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  2. Communications

If you choose "messages" from Kosmor's main menu to the left, the communication screen will be displayed.

2.1 Messages

Here you can send and receive "SpaceMail", which is Kosmor's equivalent to a standard email system.

You will receive messages from other imperators in your mailbox. Also, status reports, sent by the game processor are sent to your "Inbox". Combat reports, messages about market trade information, house hierarchy changes and other information will reach you this way.

Unread messages are displayed in bold letters. If you click on a message title, the message is opened and you can reply to the sender of the spacemail ("smail"), or you can delete it.

If you choose "Write message", you can communicate with other imperators - assuming you know their name. Their ICA (Interstellar contact address - which is comparable to earths e-mail addresses) consits of their name, followed by a "#kosmor.com" suffix. You can omit that suffix and just enter the imperators name, as well.

2.2 House forum

Via the link "to the house forum" you are transported to your houses' community discussion platform (called "forum"). This non-public board can be accessed only by imperators belonging to your house. In there, you will find information about the current happenings within your house. Open missions, possible threats, the solar system trade and other things will be discussed there.

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