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  0. About Kosmor

0.1 Intro

The first officer entered the strategy room of the command center: "Admiral Maelstroem, the scanner operator reports, that the sighted enemy warplanet accomodates several big warships. According to this information, the resistance is tougher than we expected: these ships reinforce Kaldor's defenses on his warplanet and in the solar system. They seem to be equipped with modern deflector shield systems."

"Well,..." The Admiral looked up from his reading matter - the daily finance report of his house - and curiously looked at his first officer, "... are we getting frightened, Tom? This, indeed, is a new and unknown charateristic of yours. "

"Excuse me, admiral, I just advise you to be careful! Our fleet is strong, but we should never underestimate our enemy!"

"You surely know, that I never risked too much - and that's the only reason why our house is still independent - which, as you surely know, is rather seldom these days. But you also know, that Kaldor is growing stronger and stronger every day and he is now ravaging at the border to our colonies. Things became worse, as the new imperator seized control and transferred much of his power to Kaldor. This man systematically plunders new colonies and houses. We are probabily already on his wishlist of targets."

"But why do we have to attack 'Terozan', this damned fortress in space?", the first officer replied, "Kaldors empire consits of many resource-rich solar systems, which are defended relatively weakly compared to this solar system. If we conquered one of his mine planets, we could sell all the looted resources on the intergalactic goods market and use the profits to strenghten our attack fleet. But instead we fly to this bleak, dark and armed-to-the-teeth solar system... If their lasers and torpedos won't crush us to pieces, the wild original inhabitants will have us for breakfast!"

"Well, I don't think this scenario is very probable. That is to say, that this planet is the home planet of Kaldor! If we suceed in breaking their resistance and to conquer his homeworld, we will control Kaldor - and also all of his resource-rich solar systems in this sector!

"This seems to be a strategically well-formed plan... But...", the first officer hesitatingly replied, "but what, if we fail?"

"This is not an option!", Maelstroem replied annoyed, "you and your crew should definitely deny this possibility!".

Maelstroem turned around and thoughtfully regarded the stars outside: "Nevertheless, if we should lose this battle, the inevitable will happen: we will have to subordinate to Kaldor and the new imperator himself."

He then slowly turned back around and finally gave the order:
"Set course to Terozan! I have made up my mind. And - I am very eager to see our new 'Goliath' super destroyer in action. Speaking of this ship, the engineers in the stardock have promised me small wonders. And I truly intend to claim them very soon! "

"Yes, admiral!"

0.2 Welcome!

... in the year 3500 and in the world of Kosmor! You take over the role of an strategist, who controls the fate of his house. You own a mobile command platform, your warplanet. It once was a natural satellite of your home system and has been converted by your engineers into a mighty and capable mobile war device. (From time to time "only" asteroids or planetoids are converted to war planets. But this usually only happens if the available planets are all already inhabited, have too high physical masses, or the local planet protection organization had too much influence in your home system :-))

With your war planet you should expand your empire. If you set course to a neutral solar system (which has not yet been conquered by another imperator), 100 members of your house are transferred to the base planet of this solar system. This "ground force" ensures this systems' continous membership to your house and empire. They occupy political, military and economic key positions on this planet.  

As you only have a limited number of house members at your disposal, you can only conquer a limited number of neutral solar systems. In order to further expand your empire, you have to conquer solar systems from other imperators. In this case you don't have to appoint your own house members; the pure presence of your troops and your warplanet within the newly conquered solar system "convinces" the old house members to work for your side.

On the other hand, you have to protect your own solar systems from such an attack, as your own house members will defect to the enemy in a comparable fashion. That is why you should go ahead and protect your solar systems. Some of your own manufactured and configured war ships should suit that purpose...

But, let us start at the beginning...

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