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  Appendix B: Hints and Strategies

B.1 First steps in the Kosmor universe

This is a small guide for new players. Following these steps can help you over the first few days in the game...

1. Try to conquer lots of neutral solar systems!
In the navigation menu, set course to big neutral solar systems (they are drawn in a bright grey or white). Click on the small star icons and set a course by clicking on "set waypoint".
Please make sure, that you exactly click on the small star symbol. If you miss it, you will set a course into open space and you won't conquer the desired solar system! If a description about the solar system type, size etc. appears, you have hit the right spot :-). Click on "set waypoint" after you see that information. Your warplanet will engage its drives and fly a distance of up to 60 lightyears in the next game processor run (next night). If the solar system was less than 60 lightyears away, you will have conquered that solar system by the next turn!

Note: It is very important to own a sufficent number of solar systems. They provide you with essential tax payments and mining resources.

2. Build mines and extract raw materials!
Look out for solar systems with high raw material productivity rates (something above "10" is probably good enough). Go to the "Mines" screen and build a few mines. But look out, each mine has an initial construction cost of 2000 credits, which can be a lot for a new player.
You could also buy raw materials from the marketplace. This might be interesting if the prices are low. If they are high, you can sell your raw materials for extra credits.

Note: You can automatize the shipment of your daily raw material production to your home planet (HP) by creating a standing order in the "Shipment" section of the solar system manager.

3. Construct factories!
Once you have gathered a few raw materials, you can convert them into higher valued products. Your home planet (HP) is an ideal base for building your first production factories. In the factory screen, you should first build up the suppliy factories, build enough supplies, and create some starship component factories later on!

Note: Building is as easy as pressing on the quantity button. A single dot will produce one unit. If there is a shortage somewhere, the list of still needed input materials will be displayed. If you are building starship components in the component factories, you can automatize the production of necessary supplies, if you have the corresponding supply factories in the same system. In this case, just use the auto-build feature.

Note: you can always obtain needed input materials from the marketplace. You do not need every factory to create your first ship parts (components). You can even buy components (like hulls, lasers etc) from the marketplace.

4. Build your imperial fleet!
To build a ship, you need a shipyard with an appropriate tech level. Here, you can construct your first ship, by selecting components like hull, drives and lasers from your stock. Build multiple ships to gain combat strength and to be able to defend yourself!

5. Strengthen your empire!
Utilize your fleet to attack and conquer enemy solar systems and proliferate your house members.
If you have gathered more than 1100 house members, you can declare yourself independent and lead your own house. But you should be strong enough, to defend yourself from your former superordinates...
Remember to give some missions to your subordinates and try to make them loyal to your house.

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