitter control has status green. Transmitting procedures of the last colony ships are according to plan. This night on 23:00 LCT, all ships will have left the system. The staff of the stations is following until 24:00 LCT.” “Very fine, Commander.”
“Station Three, Industrial control has status green. The last factories are shutting down now and transferring their resources through situation-transmitters on-site. Last components will leave the planet at 21:00 LCT.”
"Station Four, Intelligence has status green. Lemur, all planets, all moons and stations have been examined the last weeks. Nobody has been left. We reported, that some individuals and several small communities refused to be relocated and that they will stay on Lemur until the end. We offer them escape ships so they can change their mind up to the last minute. They can dock on supply station 22, which will be left around Lemuria after our… departure. Their number counts around eight thousand." “Hmm. Thank you,” the chancellor nodded.
Everyone in the command center and on the world knew that the whole surface of Lemur would be destroyed through an atomic fire. Nothing should be left for raiders and enemies. Absolutely nothing.

The vice-chancellor stood up: "Good work, ladies and gentlemen. Please, do not worry about the people who are going to stay back here. They decided it with their free will and they stand loyal to their birthplace until their last breath. No child will be left, no man or woman against his or her will. It's an honor for them to stay here. And for us it is our duty to respect their decisions." He turned around and looked onto the chancellor. She also raised and took word again: "Thank you all for your efforts. I see that everything has been done. The LM-crew has been set up, you stay here until the last one has left the planet and you coordinate the closing operations. All other staff has to leave now. It has been an honor to work with you. Your ship is waiting and we see us tomorrow on New-Lemuria. There is much work to do and time is not waiting for the faint of heart." She raised their thumb and gave order to leave.

As people were moving out of the command center and the room emptied for the first time since two years, the chancellor moved way back to the balcony and sat down on a comfortable chair, watching the evening and night coming with fast pace. She smiled and became relaxed, now that everything had been done. Sometime later their vice joined her and asked: "Madam, we also should leave now. All staff has gone now. And work is waiting on New-Lemuria and your presence is expected by our citizens."

She turned around and looked into the eyes of her longtime friend. "We fought many fights, my companion. We convinced our people to leave their homeworld. We worked together for decades now. We started 25 years ago, we won and survived elections, took over the government, served the emperor and the empire and steered it through heavy seas. We ruled discussions and battles. But I made my decision on the day, when the parliament and the people opted for the evacuation: I will stay on Lemur, here in my city, on this balcony and I will release the ignition by myself. This is my will and wish." Her friend and vice-chancellor since many years stood, like struck by a lightning and wasn’t able to say a word. He never expected her to make such a decision. He was stunned and even not able to take breath.
"It’s alright, old friend. It is my duty and responsibility and I will not leave our homeworld until she ends… even if this end comes through fire.” She sighed and looked around. “I have seen too much days now my friend, too much times in war and too less in peace. I will never forget what we were forced to do the last years. In a few years, you will understand me, I know this. But until then and from now on it is your duty to lead our nation further on through these dark and chaotic times, through the war into a brighter future. I suggested the emperor to install you as the new chancellor and he agreed. I know that you will do this with all your proven abilities, faithful and with confidence and that you will succeed. I have no doubt that you will be an excellent chancellor, old friend.”

She paused again for a moment and took a look over the city were the sun has sunk under the horizon now. "It was always an honor for me to have you on my side. You have been a true friend and a loyal partner and I want to thank you for all you have done for me. It has been a privilege to work with you." Mirona indicated a bow, then she put forth her hand and he automatically grasped it.
"M...Mirona…” he stammered. “You can't do this... You can’t leave us now… me… I need… ".
"I can and will," Mirona replied with a soft voice and stroke over his cheek. "And you have to go now. It’s about time, you know," she smiled and gave a signal to two of their personal guards: "Please, lead the vice-chancellor to the flagship now. Whatever he says: as I am the commander-in-chief you will obey my instructions, place him into the ship, fly with him to the transmitting point and jump to New-Lemuria. Any other instructions made by him are irrelevant. You will understand tomorrow. Go! Good-bye "

And while the guards more pushed and pulled than led the early chancellor out to the imperial flagship on the spaceport, the old chancellor Mirona sat down on the balustrade and took deep, warm breathes of the delightful summer evening air over Lemuriana. She put her feet on the balustrade and let her mind flow, the whole night on. She watched the starlight and the dark city. She just sat on the balcony of her chancellery, answered a few requests, gave some orders to the last-minute-crew at the spaceport and looked after the few ships which leaved the empty field throughout the night. The four remaining men and women of her personal guard left Mirona on her order with the last ship on midnight. The flagship of the lemurian empire was just a small point on the sky, blinking over Lemuriana when its pulse engines began to fire, bringing the ship on course to the transmitting point. A single shot by a transform cannon was the salute to the former mightiest woman of the empire by the crew. The fire could be seen over hundreds of kilometers around Lemuriana. Mirona waved a hand, even if it was clear to her that nobody could see her gesture. She saw the ship flying away and sat on her chair and looked into the fairy sky. Now, she was all alone at last.
After hours, she watched sunrise and read a few lines in her favorite book, awaiting noon. For the first time since months, Mirona enjoyed the tingly warmness of the sunlight on her skin while the sun was rising high above over empty Lemuriana. A tiny breeze waved over the quiet and abandoned city and chilled Mirona. She leaned back in her chair, thinking about the last years and her dreams and she smiled. She was pacified. Then - within a perfect moment - she pressed the ignition trigger. It was silent now. She had never felt such free in her whole life…
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