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  1. Home

Kosmor is being played on a daily basis, which means that you can give orders every day. They are executed during the day in the game world of Kosmor. The game processor runs in the next night (currently at 01.00 PST or 04.00 EST) and executes your orders ("your turn").
The game date represents the current date in the galaxy of Kosmor: 45/3504 represents the 45th day in the year 3504, or the 45th turn, the game processor has processed. We suggest that you take a few minutes every day, to control the fate of your game character.

To log into the strategic command interface, just open the home page of Kosmor (http://www.kosmor.com). Enter your player's name and your password.

Now you see the command interface. The menu at the left side contains links to all control screens in Kosmor. To the lower left, you see a toolbox, which contains the encyclopedia, describing all the goods and buildings in Kosmor. The "help" link leads to Kosmor's context sensitive help system. The "cross" button lets you log out of the command interface.

Just after the log-in, you are on the "home" overview-page, which summarizes some key facts of your game situation.

The information is structured by player, house, and galactical data sets.

The upper information block displays your player's data. Here you get an overview of open missions, offered solar systems and new messages. Besides that, the number of your subordinates, solar systems and the total combat power is displayed.

The next (left) information block contains house specific data. In there, you find the size of the house you belong to, the number of imperators forming your house, the number of solar systems controlled by your house and the combat power of your aggregate house fleet. The houses' social product corresponds to the sum of earnings and spendings within your entire house. If you click on the link to the house ranking, the galaxys' top houses will be displayed. If you click on the "house forum" link, you are transferred to your house specific house forum. Only members of your house can read and write into this forum, so you can freely discuss strategic things in relative safety there. But beware of spys!

The next information boxes "Galaxy", "Combat Information" and "Marketplace" describe further things happening in the galaxy of Kosmor and give statistical facts about populated solar systems in the known Kosmor universe!

In the bottom frame you can register as a Pro-User or can change your game settings on the service page. There you can modify login-password, alter your email-address or change your name and house name.

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